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🦄👋 Hello my beautiful people I hope you are very, very well today I have hop compassion with a
very many clothes from the ching store and we will also be opening some
makeup packs but first let’s start with the clothes by
of course so with nothing more to say here I leave you with this video as
you can see here I have all the clothes I need to show you as already
I mentioned all this before clothes is from the ching store in the
description clinic will all be direct events
I’m moving the accessories because I want to start with the clothes we are going to
leave the accessories last because it’s just two little things ok let’s start
with this beauty of skirt biden I if you saw my previous fashion of
ching will know to order this same fault but in pink and also the order
in size s and I was somewhat lazy from the waist so this time the order in
green color that goes very well with the occasion and also the order in size xs and
what is everything to say I love her I love her madly is a beauty
it fits me perfectly i love the color i love the style I love absolutely everything about this
The next one I love is missing show is this skirt look is
too beautiful a while ago that I want a lack of this color and not
look at me I love the color combination of that skirt with the color of the blouse of
that I bring today I have a perfect combination for this season
Now the skirt is ordered in size xs I feel that I have not even a little
weak as who does not fit very well to my body but I also think that
it’s the style and the fabric or the material of the skirt that’s why it doesn’t fit
as I say to the shape of my body but the skirt is very pretty is of
very good quality and I also love it the style of the front because
not so planet but as you mentioned I would have liked it to fit before
so very well to my body but still I Like the order in size
xs so there are no more sizes here but if we see the positive side as
I have a little half of the waist is a space to eat
much more at Christmas I’m not sure if this is the outfit i’m going to put in
Christmas but I like it I want to wear something that is not so extravagant something
something that is not uncomfortable with me it feels good that I feel pretty that I
feel comfortable and obviously give me a lot of space to eat a lot
tamales let’s continue with the faults look I gave this skirt to a girl in
instagram on the chin page if I don’t wrong and she combined it so beautiful the
nava with a white sweater and with some boots with some booties something like that I liked
very much the style and I said oh me I love her but when I saw her
I imagined it as of another fabric I am not saying that the fabric is wrong but that
I don’t know how of a different material that it was the idea that I had in my head
but I like it is very pretty now this here part of the elastic waist
it is like I explain to them it’s like quite thick and
I feel like I get a little girl from the side obviously if I wear it with a crack
top is going to get me half off but if I I put it with another shirt style or with
a bar and south with a leotard I think it would be different but in general the skirt
I like it is very pretty it is quite comfortable I plan to put on as for him
summer with some tennis and a blouse like that simple I want to combine it a lot
casual by the way is the order in size xs
Now we will continue with the tops and The first one I want to show you is
this look is a super crowd top simple but I’ve been looking for
for a long time I saw it in Chinese and ordered it this century
I ordered hentai and that one and it looks perfect let me tell you that when I see it they leave
it will come to me so it will be the same but now that I have it is
beautiful is of very good quality me I love the fabric I love the style and
I want this product for put it under blazers or me too
I put it on, he measured it in my long skirt the green one and it makes me look super
nice is a nice cool outfit for summer so that’s how I go
to be combining these shorts and I order another one too i don’t know where
is or here is this yes is different look at this I ordered it in size s clear
if I’m not mistaken that they didn’t have size xs and so order it in this also this
I have been looking for a crop top because as I say I like to wear
jackets blazers as in instead of putting on a brazil I like it
put on this crop style if you They like this style I recommend
very much these products look at this me love it
if you really want the mestalla s and I need it in black
but I saw it blank and I liked it so next time I will reorder
in black and hopefully and have size xs because look, I have a little loose like
that the braces and obviously well I don’t I have great pleasure so it did not fill it
a lot so when I do certain movements I feel that I look like them
I explain I’m lazy here but it’s not a
lazy because as it has also quite I don’t feel like I’m going to leave
My mails that I said don’t feel like I’m going to go out my friends but at the same
time like I don’t feel 100% comfortable with him I think I’m going to cut it and
then I’m going to fix it cut the braces a little bit 2 but
look it’s pretty nice i love the style and is also very good
quality let’s continue with the tops now I want to show you this sweater that is
beautiful i love it is perfect is well done I love the quality is of
a material is of a pretty fabric gross
style of these shoulders I love it for I lie to you I love this one I ordered
in size x that and it looked perfect came out I saw it I said it will be that I will stay
but when I measured it, I loved it it looks perfect it fits me but no
It is an uncomfortable pleasure I do not feel this way as a canned sardine I look very
nice in the body but as I say it doesn’t feel awkward now I think that
I would have preferred to have the cardboard that was a note a leotard
a bodysuit but in the same way is beautiful and my girl I want to wear it
I still don’t know how I’m going to combine it but I love it, I love it
Now we will continue with this coat hairy i see you’re grabbing
