ello ello ello how are we doing we're back again for another video this time you know it's all about fashion over how many fashion overhauls now it feels like three that is all over the world can we can we get away from it we cannot get away from fashion right now then this in our face what we're here for it okay I am here for it because they've got some banging clothes I'm not really gonna get through all of this today in this heat it's 40 degrees out here in London and this is the box of stuff I have for you guys please how you'll do in a hand how have you been in this beautiful sunshine honestly the world is in summertime apart if you like down and up and honestly it's like baking in the UK it's like 30 degrees and stuff I don't know how I'm gonna get through this hall right now because honestly right now I'm just like so hot if I put on the fan it's gonna make a noise is gonna interrupt the sound so I can't my windows never think is opposed because obviously we're here noise up there so I am bliss and I've got my studio lights I'm doing the most for you guys so if you don't comment and funds up its arms house in your mum's house anything you guys thank you so much for watching this is what happening I've got some prints out here this is a Butt Lift for you guys a whole batty lip star do I really need that does my bomb sag what we have to find out let's see if it change changes it a bit it's a pet map the pattern it's a perk up your booty you know these are gonna be like batty riders oh my word this is the real definition of bhakti riders so they like knickers they want to fit me wow this is gonna give me cold bum cheeks do you think going up we have a problem Houston I'm feeling you're meant to be kind of like the you know the paperback trousers so it makes me high waisted and you know you tie the belt and it's like yes pockets I always had a problem with these type of trousers but I was curious as to how it fit yeah it looks good on a model man I like the way look and I love this style but sis she ain't going anywhere she got away I can't say I might ought to show you what I've got on the top it's the bodysuit and it doesn't do this underneath you have to let you put your whole body in there this is kind of like a swimming costume it's kind of like a thermal material so it's not necessarily summer friendly but it's still cute you know it's one of those essential pieces that you perhaps even in wardrobe the style of this and this would have been so adorable but clearly that is not happening today but yeah well I'll show you guys this okay you guys so the next thing is just tea I love it it's so cute I got loads of these Gucci Gucci type of tops loads of different ones so there's more added to the collection and basically this is royalty yeah and it's black I think there was other colors as well I also got this to trial from fashion over now this is commute it's a double breasted high-waisted pair of other leggings just trousers I'm not sure but look at the stretch on that by the way you know me already everything is free ex from fashion over as always so these are all free ex either the top I think these will go good together let's put them on Oh I'm so extra buy like this so here are the trousers or I think you guys in America called in slacks right slacks so basically these are trousers that every come off those leggings on me but it doesn't recipe I love this this is so cute you can wear this with so many different things to make it you know I figure some classy outdoor wear well funny enough it just goes well with this t-shirt I think it's because it's for gold and it just works well together I hope you stand back a bit so you guys can see the full length of it yes darling turn around and give you guys a bit of a back view that's another thing about fashion heiress clothes I losted their clothes are really nice and soft on the skin and so it feels really comfortable on okay so this is another beauty from fashion a while I love this this is gorgeous I'm sort in the modern I was like yeah I can do with that um so yes it's basically half and half half black half like a silvery metallic gray and I think it looks really cute on I mean it's like a nice frame on dress could be an occasional piece as well you know I'm saying Amy and I love this ruffle detail and this is another steal of that as design as well of the dress and gosh that you start back give you guys a bit of a twirl oh yes okay loose sleeves as well lovely pair of high heels and a clutch bag and we doing bits how you mean yeah so that is this piece alright so let's talk about the top I don't think this works well together but I just picked it up it says babes only is actually quite fitted if I bring it out I think it's quite a fitted top and there's a lot of contrasting things I have like hot gray half black but the last outfit but yeah that's it it's really simple and I like the boots only on a slide I think it's this nice and simple sometimes you know slogan T's is all in the middle but this is on the side so it's kind of really basic and a little bit classier if that makes sense but yeah it's his more fitted than me like the royalty that I had on but I guess is your basic type of top honestly now let's talk about this because it doesn't go with it definitely not I mean this is a jersey skirt and its pinky color the slash is kind of