Forex Trading Lifestyle Rant: you need to be lucky to succeed?

the reason we can have more a rent on the topic of the trader lifestyle and what that really means what stairs to come back to Phu Quoc in Vietnam so I get this math comment a lot on social media when I post about my travel and what I do and where I mean everything like this beautiful place you in Phu Quoc and a lot of people say oh wow you look you're so lucky be able to travel and train and that's like the dream lifestyle and everything and I don't want to discount that fat it's a really really cool lifestyle and it's something that I wouldn't trade for anything else but the girl thing about the fact that luck and trading in lifestyle building in getting to your dream life doesn't count it's not about luck people say even lucky sometimes and I do think I've been lucky and some parts but overall if you were to count what's the biggest predictor of success or of like the dream lifestyle and life is it luck or hard work most people will take hard work this that's the truth that's what leads you to a good lifestyle like you can just be here sitting down working a little bit and feeling lucky and you start traveling trade you gotta be more smart than death and I found out that the more work you put in in terms of like you you becoming better then the more that kind of results eaten together people think sometimes that to be able to trade full-time and I get all these opportunities better we have I kept thinking or the hotel people think that they we need to work hard train hard and everything to be able to travel and trade but I found out that the more work you put in on yourself on new beginning' better as opposed to just training more and putting more work in trading the more opportunities you get and the more things kind of evolved and you get resolved and you get to dream last time and the best example I have for this is like when I had the first investor invest my trading so I didn't really like I didn't force muttering as interest kind of trades right and trade more until all the time I instead that thought about kind of teaching others so I did this event this position about trading breakout at the meetup where in Montreal and that's how I've been able to met that person that investor to be able straight for so it wasn't about putting more trades practicing more doing this and that it was just about kind of putting working myself which meant I had before that improve my speaking skills being able to speak in public and that took me a long time and then it was about being able to put together presentation be able to share with traders people's health cost people and these things are the things that allowed me to work on myself and those things helped me get important ease and that money I got then well didn't like make me a full-time trader yet didn't make me like a travelling chatter did allowed me to kind of shift that person for some time get more capital in to be able to trade for a person target more capital in my own account to be able to grow my own account and finally be able to trade for myself and have this as a kind of proper income so that took time right but this is not like people think that they can just work hard put in the work also all day and get resolved and I found that that's not right because usually the more you work I found the more us person tend to kind of fall less attractive a person you are you gotta kind of keep a balance of working yourself and working on your trading that's a big thing and I found a dislike people out there that only kind of wish they had the last style and then they don't do anything else in their own they wish they were both chef or wish that they'd be able to make a living trading but when you see deep down kind of what they work on what they do they spend a little bit of time kind of trying to improve trying to grow and most of the time just trying to kind of maintain where they are they might read a book they might kind of watch videos online and that only maintains where you are like that's not really allowed to grow as opposed to let's say getting a mentor or getting someone to coach you those are things that will help you grow over time and will help you get to new levels you got to kind of also see what you spent time on the most and does that help you grow and become better or does that just a little just talk in the same cycle of kind of going to work coming back from trading going back to sleep waking up going to work and the same cycle of time so and that's the thing that's been really hard for me as well in business and trading is that I'm tempted to work on things that maintain the trading of the business so things like trading things like looking at chart things like reviews reviews are better because you can count still improve but you got to kind of find what just maintains what you do and what improve what you do so usually improving is gonna be or reviewing your stuff and trying to find ways to improve or back this thing and trying to find ways to improve our techniques people and trying to grow and find the s for you and the other person and other things that have the most and coaching that's the other thing that was really helpful so you gotta think about these things so how that makes sense like a really short video for now but I just want to kind of make this clear that trading full-time or traveling and trading or being like these players are really cool it's not about luck it's about working on yourself becoming a better person and eventually that's how you get to your goals and that's why you meet the investors that's how you get to fun opportunities maybe even travel through people and see things and combine the expenses with with other people that can happen as well I don't know so hopefully fast combo just as always on this if you've seen the same principle of like when you were calling yourself to become better and you see result I wanna hit this in common of course let me toss here are gone capacitor if you see it he has for the beam comments as always in the comments section they don't catch back in my next place because I'm leaving tomorrow ciao

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  1. Thanks E being flexible in your style and set on your rules , you should be able to adapt to any conditions while traveling.

  2. My man Etien's Been in aisa for months now and Im still not sure who's whiter…etien or the bed it bro!

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