hey y'all to me sugarcane here a track on outlay don't forget to come and see me at drag con New York City bitch I love you hi everyone its Raja and I'm not Roman Aquila and you're watching this week's episode of RuPaul's Drag Race special edition we post drag race fashion for the review special edition from drag con let's go ahead and start talking about some looks absolutely i wanna i have i'm really curious i want to hear what you have to say because you were actually there so let's start with some looks on the stars we bring to the saj it's a powerpoint oh it's yeah yeah oh my god tell us about that outfit you're wearing Margiela yes so what I think a lot of people don't understand about the the Met Gala is you either have to be invited by a designer a brand press outlet or whatever so I was brought with Vogue and John Galliano dressed me in you match John Galliano and he outfit for you yes John Galliano Wow my heart is racing just thinking about that he is such like a drag queen fashion reference icon and just fashion icon in general I'm so getting the opportunity to work with him I was like absolutely he could put me in a white little rib tank top and I whatever John Galliano says yeah yes so this whole dress is like a fishing anything with just like tons of ruffling cascading you know fabric these giant Boas that are all made of the same like silky satin that are all attached it's just like extra over the top but like kind of subdued and Punk because I've been on the road with work the world all over the place it was a little tricky and a little last-minute getting everything put together but a friend of mine who did hair for a Vogue Italia shoot that I did Joey George he had posted this crazy ponytail unicorn Narwhal fantasy on his Instagram like the same day that I was the things I was in Paris with with Galliano and as a drag queen at the Met Gala people get that I do drag so I wanted to do my style of drag and then I'd like a little funky edgy fashion to it god forbid I don't know what I was thinking with the with the gloves but it's a little touch of Liberace a little touch of you know spooky Dookie wookie with the long fingernails and stuff so it was just a mishmash of everything but lots of fun shapes lots of fun ideas and didn't have to talk to and after our tights it was lovely go ah that's all I want to hear about did you tuck and tights and all that nonsense but really I gotta tell you that that holds John Galliano story is blowing my mind because I've idolized him and even with all of his controversies I still sort of respected him as an artist you know I mean you know what who doesn't say weird things when they're drunk so I don't toots and boots I don't even know what the word is for that like that's amazing that's a shoes that's a congratulations to me I love it love it love it love it I I definitely would give it a two I don't know if it's met like if you told me aquaria we're going to Matt Gaia themas camp design what you want like I don't think this is necessarily exactly the way I would interpret camp for myself but just the styling the fact that it happened I was like hey you don't know they're gonna invite you back next year so just do what you want to do this time and the fact that you do drag is camp enough I guess right right so I said throw a little fashion in that yeah absolutely all right shoot for me yeah next to the stage are we have violet chachki and she's wearing Moschino yes I glove this look I've just got a cycle of it – it is definitely elegant very chic very you know still in everyone's way cuz it's a long train and it's just simplified graphic camp it's a job he's a glove I wish I would have thought of that right Jeremy's how is he – yeah Jeremy Scott just comes up at him and his team just come up with such really really fun fun concepts and that's cool absolutely you don't want to like go out there kind of looking like the clown you know and like for me I was like I don't want to do the pink feathers and then and have a lobster on my head you know like it it just seems a little too like of course the query of the drag queen with the drug stuff I want to see all that you can watch RuPaul's Drag Race this is a hello and anyone can do it however where they want to do it really but I get where you're going with that because there's probably concept that I would do is while I'm like this is what people expect so therefore I'm not gonna do what they expect I mean Jeremy Scott has a bajillion crazier kookier can't be or things I think it's just finding like a refinement to it and and just really letting violets be violated I mean in my opinion and as far as like how I've treated drag in my life it's like I think that drag queens should be a step ahead of it like I definitely don't want to blend in next year's Matt Kathy might just be you know unicorn hair and glove dresses that might be the theme next year so hopefully we might be ahead of the curve who knows hopefully and snot rags alright next we have ladies hold on girl giving you season 12 lipstick for the crown realness yes she is just ready for the reveal reveal after reveal after revealed poor reveals total is that right she came in with this flowing like flouncy cape dress fuchsia which is guys like blowing it out entourage people just kind of making it billow beneath her then then she took that thing off and then from there it went to that fuchsia little body con tube dress and then from there just went to bra and panties which is like all of it was my favorite love it love it love it the whole trolley of champagne mm-hmm oh my god are you kidding that's right to the wagon of champagne that looks like me going to brunch to Hamburger Mary's yeah I loved it the styling was really fun the looks were also crisp and simple and clean but the makeup and the details were really cool the presentation and production was super campy and just the concept of completely over doing everything I think just fit the theme so well and yeah I mean for me it's attitude it's for toots to – to – I'm trying to think