enough space over here this coat me I ordered it in size s I’m not sure
because I ordered it in size s because normally this type of coats I
always ordered in size xs because it is normal well I was super lazy and
obviously these types of coats are left lazy dad don’t stay like that over 32 the
body but I prefer that I stay
I prefer to order them in size xs because in that I feel that I have too many left
wolves and it’s like throwing a blanket on top so I don’t like it good look
With this coat I have feelings found is nice i like the
color is super hairy and I to our style of workers for this season
but I honestly expected it from better quality because I have one
quite similar to this one and I was comparing I was touching them and the fabric
from this it feels quite the quality it it feels quite simple the other one
feel much thicker now I I think we can use this risk
with a climate that is not so cold that nothing else
we need to cover ourselves or also what we can do is put on or also what
that we can open or also what we can do is wear a sweater quite
thick under it because as they I say I’m not sorry it covers a lot like that
that is not going to protect us very much cold even though it looks pretty
furry Now I have to show you this
beauty of destiny when I took it out of the bag to stay and order it in
size xs because i don’t know how i I looked very big but when I saw myself they will excuse me I have two weeks no
more than two weeks of not recording videos ok ok but when I measured it I said oh
my car ‘I love it fascinates me it fits me perfect are beauty and I love it look at the
fabric is simple not a thick fabric it’s a pretty thin fabric but it’s not
transparent i love the color i I love the style I love how I
is left and something that I love about these dresses are that they are lazy and are
super comfortable either feel super super comfortable but at the waist fit
so I like that because we we feel lazy for the same time no
lose him we don’t lose the way our body and that’s why
that you don’t see me like that with a lot of clothes lazy because I like to be seen
the shape of my body and if I use a lot own flower true that then when
wear this type of dresses for me is very important to adjust or tell what
I do is wear a belt but this style already brings the belt to
show this set I’m going to show right now
nothing to do with this season but it’s I saw it and I fell in love I loved it and
you know that I am a lover of sets and everything that has to do
with sets for summer we give it with madness now leave me but I got lost
in a second ok or this set what order in size x that and I feel that I
It looks nice but I don’t eat it as a goat I imagined because you know we see
the clothes and we get an idea of ​​how we it’s going to be us and we imagine
obviously, we are going to have spectacular fat irma but it wasn’t the
case now it’s not that I don’t like it if I like but I’m thinking that by
example the skirt I’m going to wear with one of the blanquitos that you order
because I feel that the whole together is as much I feel it brings a lot
I know I’m going to think about it time to see
I have decided but look it is very beautiful it’s a pretty thin fabric pretty
fresh is not transparent or if it is transparent because it doesn’t matter because
example the lack brings double cloth then the whole top of the
skirt brings an extra fabric so I don’t know you will notice anything now the crok top if
It doesn’t bring anything but I see that I don’t know transparent in the same way for example
I wear this style of clothes with nude color underwear so no
looks nothing look i love the skirt It looks super pretty and it’s super comfortable and
I also love that it fits the waist we continue with this shirt
dress dressed in beach shirt dress beach dress i don’t know how
call him I saw him and I loved it in I really want him to sleep or
to walk in the house I ordered it in size xs and what fell in love with me was the detail
everything look is super simple super basic but bring this little heart here and
I already saw it and I want something that I was really like this store is
what well this is the third garment that
so ordered in this style and look at me love that the quality of the fabric is very
very good and finally I have these two long sleeve tops this is all me
I’ve been looking for the other one crazy day I went to the mold in three and lie to
all the stores that I saw that could have those kind of shirts and I don’t know
I found so good chin and I I said I have to order them now these
two all and I ordered them to cross out that you must order them in size xs so that I
they remain as more tight to the body not they look bad on me
the style and I love the quality of the fabric is a stretch fabric and that to me
he loved it I love everything it has to do with sprays now what not
I like that the cardboard style He cited is very wide and I don’t like it because
when I wear them with pants it is marked all the underwear that’s why most of
the bars use the leotards that I have in hilito but in general the two tops
they are very pretty very cheap and of very good quality or my car I say that
this was the last thing but it’s also not something to show this beauty of blouse
that brings compound I think this has been one of my favorite mirror garments
It’s too beautiful as the color I love the style fits me perfectly and I am
too much in love contains most one face now I have a little problem
I don’t know if the camera shows but I right now I’m wearing a nude bra and
I feel it shows, it won’t be me I’m traumatized or something like that I was
thinking if I should put less with a nude bra or put on a bra better
black but i’m not sure if i I have black names you will notice
the thing is that I don’t want it to be noticed the color of the easy that ‘no so I don’t know
if I’m going to leave it with the knot that Now that we’re done with the clothes
let’s go with the accessories look at the order of this bag that is very
nice because I have one sandals that are as I explain
