{FPT Software} Best practices for Digital Transformation | Digital Transformation Summit 2018

Interview with Olaf Baumann | Best Practice for Digital Transformation I see the biggest differences in the digital transformation between Germany and Vietnam in the usage of the digital world. We see how many complaints there are from the German point of view against the topic “Digitization”, and how easily the Vietnamese deal with this issue. As you can see, there are 95 million Vietnamese, but 130 million mobile devices in the world – in the Vietnamese world. This shows that they deal with the topic quite differently. They are much more open to it and that is reflected in their industry too. What we can learn from the Vietnamese is their agility. They are aware that digitisation does not hinder us, but takes us further. And that’s a point, we can take a leaf out of their book. A best practice that we are currently implementing, where we have noticed, that our customers, who are located in Germany, prefer to hold their first meetings in Germany, but then go to Vietnam to do the implementation there. is the topic “Skywise”. Skywise is an open platform that we are currently developing for Airbus, where data is collected from any source, creating a so-called data lake to easily implement the topics “flying” and “fly faster, fly safer”. To do this, data is collected from various sources, e.g. from the technical systems, from the customer systems, in order to evaluate, to simply reduce the times on the ground and optimize the times in the air. This is such a best practice, that we see here. To bring continuity to the digitization process, we have developed a process called “Fail-fast”. This means we develop a prototype within 14 days, 4 weeks or 6 weeks, then coordinate it with the customer, implement this prototype in our digital factory and bring it to life. And then, of course, cloudification is necessary to continue this topic and develop it. What I really like about the “Digital Transformation Summit” is the open communication, people are really talking to each other, there is no fear of contact, and the location here is simply awesome because this industrial architecture shows us where we come from and the digitization shows us where we are heading to.

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