of what I would wear if camp was a theme I'd probably do like a really fancy turd emoji outfit covered in crystals no but that's cam that's cam yeah all right I get that a tude I mean it come on it's cute for me – yeah I love it we have Cara Delevingne hurt Olivia I mean this is not the greatest picture though but she is in like a it's a it's a beige or sheer nude illusion dress with these little rainbows horizontal stripes horizontal tights some large platform shoes a nice little cane and some stuff on her head that looks like to me that little Wonka with the cane I know just kind of Thursday like that looks like a thing I would wear in Thursday it's you know what who says peanuts isn't fashion I love it I like I said this is something that I would probably wear and she looks like she's been attacked by a bunch of rolls of duct tape but mostly I think I love this am I wrong I don't really care what you think but I think it's great I'm gonna – to this I like it I think I could have liked a little more design elements and stuff right especially cuz you have so much access to it like you're going to the Met Gala so you might want to write a little bit more something I mean it's it's a it's a very soft – for me I'm not very enthusiastic about it right oh hey oh gosh when Tom Brown it was custom for her yeah they were like oh we are dressing cardi B honey she's got a red duvet when you were a kid girl I do see the duvet now cuz it is kind of quilty yeah I love this I love a train I love a spectacular train and I love it beated and I love it quilted I will wear any kind of train as a kid I was that kid who ran around the house with a duvet tied to my waist and did that that entire round about Bobby's room is all that sewn on by hand which I don't know if that concept is camp but it is surely hard work so it's spectacular in fact if I saw that outfit anywhere near me I'd probably start humping it that's how much I liked it the Train detaches from I think the hips or something like that Wow I'm Spears this is major damage that's a tube that that is so beautiful I love it didn't somebody say shit like a blood clot or something like that what they saying I don't know huh oops alright next we have Miley Cyrus yes Miley can't remember who she's wearing but yeah yeah I thought it was a super cute look for Miley I did not think it was super cute for campy Met Gala if you said what is the theme even if you didn't get camp from it I don't think you should get anything kind of in that realm yeah with this look it's a bit casual for me like this was Jessie cool yeah good party dress this would be Thursday night you know I'm just saying it's just a little bit like kind of calm and like I mean I love it but it's not really anything that would really scream camp and I think that Miley herself is a very camp character I think she could have done a lot more I'm gonna boot this but I like it but I'm just like it's the Met Gala and you're just giving me the Met Gala right now so not the Met Gala the shoes are my favorite and those might be the shoes that I would wear while I was pushing my quinoa cart at Trader Jose give it up for quinoa cart next to the starch we have Jared Leto and Gucci yes sorry kids but I would really like Jared Leto to stick it in me very hard until my eyes roll back yeah yes so basically this is a nod to the collection that could you put out maybe a couple seasons ago where all the models were walking the runway with their own head bust in their arms I think just the whole biological craziness is so campy see this is a very like I would like to be in this look yeah me too this I want my head yeah this this would be Wednesday for me if the others were thirsty the fact that that art is such a big part of fashion I really like the conceptual parts of fashion and so to get to see something like this is really really fun and who doesn't want some head from Jared Leto I love this I love it I think it's a toot for me he's so gorgeous yep did you meet him yeah I asked him how his head was and I and I said I'm sure you've probably gotten that a million times what do you know but he told me he did and I was like I guess this event doesn't have enough dry Queens but God apparently not God all right who's next oh we have Lupita Nyong'o and those lachchi think I definitely it's a waste up for me yeah it's definitely waste up for me I don't love this I think you know it hurt just because someone is a professional just because you're a stylist just because you make money doesn't mean you're an actual expert I don't really know what happened here I think Lupita Nyong'o went the pizza were wrong go like just raw it's horrible it's just you know heard the word camp and they and they thought messy and I know camp can be messy but I just don't get this there's so many wonderful little concepts that could have been elaborated on but it's just it looks like she this isn't your top pick no no no no this is not my top pick of the week this was gonna be a boot for me sorry Lupita Nyong'o I still give attitude I definitely enjoy it but it's still back on the on the soft tutor II yeah it's a soft pooter II all right yeah lady Perry as SIA chandelier wearing Mizuki know by Jamie Scott I love this they had to transport her because she's in this giant thing in a like the back of a like a moving truck or whatever so she literally was coming out like a chandelier that you would move house to house with oh it's like going to lunch with silky ganache no I'm kidding no I'm not kidding no more kidding here but I mean it's just ridiculous it's Katy Perry doing to her what Katy does best but medified you know yeah I love it Katy turns it out you know at least you know she's gonna come to the mat gala and something really really ridiculous and this is absolutely ridiculous and it is absolutely wonderful all at the same time every time I look at a chandelier I always want to wear it don't you I don't know so I give it a – yeah it's a – for me yes now we have died Oh Mitch the only fantasy oh my god I love this yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes it was not doing it for me the colors were weird and it was just a little too like hi I'm Cinderella like the one from the movie the one you just saw that came out a couple years ago it was like a little behind it seems a little lame a little late oh and I was like that that's Floyd not every because I love nearly everything that's and eyewear I loved the Joan of Arc nod from but I just didn't like I'm listening to you but it's all going over my head cuz I love this outfit alright I wish I was wearing that right now what the LED lights and I want the little smoking fairy godmother thing and I want the and she left a shoe on the stairs oh oh that's cam that is really campy it just smells camps campy but there was I don't know if it was like it just was like a little clunky or something like I don't know it so you're like it wasn't campy was dorky it was a little dorky there was like it could have been a cooler it could have been like Cinderella reimagined like I loved that the technological concept of it all but I think it could have been not the dress from Disneyland you know what I mean Oh Cinderella cuz you know what every time I look up every time I see the princesses at Disneyland I'm like can someone please redesign these costumes like that just wear costumes are the phileas no one discovered a lace front yet at Disneyland cuz I know it's horrible so a queer hates it and I love that it's a toot for me I'm gonna it I'm sorry a glass boot alright next we have Janelle Monae wearing Christian I believe this is what I'm talking about graphic shapes the Lord Sasha velour Monique art at all of them yeah I love this I love that I love the surrealism in it and I love that like the color blocking and cubism also in it that's kind of what always goes with Janelle Monae don't you ever she's got her thing that she does good fashion good everything period graphic yeah gentleman is amazing I loved the the caps for sale hats on hats on hats like I know you can't really see here cuz it's a little busy but there's she's got about that's like Tuesday on for me so tats on and then what we can't see here I wish we could pull up a gift or whatever but this eye blinks oh that's right that's like and not just like one two it like like every once in awhile blinks I get an actual eyeball hi oh my god not of me Janelle monáe's just winked at me yeah hello it was amazing this is how I love that this is a shoot for me honey that is amazing I love everything about it I just don't know how many we got so I don't want to shoot everything but everyone looks awesome yeah this is at least close to shoot for me yeah she's sexy too all right next we have to the size we ran I said oh that was it we did all 12 of them I know I know oh I'm gonna say my top two does Gaga yeah I think I'll just hit all the demo god I'm a middle-aged little monster like you know let's trend alert literally this is how it works that world of wonders very diverse it was a diverse group of selected pictures fuchsia fuchsia fuchsia whistle make something up let's get this done not in the stink yes that's right so this is how it's done I wonder if they're just gonna edit it or they're just gonna play this all the way through is 100 you said the whole editing thing but I don't think I've ever my top two to the week is Lady Gaga what's yours my top to the week is Lady gaga and trend alert is drag ha you know wait go to Sunday morning we're gonna open the floor up to some questions we're gonna take let's see we'll take four people would you two or boot my look you're asking for it honey why do they do this like every time I go to a nightclub around the world damn I'm Australia they like to eat idiot or however they talk you know England I just need to know if my queen I'm gonna say that I'm gonna toot this because there's a lot of great things that I really respond to here for instance skinny jean with the hole in the knee you know crop top Doc Martin with a thing yeah it's it's definitely Monday for me this is like Monday morning so I'm gonna give it a – I'm gonna give it – this is what I wear to walk to the liquor store you gotta say nice when those questions erupts because hi all right hello all right so I'm assuming it's gonna be down to Brooklyn Heights and Evy oddly who do you think would win this season of drag race well there's four of them I know but let's keep it real what I'm not necessarily certain you know much about the level of drag that that for them possess but I think they all have a very fair chance and it'll be a fight to the to the whatever grab but if you had to pick one between the two acharya if i had to choose between the two I would you know I'm very very fond of Eevee oddly and I and I like that weirdness and I like the contortions and I did the way she laughs you know I gotta tell you I'm allowed to make riot I you know it's been eight nine years since I was under post drag race I am now a viewer and a fan just like every single person that's here so I have an opinion I just don't really like the way she laughs but I like her but Brooklyn and I are very close and we have been friends for a long time she's responsible for some really cool things that have happened in my life and we've been close so I'm definitely rooting for her more but really I'm kind of over at all I kind of ready for season 12 thank you set it okay if my question to you is being about you two are known as some of the best fashion II drag queens on the show I wanted to know what is most important to you is that execution or more or less having a point of reference mm-hmm definitely both but I think I kind of know where you're getting at you can wear garbage it's like yesterday when I was putting on my eyeliner I hate it when you put it on and then you like to lift up and then the eyeliner hits and so there was this mark of like eyeliner at the top of my eyelid and I'm like now Raja dear this is how I talk to myself in the mirror you can q-tip that and remove it or you can just rock it and be like that's how eyeliner is