they bring gold and they also bring are not knots because they are like pink but in
pretty pretty pale pink and not I have a bag then this bag I
I said you can fit now I don’t know what also because I am seeing them from
here and I see that the bag is in one color very dark something that I didn’t find much
is that you know that normally handbags bring a paper inside so you don’t
do not miss the way and this by example came all crushed from here what
what I did was to get it out of the box and stuff things so you don’t know
they made me ugly but a suggestion nothing more true for the store than when
send bags especially those they have this style that they stuff things
because if not then all weird come ok now 6 I had made a knot to
the little chain and I didn’t know how to fix it look at the bag is super simple
it’s very pretty I love it in this bag style that are like that
simple that do not bring much to me I just realized that the camera had
stopped recording and I don’t know I don’t know how much rogue garlic engraving he has recorded
everything i was saying but i’m going to continue with I will continue and I will
finish this store fashion show from jean with this belt with this
belt I have mixed feelings one because it’s too long me
I always have that problem with belts that I have too much left
great the other day I finally found one in h & m is my correct size I
What I did was make a medium hole Well, I don’t know if you can see, but it’s obvious
that I did is here and the last straw hole is here so there
a big difference now I love the style I love this little detail that
bring here are very cheap only that as I say I have that little
problem that I always have left great unless they are in a
I know if I’m not mistaken I don’t remember exactly if these had failures or
they were in one size but for a I’ve been applying a good time
little trick to use this style of belts when we have too much left
great that soon I will be sharing ok we finished with the clothes
Now we are going to open packages but first I have to move all the clothes for
they happen to throw all the clothes that already show them on top of the packages
that we had to open ok now let’s go to open the packages are only the
packages that have arrived with listeners the first one around here is one of benefit
with it’s in and I think they are products for eyebrows by the way i love this
very very beautiful and if they are products for this world would be more than happy because
I need them or water or they come more in deposits
what emotion does the bronzer of the I love it, I love it
time was a pronounced one of the bronzes one of the bronzers
favorites I used it a lot is more I think that not long ago I threw it because I already
I was finishing it and also already had had a long time for this
it makes me happy to have it again me love it is super super good now the
eyebrow benefit products not the I have tried this what is
it’s an illuminator it’s called cookie is beautiful is how in rosita I love it
how beautiful that well protected come the packets alright alright alright
nice to communicate what emotion I want try all this is a product that I
I’ve heard a lot I imagine that you also who is the by face I don’t
I’ve seen it too much ever after we were by the way this is a product
plug the pores the word says it true but I love it I want
try it i’m too excited what next we have here is a
perfect mascara because I already need it also try a new regime or yesterday
all this falls like a ring to my finger and it’s from this product i’m seeing
several reviews I love look at me love the wand and notice that in this
moment i’m just using mascara on the tabs below because ‘no
eyelash extensions then this one me it comes great for the kind of
variety that has or that leave and they are I show closely so that he sees her and me
like it is quite flexible so those wands for me are
perfect for the eyelashes below Right now I’m using half a tongue of
l’oréal I don’t remember but the wand is quite similar to this one ok now we have
here and although this is another perfect mask
this is called how outrageous this product says that
laugh and he lifts his eyelashes and he doesn’t there is a need to use the product to
check the product if the product to use a fish or haika I’m
living the product to curl the eyelashes can’t see me here so
this mascara does wonders of gmail them taught the wand because it’s quite
different from the other mascara look have like a curvita
so let’s see you have to try it on me love the packaging of these masks
they are fine alright nice ok let’s continue I still don’t see products
for eyebrows like that I think this one it is but now you have to see and it’s the tone
fifth use I have heard wonders of
benefits eyebrow products but I have never bought them because I have
obsessed with the day the stay perfect look is exactly my tone and
death mind can see it as in camera
focus is say you can see it ok but let me better tell you is the 4.5 this is
My tone is hidden and I got scared because here in the photo some eyebrows come out
quite clearly video this is like a shade for blondes but it’s perfect
ok the following i think this product I already used it if this product
I used it many years ago and I I loved it honestly I don’t know why not
I bought it again because I liked it too much and this what it does is this what
what is an eyebrow gel and here I show you it has the form of a
mascara I don’t know if you can see the wand and is to give them color to
comb it that stay in place for example
when we did a makeup like that super natural for day to day
we don’t need to fill them out but just I can comb them with this product with
this gel and we are ready emotional here comes the other pencil that
has this other way look I know that this room has this
also only that if it is not very thick the true this product says it’s for
fill in the eyebrows here in a two by three and that’s why it’s quite back
the tip as I honestly have him fear i will have to try it because i
I don’t know how my hand shakes no I have good calculation and that’s why he used
