hey guys it's Caroline back again with another video today's the video I think you guys will enjoy I'm sure you've missed my try on hauls so today we're gonna be doing a try on haul and if you haven't guessed by the title it's basically denim from fashion avouch includes jeans and the shorts my ears still what cuz I just came back from the gym and showered like day today you know how do you get that booty pump for this video if you haven't subscribed yet please please please go subscribe and give this video a thumbs up you will be trying on some jeans and shorts from fashion OVA that I bought myself this is not sponsored so in other things that I have our new then I just bought like two days ago and some are pretty old that I've had for a while and I love I always keep coming back to fashion OVA so I thought I'd show you guys how all these things look on me I also just moved I'm gonna be wearing this white top for every pair of pants I try on just to keep things simple here we have the first pair I wasn't sure about the color cuz usually I prefer like a lighter denim these were trending I think on their page these are new by the way he just got these Oh as if you tell they're definitely booby shirt oh they come up pretty high so they're not my favorite just because of the color yeah I'm still kind of eating how I feel about these let me know what you guys think I like the way they fit I wish the pockets were like a little bit bigger in the back these were a new pair that I got in that package with the other ones as well with the other shorts I was just wearing they came roll down that I rolled them up because I think they look better like that it feels like you're not wearing any pants like these are so comfortable they're a little bit loose I think the comfort is worth it alright move the camera a little bit cuz now we're doing full-length pants I decided to do all the new ones I got first it's called the Shannon high rise distressed Jesus and I think I'm going to return these they weren't my favorite like my butt could look better I don't know let me know what you guys think though they're not as high right so they usually like my jeans to be right here all right so these are called driving me crazy boyfriend jeans I love these I these are also new ones I think I'm going to be keeping them love the way they fit their favor Lee well around my waist and then they're loose enough on my thighs where I talk to feel like I'm suffocating like we got all the other jeans I ever tried on these are like perfect if you have like a smaller waist and like bigger thighs and a bigger butt this end of this same way the other ones did with the bottom part rolled right here very summery vibe I like my butt looks and he's better than the other ones now we're digging into my closet what I mean this is all my closet but what I already had for quite a while and have been wearing so you know it's good these are called the canopy jeans and I really really like these I they're basically just like skinny jeggings skinny jeans very stretchy very comfortable highly recommend them I actually personally have them in three colors black greenish dark green and white I love the way they fit I love the little inny slits right here nothing really bad to say about that very comfortable make the butt look great I feel like these jeans would pretty much look good on any body type so I will show you guys the other colors really quickly here we have them in black lastly we have the light green ones so these are black shorts that I got from bum they're cute they're a little tighter on my weight I feel like they squeeze my little bit right here um I can't really see it a person is more if I like to try to take pictures in them you'll see like a little roll but overall cute cheeky I don't wear them as much as I thought I would be wearing them and I feel like they don't make my butt look as good as I thought they would they're pretty loose around this area I'm like really tight up here I'm just more so depends on your body type alright love these white shorts do make my butt look good so that's a plus oh oh I like these I think I've worn these a lot more than the black ones I just show you guys these are my ultimate booty shorts basically and I accidentally ripped them a little bit right here I forgot how that happened but totally my fault they're very high up there on the scale of booty shorts so if you're looking for a good booty shorts I definitely recommend these everyone DS a lot all right so these were actually my first pair of shorts from fashion Nova very quite a while ago and then these are actually the first fashion of my jeans I got so so long ago very plain there's no cuts or rips anywhere just a basic skinny jean they're not as stretchy as Academy the canopy pants definitely a little stiffer but I've definitely worn these a lot in the last couple years this is our last pick these are called I think like 80% sure the glistening the glistening Jean you have these in different colors as well I believe I really like them I've won these also a lot I think even more than the plain ones I just showed you guys so I know there I could recommend Academy pick canopy pant for a comfort I don't have them in a jean color so I actually don't know how that looks like love these thingies are one of my favorite pairs of pants from voucher nova and then the driving me crazy boyfriend change also in love with that so those are my three favorite pairs of jeans from them as of right now stay tuned might change so I hope you guys enjoyed that little try on haul hope it was informative helpful whatever you needed it to be don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel thank you for watching this video if you have any recommendations please comment them down below or DM me on Instagram yeah I will see you guys next time

40 thoughts on “FASHION NOVA JEANS AND SHORTS TRY ON, worth it!?

  1. Pinché culatzo tiene la prra lástima que sus ojos dicen que está super hueca del cer. ebro, una lástima aunque era de esperarsr jajaja jajaja

  2. Omg babyy…..I love u… everything its just super sexy on u! And I really love sooo much even the flamingo leg pose u do!😱😱😱sooo sexy blonde babe

  3. I love it when a woman is so perfect, that they post comparison shots of all the models selling the merchandise, and literally dominate every single one! Perfection!!!

  4. So many real girls though in real life just look better, because they're healthier, you can't underestimate health, and the natural way the female body wants to be. When you work out a ton, or diet, it distorts and changes the natural shape and female design. You want to create even more depth to your thighs and hips, by adding more weight, even some fat or cellulite on the upper thighs actually looks amazing on so many girls walking around, as crazy as that may sound. Most women like guys with wide shoulders, and they do not like guys with skinny narrow shoulders. It is the same with hips, men love women with wide hips, and do not like narrow hips.

  5. Detras de una gran mujer siempre hay un hombre que le esta rompiendo el ojete. Pensar en ello, te genera una emocion que te conecta con la sexualidad humana, siento alegria y tristeza por no ser yo a la vez. Pero que al final todos disfruten es satisfactorio, como yo haciendome una paja. Paz

  6. i really love your shorts and tops id like to buy those Jean shorts your wearing
    at 1:59 if i can buy them off you from ebay would really make my day

  7. hey girl how tall are u ? i recently ordered high waisted and am worried they going to be so high bc i’m short 😫

  8. Thanks Caroline, you look fabulous. I'm tired of FN, their stuff are really hit and miss. Mostly miss now. The clothes look good on you though.

  9. wow maybe i should buy some fashion nova for my try on hauls 🤔 i have one planned for back to school buttttt maybe a biss needs some fashion nova jeans

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