done now intention its however if you believe the truth in your own damn mind it's it's you can see it and you can see when somebody's faking it you can see that they're piling a bunch of it on themselves to cover up something but they're not really understanding the intention of why they're putting on that goofy costume you should see the things I put on every day and I tell myself this is the look and nobody can stop me that's it I'm gonna wear the biscuit baskets today because I need to be comfortable and yet shut up I think that's like why at some point we were also getting even tired of just like the gorgeous well done oh there's that Marcel wave wave wig you designed by so-and-so hair designer and there's that gown that eight the symmetrical sequin thing that has a trumpet scattered I'm like oh can we set the gown on fire while she's wearing it that's exciting I said very drag race Thailand right nice to meet you her name oh yeah you have to pick one designer to work with for the rest of your life what's the designer I didn't mean it I guess that I say it too quick or but that's not a stroke oh and Jeremy Scott I got a what would you say Michael Kors no I mean ever that was the furthest thing from the things that I wear from this AO like wow did you just turn 50 yesterday no no oh I don't know I mean I really do look I think of Versace shoes or something like that but like stunning and gorgeous and glamorous right it's camp and it's glamour you could never be glamour I would say I would say if I could wear anything anything in my life for the rest of my life one designer it be John Paul Gautier because it's classic it has touches of cocido but yet it's avant-garde but really really in my actual life like the only fashion brand that I ever ever ever super fangirl and if there's a shop anywhere in town its Vivienne Westwood I will like it's the only thing that I do because it's my style like every day it's good airport clothes like my favorite pair of pants at Westwood mix it's called an alcoholic pant that's that's the name of the pant and thank you so much angel I need booze for aquaria every time I watch tootin boot and you're on it you're I'm always so impressed with your references like how did you get such a lexicon of fashion references that are decades before your time right girl my mom's in the audience right now wearing a black t-shirt talking about I learned in fashion from my mother so let's don't know about that I mean I I think just like using the Internet as a resource I think just being self advocating and and and going out there and searching for the fashion it helps me references Jane well I gotta say I'm a lot to go along with that but one of the things that really impresses me about hanging out with aquaria we didn't know much about each other until we started doing toots and boots and then you know but I've been watching her and kind of paying a lot of attention to what her Claire has been doing and I think what people recognize is that there's that she's she's part of a certain tribe of people and I'm one of those people we grew up at a time while I grew up at a time when you just kind of had to find the information I watched old films I you know we did the study and to see someone in this generation do that same kind of thing it's it's a it's a very certain type of clean or a certain type of person who really loves the research and likes to know like when you're in the conversation oh yes I do know who's scaparelli is those are the types of Queens that are usually really respect is the ones that really did their research on it and aren't just using you know aren't just using what they saw somebody else do and instead are kind of you know using references and so on and then at the same time I love asking questions if I don't know something I will fully especially what I'm was Sharon she's always talking about some movie that no one's ever seen but she's convinced is like a classic yeah and I never mind I don't you know feel embarrassed asking like silly questions about stuff that I just don't know like I'm only asking because I want to know so do you know how to pronounce opulence I might need to phone a friend please welcome Mercedes Iman yeah I have a question for both of you what is your favorite thing about each other's sense of style or fashion you go first I think you wear the right thing at the right time on your season it was like whatever the runway theme was it was the perfect outfit for whatever was going on it had that bit of edge and had a bit of twist some of the time that we decided to wear underwear on her head and oh yeah I was like a texture I was like you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna put underwear in my head and there was like no response from her I guess well I gotta say what the cry did mention earlier I'd really love the way that she finds you know the way she understands references but I also love Aquarius ability to edit you know how to take that second and third piece off to kind of make it a complete look whereas a lot of Queens tend to add more and more and more which is there's nothing wrong with that because more is more and more is lovely but then there are those moments where you just want to like it's her way to edit things that really I admire most about her style and fashion it's okay Thank You woman we'll take one more question my question is if you were on the committee and able to choose the theme for a Met Gala what would your theme be and what would you wear I wouldn't – my thing would be tacos softer heart right now I'm craving a hard taco but see if they do it youtube-land I think we should start a petition the Met Gala 2012 should be I don't know lingerie lingerie lingerie : da da da da da I think in our : should be a theme just colons colon cleanse alright well that kind of finishes are assessing together thank you so much for stopping by everybody here gets a show to get someone give me a shot that's sister that Wow you know why : because it's

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