Finding the Perfect Dress for Bionic Model Rebekah Marine | Say Yes to the Dress

[MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! [GASPS] Oh! [GASPS] Oh. Oh, she’s in love. In love with that. She’s in love. I love everything about it. Everything about it. If you can do this
all in white– – It’s so funny–
– Yes. Oh, my god. –because you guys have
very different tastes. Oh, my god. How do you feel? I’m a little hesitant
about the bottom. See, and I love it on you. I think it’s gorgeous. Yeah? OK. You ready to show them?
– Yeah. I want to see what they say. Let’s turn you around. So this looks so much better. I love this dress. I love every single
thing about this dress. In white. There’s just something
about this dress that’s just screaming, wow! to me. I don’t– I’m not
huge and crazy– – She doesn’t love the bottom.
– –of the bottom. – OK.
– Really? Yes. I feel like it’s
a little chaotic. In the first dress, you know,
you had the seamless lines– OK. –and it was
more– this seems– it doesn’t have– I don’t know. I get what you’re
saying about the bottom. I love the top.
– The back is beautiful. The back is perfect. I love this dress. I love the beading on the back. I love the tulle. I believe all three
of us love this dress. But Becca didn’t like it. So– OK. We– we– I think we need
a little time out here. OK.
– OK. Take a deep breath, ladies. Just a little out. [LAUGHTER] I am hearing you guys. I hear you. Are you hearing her? She don’t like it. And what is– – [LAUGHS]
– OK. What is she saying? Selective hearing. You like the top. It’s just the bottom
she doesn’t like. But we do love this one. I’m not feeling that
you’re loving this dress. Me neither. I’m a little hesitant
about this one. Everyone loves the dress. And now I’m so confused–
more than ever– because I don’t love
the dress, and they do. And the dress that
I liked, they don’t.

48 thoughts on “Finding the Perfect Dress for Bionic Model Rebekah Marine | Say Yes to the Dress

  1. Kleinfelds, is all the rage! They have such beautiful dresses! Keep looking and they will find the perfect dress! 🎉💃🎉

  2. The person who's reading this
    Remember you're beautiful just the way you are. Don't let negative energy win over your willpower.

  3. I kind of want some bride to try that beautiful satin dress with the gold belt in the background!!! I have been eyeing that dress for so long now, can someone please try it on!!

  4. I'm wondering what would happen if they show a bride from New Jersey. Jersey Girls are very loud, opinionated, and not afraid to speck their mind. (I'm from NJ so this is a complement). I could only imagine the bride then saying "I don't like it" directly to everyone and walking off without a second thought.

  5. I live inFrance and prosthetic arms look so much more real! Come on! I guarantee you for at least 35 years😅, Trust ME.
    But she is beautiful.🙂

  6. I have a prosthetic hand as well mine is kind of like natural blending with my skin but I have also had this color black

  7. I love when the bride has such a supportive team with her but I hate when we don't get to see the dress they actually chose…!!!!😬

  8. Honestly, that dress is amazing, and I also love it. But if the bride doesn't want that, let her choose what she wants.

  9. I went by myself for my wedding dress finding. It was great because know one new what my dress looked like until I went down the isle

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