Fashion FUNdamentals 2018

– Hi, my name is Cayman. – My name is Karen. – I’m Hannah. – I’m Sarah. – I’m Victoria. – My name is Trinnity. – I’m Rebekah. – I’m Grace. – My name’s Katie. – My name’s Ximena. – My name’s Kirianne. – Hi, my name is Hailey. – [Group] And this is
Fashion Fundamentals. (acoustic guitar strumming) (machine whirring) (student laughs) – Hi, my name is Karen Hyllegard and I’m one of the Co-Directors
for Fashion Fundamentals. A STEM enrichment program
for middle school girls. The purpose of Fashion Fundamentals is to give young girls an opportunity to build on their interests
in the creative arts, to expand their skills and knowledge in the STEM disciplines. Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math. – Hi, I’m Jen Ogle and I’m a Co-Director
of Fashion Fundamentals. It’s been a real joy
to see girls interests and passion for the
STEM disciplines ignited through their experiences
in Fashion Fundamentals. I think that when girls are
able to connect STEM learning to experiences that they
find personally meaningful, STEM learning really comes alive for them. – Seven and a half. – My favorite part is being
able to create your own dress and have all of the
scientific facts behind it and know how everything works. – [Karen] One of the main
components of the program is the technical programming, which focuses on the STEM learning. This includes units in
Fiber and Textile Science. They also do some
digital textile printing. In the Apparel Costing and Pricing unit the girls use their math skills to cost the production of apparel items and then to determine
the final retail price. In the Merchandise
Assortment Planning unit girls create an assortment
for their own store based on target market research. In the Historic Textile units, the girls learn about the
history of fashion and textiles using garments from the Avenir Museum of Design and Merchandising. – [Teacher] A little
bit lower maybe, yeah. – Science and technology have helped me learn more about fashion. Because then it’s easier for me to sell and it makes me more excited
to do math and science. – [Jen] Fashion Fundamentals’
social programming addresses topics of concern
among young adolescent girls and therefore has the potential to positively influence
their self confidence and their self esteem, as well as their academic performance. This summer girls participated
in a Nutrition unit. Girls planned, prepared, ate, and analyzed the nutrition content
of some healthy snacks. – The cooking was awesome and I just like cooking. – [Jen] Girls also took part
in a Physical Activity unit that synthesized the value
of an active lifestyle. – [Karen] As a female faculty member, I think it’s important to
offer girls the opportunity to explore different areas of learning, different disciplines. They have their whole lives ahead of them and the opportunity to engage and study in the STEM disciplines will open so many doors for them. We hope that Fashion
Fundamentals will encourage them to continue to explore
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math as they move through their high school
careers and into college. We just hope that fashion
can be the vehicle that excites them about STEM learning. – See you guys next year, bye.

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