Fashion Nova Jeans Try On Haul 2019 ❤️

Fashion Nova 2019 Jeans Try On Haul 2019 by Natalie Nightwolf I got jeans man jeans Baba oh hello my gorgeous friends I hope
you’re well my name is Natalie Nightwolf and I have another new video for you I
hope you enjoy this video and please be sure to click the notification bell to
be informed as soon as I post a new video today’s video is kind of highly
requested it’s going to be a jeans Tryon or review from fashion OVA I actually
have three jeans here that I’m going to try on for you and they’re all from
fashion OVA and as a matter of fact they’re all the classic high-waisted
skinny jeans and in three different colors the dark denim the medium blue or
medium wash and then the light blue or the light wash Jean I wear them in a
size three and I’m going to show you these three pants which are actually my
favorite jeans ever they come in these three colors and they also come in white
in black and I think I should get those two – the first look I’d like to show
off are these jeans in the dark denim wash this is also a body suit profession
OVA if you know snaps underneath the crotch and it has a thong back in a very
deep v with a pocket on one side right here I’m obsessed with body suits they
go perfectly with high-waisted pants because everything is just smooth
form-fitting tucks right into your shirt you don’t have to worry about touching
anything in makes everything perfect and smooth I’ve also mentioned this belt so
this belts was actually from Amazon I’m gonna link this below as well as
everything else and in this Tryon video I also want to mention these shoes these
shoes who are donated by a hood say for my Amazon wish list thank you so much
they’re shiny shoes that tips are black in the back is beige it has kind of an
ombre look oh my it’s so gorgeous I definitely feel like
these pants are absolute perfection perfection jeans perfection seriously
they have some stretch to them they’re super comfortable they’re not denim I
guess maybe they’re you know whatever stretchy material I think it makes my butt look good I
guess I’ll have to play it back and just make sure but that’s obviously very
important too oh I love it I love it especially with
the belt all righty then let me try it in a different color for you all right
so here is the next pair of jeans in the medium wash same size size three same
belt I really like these actually these feel like the most mom Jean to me I
think it’s really just the color I feel like it took me a while to get used to
this color of jeans there’s standard jeans like most people are used to this
color of Jean but for me I guess because I was like into metal music and rock and
roll was constantly going to rock and metal shows I never more like regular
colored jeans I only wore black jeans or pants or dresses and stuff like that
like fishnets ripped up stuff yeah but wearing this makes me feel good it makes
me feel like more normal part of society but sometimes I like to feel like and
sometimes I don’t I the highways to look at something you
have to get used to or something you have to really be into you know for me I
wasn’t into it for a while because I’m like oh I was like Oracle it’s like mom
Jesus who wants to be like that but then you think of other things like well it’s
so kind of like pin up to it’s kind of like pin up kind of cool kind of cute so
when do you think of it like that you’re kind of and yeah the way you
think about the way you look I think influences obviously like your
external confidence and whatever method that kind of exudes itself which
sometimes can be just like the way you move your body you know what I mean so
I’m like I’m thinking pinup I’m thinking confidence and thinking sexy right now
and this is the way I’m walking and then all of a sudden boom I’m thinking mom
I’m thinking Arkell you’re walking like this and it’s all wrong honey
ah you know so yeah the way you carry yourself matters and that’s the
difference between mom and pinup to me so this is the same bodysuit and I
decided to pair this with black heels you could wear this with sneakers and
you know tone it down you can wear with heels and go out and about that’s the
good thing about this love I love it so much I know the thing that I like about
these jeans is the length I’m really only five three my legs aren’t that long
there is a little bit of extra skin I mean fabric at the bottom of the pants
so it would fit people much taller but if you’re a little bit short or two I
don’t think that looks bad to have a little bit of fabric gathering at the
bottom I’m so happy I’m getting it to like
different fashion like jeans and stuff instead of just wearing black pants that
had like no shape to them really and honestly weren’t nearly as flattering as
these fashion ova jeans I think these are actually like $35 regular price but
a lot of the time they’ll have sales so you can look out for when they have a
sale and snag them at that time yeah like I said these are size three I like
things super tight so in the past I’ve gotten size five and things now I’m
sizing down to a size three so that it’s like honestly super tight all right let
me show you the final wash of jeans papa don’t worry folks yeah I do drink once
in a while I guess I got a something to say I’ll have like dedicated shooting
days when I’m in a good mood where I just I don’t know have a few beers
shared a few videos yeah actually it’s tough the life of somebody who chooses a
creative route because you have a lot of days where you’re just not into it and
on the days that you are into it you better go go get him tiger Becca
tiny roar sorry that’s my high school chair just kidding okay here we are for
the third and final look these light jeans ah I got to tell you these are
really growing on me I actually like the light jeans and I mean I think it really
just shows like that you should go out of your comfort zone because you might
be foregoing a look that’s actually really good for you it wasn’t just that I was into like rock
and metal music the reason why I would only wear like black jeans and stuff I
just felt that I just didn’t like my button thighs and I thought that wearing
black was gonna cover that up or it’d make me you know make it look more
slimming and more appealing but these are and I thought light jeans would be
completely out of the question they would look horrible on me I would look
so fat and disgusting but I don’t think that at all I actually love this light
Jean look through my videos in my youtube channel it’s actually helping me
with like body positivity and loving my body by wearing different clothes
sharing different looks just looking at myself more and more getting used to my
body if you want to try a high-waisted Jean this is the one to go with and if
you don’t like these then you’re probably not going to be into the
high-waisted look once you have three different colors you can pair it with
different body suits and I just I literally don’t feel like I need any
other jeans unless I want like some that aren’t so high-waisted but love love yeah backwards backwards backwards
backwards mean the backwards me I bought package houses you can Oh all right anyways yeah that was me
showing off my jeans I love them so much I hope you like them too again they’re
all gonna be listed in the description below and be sure to click that
notification bell to be performed when I post a new video I hope to see you guys
soon thanks so much for hanging with me uh yeah see you later bye

100 thoughts on “Fashion Nova Jeans Try On Haul 2019 ❤️

  1. Whats your favorite look on me? 🔥Sexy bonus footage just posted on my Patreon

  2. Lite blue will always be lite blue and age down to a wear color that’s not duplicated in public or bought, they are your own signature go to jeans that are comfortable, one classy step up is dark blue for feeling warm and confident, it’s easy to choose when you know how they feel on you , red and white body suits change the-look also!some heavy metal accessories will rock the look also , a large metal cross or 5150 gold number block emblem necklace would rock also ! Keep being you !

  3. I disagree, I really don't think those jeans make your butt look great.
    It's vice versa.
    Your butt, makes those jeans look amazing!!!

  4. You look insanely hot in jeans, I love your ass and legs they are perfect!
    Jeans and heels is one of my favourite looks of all time xxxxxxx

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  10. Hi Natalie, how are you, jeans fit like hand and glove, as long as you're comfortable that's all that matters you look good in any old outfit, how have you been? What have you been up to.

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    Lol ctfu

    But just playing sweets. But u are totally sexy in those 👖 jeans
    Ma, ma…. But like i said in the beginning, anything that you rock is totally off the hook & Chain
    ms.wolf….. And again I'll support you in each and every way everyday possible…😉

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  16. I love the way your body is looking looking in that bodysuit and jeans nice shoes from your follower those jeans really hug you in all the right areas I love how they look when their on you. walk to ensure the fit.liking the second color and the black heels with those.

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