like the slash detail here but in fact it that that it's this really lovely bubblegum candy pink this is a type of pink I love it's actually kind of actually not opening mirrors normal Rose dusk type of pink and yeah it's just a simple piece I love it right so you know what I've got on here is a bodysuit it's called boss on them something like that boss on them so you know it's kind of like a work outfit piece now listen it's not your 30-degree weather tackle thing it's hot actually because it's short sleeve you might be okay but it's quite thick is kind of like knitwear honestly but it's got like the sleeve thing and there's a bunny suit that grows on dog and the reason why I'm tipped over like this is because I haven't clipped it but just to show you how it looks like like this I'm going to try it on with something else which I know ain't gon fit me wait for it guys wait for it it know will say it will go up until it goes up you know so just wait stop commenting we got in there he actually went up well I guess it's really fitted I don't think it goes with this top at all oh we went up oh I bet you thought I'm gonna go all in there this is very um childish okay guys how y'all doing how y'all doing oh I think it is a bit tight it's meant to be a loose fitted thing around here it's a why's my stomach that lets me down we government back it's not my favorite type of thing to wear mind you but this material is really thick like really really thick like you'll get hot on a hot summer's day with this like is cute but it's like there's still not me and think this talk it's not doing it justice that come on it's like half boss girl right and then half hey guys how y'all doing good man like no darling but you know what's cute these braces I haven't had braces in ages like you know not style that people used to wear back in a day look fashion of us bring it back darling it depends on what you like this ain't my cup of tea but for some of you ladies out there in my in it so here I am model it for you okay sweetie honeys this isn't off to show the body and it's nice I love this color it's really brightening up my life I think this will look so sick with the pink jersey skirt with the slashes in it anyway obviously yeah I love this color it's just a simple bodysuit really I feel that fashion ever got a lot of them these bright colored things right now because it's summer so like all the essential items that you will normally get in black and white they kind of add a bit of kind of like a bit of navy blue like a rose dusky pink like this this bad together I think it's different aren't you know what this body suits tie this body suit is tie I didn't even look in the mirror I'm looking into the viewfinder but not only looks in the mirror it's a bit stretched out can you see oh can you see oh darling I'll get some safety pins and pin out and you all know nothing if I do that how would you know you have no it's tight but look I think this with this is actually this cut these kind of see I look like an ice cream cone I look like a strawberry ice cream with chocolate on top they don't fit oh this is so unfair they're so adorable listen I'm a gym it up and gym it down and I'm gonna fit into this but over the summer you guys if I get into this all of you don't have to send ten pounds to my account all of you if I get into this she's a Manny so basically you know I ain't gonna give me money okay I'm gonna make you know I'm gonna give you this ten pound each I don't care you got paying me all it up do you know how hot it is I'm making this video for you sir but extend that ten pound yes you sister same antenna unfortunately you guys aren't giving me any money because this just don't I'm not even going to lie you see if I fit into this this is actually nice this is a carnival worth it not only or carnivores that anything orcas here in the UK this is a carnival outfit I don't care and I don't actually feel that if you can pull this off you look sick in it I kind of wanted to put it on to kind of joke about with you guys I'd like to do that sometimes but they actually are they're nice you know this I appreciate a lot of things I actually Fitness is nice a lot of you know I think is a bit skittish but whatever this was get out here and hurry – damn right so next is this this is nice once I get the correct strapless bra and my waist trainer on we are turning heads baby this is cute I saw Kylie Jenner of this on cuz I think she does some stuff will come over as well or I think she has like a line with him I think but anyway she had on like a Korean version she looks snatched she looks gorgeous in it and I think she sold it to me actually I was like yeah I want to get one and also Naylor loves on Instagram so yeah I think she had a pink and maybe two blue on as well so I've got both of them so this is the blue version this blue is so nice true blue it's cute and it's gorgeous it's like a knitwear material long sleeve or the concern are for you guys really much the figure hugging just oh okay so I put on this pink one of the blue and it's the same thing really what have you noticed much shape has oddly changed it's because of what I've got on right now you guys but basically I've got on the most tightest knickers in the world and it's given me the most muffin top and basically the knickers is like under my belly and then but my watching