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Hi guys! Welcome to Drinks Tube, and welcome
to the pub! We’re the Craft Beer Boys, yes we’re professional beer drinkers and we’re
here to talk you through all the different styles of beer, from IPA, to Wheat beer, to
Stout, to Mild. This is a larger, and i’m a larger drinker, i’m sitting at the bar,
i’m flirting with the barm… barmaids. This is brewed Slow, with a really crisp flavored
yeast, so it’s seriously drinkable and seriously session-able. Larger, if it was a celebrity,
it would be Danny Dyer… because it’s properly trashy but you just can’t take your eyes away. How do, my name’s Jim and this evening i’m drinking mild. Mild is the pint favoured by the English working man. It’s light in alcohol and you can drink quite a lot of it. If it
were a celebrity it would be Fred Dibnah the steam enthusiast, who? Cheers. Hey guys, Brad
here. I’m on the IPA. We’ve got a hoppy, explosion of flavour going on in the mouth and this
is my personal drink of choice. If this was a celebrity, it would be Angelina Jolie because
she’s kinda kooky, she’s a bit cool, she’s very, very tasty… as is this. And what,
I gotta say is America *expletive* yeah. Ah, hello my mein name is Yohan. Ich leibe die weissbier.
So this is a wheat beer, weiss is German for white. Ironically it’s quite cloudly, alles nicht klar, as the Germans would say. If this beer was a celebrity it would be Boris Becker,
cos it’s a little bit ginger but apparently blonde, and is best finished quickly. Hello,
i’m James and this evening i’m drinking porter in front of the fire with my dogs. Yeah, so
this is porter, this gets its lovely dark colours from really toasted malt. If it was
a celebrity, it would be Brian Blessed, cos it’s drunk by blokes with beards in front
of the fire so… FLASH GORDON’S ALIVE So there you go, there’s our definitive guide to
beer styles, but you know maybe are German intellectual who enjoys stout, if that’s so
let us know in the comments box below. Yeah and make sure to subscribe to Drink Tube guys!
And if you want something a little bit more sophisticated, Jamie is making cocktails.
And if you’re still sold on the idea of craft beer check out me reviewing meantime’s porter,
a truly incredible beer. Cheers guys. Cheers!

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  1. @Tobias Valinski we're all over it check out our channel here – for food matching.

    Also, very aware of dunkel beer, love the stuff. Headed to Germany in July, so will be indulging!

  2. @Moshlav It's a very Bold British style we wanted to include because we think these kinds of beers are going to have a come back – milds, bitters, brown ales etc

  3. @Richard Kardos thanks for posting! We count that as a style of lager, like helles and bocks. We're covering pilsners in our next video so tune in!

  4. @AliWali888 those are all variations on the ones we picked out (except maybe red). They'll all be covered soon – along with Belgian beers which we haven't touched on here. In the meantime, there's lots on our channel

  5. @Jaime Bellon if you like things a bit sweet try a malty red ale (like Brewdog's 5am saint) or a bock lager (like Huber lager) – or a Belgian fruit beer such as Liefmanns. Fruit beer can be very sour though…but we love it for that reason!

  6. Great Video !!!  Obviously there would be tooo much things to say about beer styles, and you wisely covered all the type of "colors" (often associable to one particular style of beer).
    But in my opinion you missed some important. Example: belgian beers (abbey, etc…), double malt, red beers, ambers….

  7. Hi Drinks Tube! 

    Thanks for having that interesting channel! 
    Can you give me a hint? Which music did you put under the video?
    Sounds delicious ;p 

  8. Don't know if I should even take beer advice from gentleman who prefer drinking their beer at room temperature.

  9. Funny you should mention it, but I myself often sit in my Berlin garden composing poetry in my head whilst savouring a drop of stout. Would love to see more alternatives to the obvious suspects. Great video, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks.

  10. The porter or dark beers,specially the ones that have a coffee or chocolate taste are the Best ! INDIO,FRAILE All the way!

  11. must say it again: If one draws a circle around the countries of Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, you will find the best breweries with the best beers in the world on the inside of the circle. Greetings from the magic circle

  12. There is no better beer than a nice cold german "Weißbier" on a warm summer day and a good piece of meat straight from the BBQ!!!
    Cheers, Prost from southern Germany!!!

