Fashion Guru Gives Real Women Style Transformations Based On Their Body Type

>>>I am excited to be here.>>Let’s get right to it. My first look is Eva who is curvy but does not like to show her body off. We’ll revamp that look. Come on out Eva. That’s before.>>Look at my Eva. She’s a curvy girl and she’s looking cute and sexy. Its got a little bit of illusion. That skirt, I love this dress. It is fit and flare. It works for every single body type. You can up the anti when you are out having a date or put on sky walker heels like I have on now. It is an easy look. Do you feel comfy. Are you ready to show some skin now?>>I love when you up the any. Anybody can rock the dress with tennis shoes.>>That’s the trend right now>>Thank you, Eva.>>Our next woman is pregnant. She’s a little intimidated.>>A lot of women don’t love their body when they are pregna>>Here we have joy looking beautiful. We wanted for show joy’s beautiful clavicle.>>Her what?>>Her clavicle.>>That’s her chest bone. Every single woman has their beautiful clavicle.>>Girl, your clavicle is looking good.>>If you don’t like to show a lot of skin, this is a great way to show a little bit of skin and then keep it moving with the>>And it is hot. This will keep you kind of cool, too. I love this look on her and she’s gorgeous. Joy, you are nine-month pregnant.>>That’s like any day now.>>Yes. We need to give her a seat or a chair or a lemonade.>>God, it is a good name.>>Scott is still a good name.>>Blake can be a girl or boy and Scott can be a boy or a girl now.>>You look fantastic. This is a situation where Allison is a little petite. He’s always on the go.>>Exactly.>>That’s her before and after. Look at this. This is great for her. This suit is red hot. It is a chic dress. A little high water pants and as you mention those sneakers. It is all about that kind of look where you have the goofy sneakers but this one is highly stylized and super cute. I love how they look together. This looks approachable and you can separate it, too. You can wear the pants separate with a tank top. It really works. You get so much banks for your bucks. It is only $110.>>No. The whole suit?>>No matter what type you are.>>I love these high little shoes because you can go to work and do anything.>>I like that. It is so good.>>Thank you so much. Eva and joy and Allison. You are styling it. You did me proud, ladies.

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