I feel like I haven't got anything on so basically I put on the butt lift is so these basically what they really should be doing is respectively tummy control and I've got this in a bigger size I got this in the free xbox it's kind of like not exactly size 24 size 3x there's more of a small 3x but anyway girl can I tell you this feels like I feel like I feel like you know II feel that it feels like I put my knickers on and I've just wrapped it around here on me that is cause I don't fit properly I do fooled that because it's like cutting you know it works it works and like were like basically what it does is it cuts like a bottom portion of your bottle so it gives you this perk and lift which it's semi lifting because it's not only up to here on right if it was up to here as in the back of it on the top of it and that the circles are underneath it would have just pushed it all up so if you see the bottom is bit indented but you guys it's so funny I mean but yeah this dress is cute I'm gonna find a way to style it wants obviously I get the correct like under underwear to wear with it like strapless bra and stuff just like the blue one but yeah let's talk about this you guys can I tell you how much of a workout it is to do this these two have a trial holds in this type of weather it's so baking but you guys another fashion overhaul you love fashion over is always coming with new things I've just seen that they just keep on restocking and restocking thank God for the curved line as well I have a lot much to say because this is not like an in-depth review is this a child haul but if you want to see some previous things I have you know mention about Schreiber fashion home bar you can check out my first haul on it but yeah they just keep on bringing you stuff I would not see four X's and five X's as well perhaps even bigger if they could for the bigger big girls but I think I fit comfortably like a 4 X 5 X personally and I'm only able to wear some of their free X's you know a lot of differences mind you I got a lot of their things now I'm a lot of them are 3x and they look amazing especially if they have great stretches like this so I got some lingerie pieces as well because I think the curved line recently bought some lingerie and I showed these to Ambrose and he said honey nah not for YouTube he's okay with me like doing bras and knickers for like body-positive campaigns and stuff but like this is a bedroom matter why you talk oh this is a bedroom situation because obviously it's like the nipples are free okay but look at this this is from a turnover or a picture in it as well this is so hot this is for your man's okay for your lover and basically I love the embroidery and stuff and it's just it's actually a cutie honestly I've got some other stuff as well I might it's dependent on how I can start somebody other things I will be doing a post on the lingerie things as well nothing YouTube is different Instagram you Instagram market I feel a little bit like three maybe cuz I don't know I don't know this is a dressing gown it's so sassy and basically sucker a see-through dressing gown he's got a rope as well ah I just feel like hello I've arrived Oh Oh we're gonna leave it in a lowered video this would be good this is the even lingerie this is Tommy control huh and this is our 4x this is what I should have handled to try and call the dresses I've totally forgot I put these on I totally forgot but you know I always do another fashion overhaul so we can perhaps reserve it for them but this is tummy control and it is super stretchy and it's quite firm as well so you know it's good to fucking nuts top oh yes this is another sassy lingerie number now I couldn't perhaps put this on with the dressing gown I take a picture up on Instagram for you guys to see if I get some time before I edit this video I will try and put this on for you guys because this isn't exactly showing too much nip nips is it so it might be okay for YouTube if not I would definitely or trying to put it on my Instagram but you guys that's it fashion knows what I'm doing the most and I'm so happy to always come back and do a fashion over video for you guys so don't forget to check the description box below I have links to everything in which I tried on today even the ones I didn't fit and I can't believe I'm not gonna get that 10 pounds from you guys I was so serious I was gonna put down my paypal email address you don't have to dis your money if it fitted but okay because you know what it's okay thank you so much for watching you guys you'll see me on the next video


  1. Girl pull the pants up from the foot I have it in the black and u have to pull it up and fix the strings

  2. Why because someone is plus size the comments are about confidence😑😑😑😑… to me thts like shade to us 🙄🙄 , if it wasn't made for us it wouldn't be in our size

  3. Latinas have always worn butt lifts. When i was little i wld see them advertised on the back of latina magazines.

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  5. Holaaa , me encanta tu buena estima, pero mejor ponte a dieta para que bajes esa panzonta y deja de comprar ropa que NOOOO te queda bien

  6. Holaaa , me encanta tu buena estima, pero mejor ponte a dieta para que bajes esa panzonta y deja de comprar ropa que NOOOO te queda bien ,

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