  13. Beer from bottle is a wrong choice cause it's pasteurized… Actually if you want to taste really good quality beer's come visit Lithuania. Here We have lots of different traditional brewery beers! And beer is most popular drink among Lithuanians, everyones drink it here! I bet once you try some of Lithuanian beers you will agree its one of the best in the world!

  14. @Arvydas M not all bottled beers are pasteurised, and nor are all of these beers! But we'll happily take you up on that Lithuanian challenge…

  15. The kinda german guy presenting the "weiss bier" is really well done, I was laughing all the time. In fact good times !

  16. Come to Portland OR USA, where it seems like anyone with a garage is making their own beer. Which is not a bad thing.

  17. Can´t belive that you guys actually said "lager" is a style of beer. It is a family of beers, and there is lots of different kind/ styles of lagers, such as rauchbier, pilseners, SAL, PAL  etc. You should be more carefully when talking about something you don't know.

  18. @gutorage Hey, thanks for your comment! We are very aware that lager is a family of beers (and refers to the kind of yeast). However, as an introduction to beer styles that's a bit complicated. Check out our lager vid where we show 3 different kinds of lager: Three Lagers With Flavour | Craft Beer Boys | Jamie Oliver's Drinks Tube

    And us for us not knowing about beer, Jonny will out-nerd you any day!

  19. Can you help a yank out and explain what a mild is (maybe list a couple of popular export brands)?  I've never heard of that in my life.  

  20. mild is very British thing there aint much of that available or drunk anywhere else… I'd suggest abbey – belgian style of very fruity and sweet style beer.

  21. Belgian strong ale (La Chouffe, Duvel, etc) and Doppelbock (Weihenstephaner Korbinian) are my favourites.

  22. Lager? What???
    Lager is not a style… it's a type of fermentation, so it would be more of a family of beer styles… inside lagers you can have rauchbiers, bocks, doppelbocks, pilsners, viennas, the sad watery standard american lagers, etc… all of them very different among each other.

  23. nice video, my top beers would be porter, ESB, any stout (except dry stout), red ale, strong belgian and schwarzbier to include a lager. cheers

  24. do you get paid for being a pro beer drinking and how much?

    alsoooo… can students be classed as professional drinkers or just part-time alcoholics?

  25. Jesus, there was more misinformation here than correct information. Do you guys even know what beer is. I unsubscribed!

  26. I'm giving this a thumbs down due to the commercial I witnessed maybe if the people who make up YouTube start showing that the people who watch there videos won't cause of there commercials than they will get the point

  27. That Boris Becker comparison made for a good laugh :D. Btw. yes, I am coming from Germany and I do enjoy stout. Only recently, I got my hand on an imperial stout from a german regional brewery that I enjoyed very much.

    Having grown up with Pilsener beer, I only recently (about 2,5 years ago) I discovered other styles beside the ones popular in Germany (Pale Ale, IPA, Porter, Stout). That might be because I live in a small city and it was hard to get some out-of-the-box-beers in pubs.

    Keep up your good work!

  28. Wish this had been more better. Don't mind the humor attempts, but didn't find the celebrity comparison helpful … or funny.

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  30. Thanks for sharing this video. We have been analyzing the craft beer market for the duration of 2017 to 2022 and according to our research, 'Bocks are estimated to remain the fastest-selling product in the global craft beer market'. Our researchers created a 200+ page sample report which can be downloaded from here:

  31. I'm Irish, ginger, somewhat of an intellectual bullshitter and a lover of beer in all its forms. Is that allowed?

  32. soo, this is a nit random but whats that tune at the end of this video. I recognise it but can't find it anywhere.

  33. Which of the following Beer Styles would be a close to exact non-bitter approximation to an alcoholic Supermalt or Malta Guinness out of: Eisbock, Hefeweizen, Dunkel / Dunkelweizen, Scottish Ale and English Barley Wine?
    Are there any particular brands or specific beers to look out for in supermarkets, pubs/bars, etc that have what am after?

  34. I prefer ale beers than lager beers.. mainly I lean towards wheat and mild stout.. but mainly wheat specially the German weissbier. Taste, colour and texture is just way toooooo good.

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