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  1. Wow!!!! This is first time I hear someone elese say it. I remember seeing the box art for FF7 when I was about 7 years old (the year after it cane out) and remember also thinking that Cloud was standing in front of a huge robot. I was scared of the game for this reason.

  2. Ff7 remake

    we get to see a certain male character with a long sword attacking from above, killing a certain lovable female character

  3. FFX is one of my favorite games of all time and it really frustrates me when people take that laughing scene out of context as the worst voice acting of all time. The scene is about Yuna trying to cheer Tidus up and having a cute bonding moment where they force themselves to laugh awkwardly. It is supposed to sound the way it does. Great game.

  4. The FFVII demo came with Tobal No. 1, not 2. Not only that, but Tobal No. 1 was a good fighting game, and the quest mode was innovative…just for nobody to do it.

  5. Please release it in 2020.
    I've been chanting FF7 remake since e3 streamed their conference online, (Watched it on Gamespy) but we need the game to be good and polished. Don't release broken, half finished games only to fix it with 10gb patches.
    Hell, work on Final Fantasy 7 til 2022. Perfect the game.

  6. So I was the right age to play FF7 as a young teen I loved it and all of Squares ps1 games, but I've moved on, I have no confidence in the current state of the company.
    The Square-Soft hardcore fan boy in me died so long ago, I'm so very hesitant to give them another change. I have largely thought of this company only targeting a teen demographic and having little to offer an adult like me, also I kind of acknowledge JRPG don't work well for an adult audience. I know a lot of people want a FF7 remake, but I don't see this going well.

  7. Taking your time on a game isn’t necessarily a good thing. Last Guardian, KH3, Red Dead Redemption 2, FFXV. I just hope this one’s different

  8. Still disappointed the game isn’t turned based. P5 proved if you make a turn based system snappy and quick it can still be fun. Hate the fact that I can’t control my party members directly. Square seems like they are embarrassed of turn based games.

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