the one of nasas already and we think they are of this brand of milk and have the
tip so pretty thin and these they are this is the pencil you’re welcome
It has been my favorite of all products of those that I have tried
I’ve stayed with them because that’s what it makes my job easier with
these others I could not ok this what It is a zero fraud
I think it brings this is a product also similar to the other vessel very
interesting look great is the wand that says tell me and I see you don’t have
reality ok this is also an eyebrow gel
but it is invisible it’s transparent so this what it does
it’s the same job as this one just that the wand is thicker the product is
transparent this yes already brings color by I tell you that when we give ourselves a
super natural makeup we can pass this product and it already gives color and
also puts your eyebrows in place these two that this product is interesting
I almost have no problems with eyebrows because ‘not the micro power and but yes
I was thinking of buying a light because for example the hairs I don’t know if
this one can see it but on these sides Some
the rebels who need to get in their place so all the products I
they fell like the next package that we have here is the pop brand
beauty and these boxes is one of those that I find it too difficult to open and the
ended up destroying I don’t know why I can never catch the wave of these
boxes because we are going to give it a half break it was timely cited the subject it turns out that I
I go to their office or for me help open this box and there I give myself
notice that he brings a tape on the side from below and that is really super
easy to fix everything on her I was complicating let’s see what it is that
come over here that two very very large faces come
a box was coming inside another box the trips are very interesting but I
I will accommodate you to show you by what moved ok this is what
we have here come lipsticks and they also have two cups to make the
allow new year I thought they were glass but they are
plastic but they are very nice come to me sing the color okay definitely
I will be using them and here they come 123456789 lipsticks this is called michael
bauer look I don’t like it personally try lipsticks because for example
I am not going to use this color finish giving away I’ll give them away
to you in some draw I am going to give someone I know so
I don’t like to be testing them and proving unless I see it to be a
color that I like or that this is a colour
moradito menem very nice but I’m not much of
these colors and what I have done previously is that I say ok I’m going to
get out of my comfort zone and I’m going to try a different lipstick I try it not
I like it and there I leave the lipstick used nothing more so now I’m more careful and at
unless I like the color then there if I start using it you need a color
nude and that is the kind of color that I do I would try this one called Verin Dust
there would be colors so pretty look it’s like a rose and a different one and I like this one
the next one is called red velvet and this one is perfect for this season
and I’m also looking for a lipstick and I did not get out of a red lipstick and if not
I’m wrong these are mate here says that these thieves are from women
the duration is like coral and it’s called professional coral is like a blessed
Look, I’m not very fanatic of those colors and similarly I think they are
perfect for summer not for this season that is called
little bit which is thanks for example look at this
color i think i would never dare to use it because it’s a color too
different i think it’s not going at all with me at least one becomes
makeup as artistic this is called pitch plan this one is called imagine that look it’s like a pretty color
different is like between yellow and orange is as if we combine
oh i don’t know i don’t know how to describe this color but it’s alright alright weird definitely
it’s not my thing this is called link to turn this I think so it is well
nice and this is more this is what I love is very
beautiful in color and finally we have this is called water beige and I don’t know
look with a nude color but with a orange touch and everything is like
three around here that I would try on I keep the rest and then books or
gift ok this is all for today this was all I had to
show remember that all links direct of the chinga garments are
here below in the description box so if you are interested in something
check the description box because I’m going to be leaving everyone
direct links by the way them I want to want to apologize
because in the previous fashion show I was forgot I don’t know how it is that I
forgot to leave the direct links and in that video was where I showed them the
tortilla cobijita and I know that you they loved that little thing about that
flour tortilla so if you they watched this video they searched for the link and
they did not find it happen to check this video
because homework finally put all the direct links of everything that
I showed in that video remember that in they liked this video a lot and still
you have not subscribed to the channel you can do here under this red button
where to subscribe just clickair and ready and if they would like to give less until
Now remind me that I have a channel waves the link of this one that come to
crystal clear description by the dev channel I’m going to doubt sharing
absolutely everything i will be doing during these dates and also
in my social networks especially in instagram out there I’ll be
sharing a little bit of my day to day you know that because instagram is
I keep super active I am always sharing a little bit of my day to day
in all my social networks they send as interesting face has followed out already or
over there or here I wait and now for last panorama is not important that no
forget to activate bell of notifications to meet any of
my videos and you are the first one of my videos and you can have us
first to see them many for thank you very much for several when
many kisses in the next at

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