FASHION DISASTER // The Sims 4: 100 Baby Challenge #188

I need to take like five photos, don’t I? Maybe I could take a photo of Jason? Oh you just slapped somebody! Hi everybody it’s Kayla and welcome back to the 100 baby challenge! Look it’s winter and it’s snowing. I think that’s very exciting. It’s always fun to have a change of pace with the weather in the game. I miss – no, backup – I used to miss this before we had seasons. I was gonna say in The Sims 3 it was so fun but like we have seasons in The Sims 4 now, we have for like a year so I don’t even know why I’m acting like it’s a big deal. Anyway, today it’s a Sunday – boo, ew, gross – right? However, I’m fairly ce- oh Is she evil cackling? Ehh That’s gross. Anyway, I’m fairly certain that Z’s gonna have her baby today, mm maybe She’s doing it again. Stop it sim Simsie. You’re a freak, like an actual freak. Okay well I’ll just let her be then, I’m not, I’m not trying to get involved in this. I don’t want to get screamed at. But see I was planning on spending a lot of money to upgrade the outside of our house but um It’s winter now so I don’t know. It’s not like super practical and we’ve already upgraded all the beds so I’m just trying to think about like more ways that we could do this and like upgrade things and whatever. We can wait until we have less money or more money or – six? Wait, these all give us different amounts of – oh that’s new. This one’s cheap, eight thousand, eleven fifty five. Why do they offer different amounts? I’m sorry I haven’t played with money trees very often. This is new to me. I’m new and scared. Maybe I’ll make sim Simsie do things to help me. For example sim Simsie, clean the house. Clean out that spoiled food. Also, you know what? Do you want to like serve some fruit salad up? I know we have like a fair amount of food in the fridge But you can never have too much, like you can just keep cooking if you want. I don’t even care. I’m not even worried about it. And you can do extra credit work because I want you to do better in school. You’re really bad at this and I’m worried because I want you to get out of my house. Okay, as soon as Z is up. I’m waiting until her ener- oh just get up now. I don’t care your energy’s not full. Whatever not my problem. Here use and um massage yourself, and then can you come super sell these? Forty two thousand simoleons?! That’s so much money. Okay. Whoo. Oh boy! I’m about to double my entire funds. Do you see this? Are you seeing this? I’m so rich! Don’t take a cutting! Oh God, can you talk to the plant now? I know that’s like super weird But listen, I’m- I’m trying to be rich. This looks terrible. Never mind. I don’t- I was gonna try and get a screenshot or something to post as the thumbnail But that’s just not gonna happen now is it? She looks horrible. Oh my sims are all cold. I don’t have a thermostat, do I? Oh, why did I not even realize that I didn’t have a thermostat? I guess I’ll buy one. I mean, I’m not trying to freeze to death. I’ve got so much money. I can pay bills. I’m not even worried about it. Oh I used to have a fireplace. I don’t have one anymore. That kind of sucks. Oh well, not my problem. Wait! Look it’s potty training itself! On its own! I didn’t have to tell it to go to the potty. It just did. I mean he just- uhh I don’t know if it’s a he or she. No don’t eat that yet, you have to keep pottying. No, no no! I ruined it. You must potty. This is very important. That’s the hardest skill to get up. I probably- again I should make my sims help but it’s just not gonna happen. So Ratsley’s hungry! Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god quick. Somebody quick. Oh my god Oh my god, fill food, clean habitat, feed treat, play with, observe. Oh, oh and save my game because I forgot to do it after the last part. Oh my god, Ratsley, no! Someone quick! See I built this whole special spot for him thinking I’d remember where he is and like, remember to take care of him but I never do which is my bad. But you know, it happens. Did you eat? Oh did my food go bad? Oopsies my bad. Sorry, I’ll get you some new ones. My poor Thanksgiving food went bad. I’m really bad at taking care of my sims like this. I’m a bad person- I mean we’ve talked about this. But- oh and you know what else I should do, hang on I’m gonna teleport- listen. No adults are allowed in this room unless there’s incidents and this thing needs to be repaired because my demon toddlers So I’m gonna let him fix it and then take him out immediately. Cause he’s not allowed- not, like, take him out as in kill him. But like take him out of the room cause he’s not allowed in there. It’s against the rules. No, leave me alone. I’m not going to the flea market. This is like one of the only times I’ve ever been like, you know what I don’t want to go to the flea market right now. Cause I always just go, but now I’m so rich that… why? Although I might be able to find some collectibles there. Oh, hang on. Maybe I should go to the flea market, wait. Well I did some upgrading. Here, use the toilet and then maybe we go to the flea market because then we can get collectibles. Possibly. I don’t know if we actually will need to but listen, there’s no harm in that. My basement needs it. I’m going. You can’t stop me. Okay, we’ll head to San Myshuno. Maybe we’ll just drop in to the Waterside Warble, or- is it warble singular or, or w- pl- Is it a- um- I don’t know what I’m saying. I think I was just asking if I said the name of the lot wrong. But I- I completely lost my own train of thought and I- it is just warble. Okay, that’s good. Grab some posters. It’s not snowing here. That’s kind of sad for some reason. I don’t know, obviously it’s maybe it’s a nice refreshing change. Been in the snow for a whole like 12 hours. You know, it’s so good to finally get away. Oh alien freak! I was just trying to decide what I want to have her order. I’m trying to pick something new. I don’t know, then she’ll learn the recipe. It’ll be fun! I am so hungry in real life. I’ve been recording all day So I haven’t eaten lunch yet. I’m so hungry! My life is so hard. Also, no one’s- ooh collectibles! I already finished this collection. Oh, I think I did. I don’t actually know maybe I’ll just buy it anyway, because I can just resell it. Like there’s no harm in that right? That’s fine. I’m like almost certain I already have all of these but I’m rich now so I can just buy whatever I want. It doesn’t matter. This music is kind of a bop. I don’t know how well you can here it but Are there any hot men? Jason Nash is here. Maybe now it could be a good time to flirt a little bit. You know? Put ourselves out there while we’re out in public and around. I might even actually give her a new outfit. I feel like we haven’t had- don’t ask if he’s single Hang on that’s dumb. But I haven’t given Z any new looks in a long time So like maybe now could be a good time to try and- try and flirt a little bit Oh, I need to take five photos. Oh, hang on. I’ve got posters to sell. I need to take like five photos, don’t I? Maybe I could take a photo of Jason? Oh you just slapped somebody! Is this really my first photo? Wow… I took five of them. I did so well. I thought I was gonna glitch and be stuck in CAS for a second there, got nervous, but it’s alright, false alarm. Oh, you have to use the phone for it to work for this. I didn’t realize you had to use a phone. That- oh he didn’t kiss me. Oh, that’s so awkward. Maybe we can just chat. I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to kiss her. She’s like so cute, sort of. See we’ll just befriend him a little bit. We’ll get over all this flirty stuff. Can I make you leave? Luke Skywalker?! Oh, no, I might make him leave. We can come back and we’ll get to him another time. I’m kind of stuck on Jason Nash right now. No one tell Trisha though. Am I right? Okay, he’s being really loud too. It’s kinda rude. It seems to be going well. I could probably kiss him. We’re back and we got celebrities around. I’m gonna buy some of this stuff. Again, I’m pretty sure I already have this whole collection So like I don’t know why I’m bothering. Let me look at my collections really fast. Gardening, frogs, elements, metals! I’m only missing one! I didn’t realize that. Maybe I’m about to buy it. Oh, I didn’t. I wasn’t about to buy it. Where’s the last one? Crystals, elements – we’re not even close. Postcards, not really. Fossils – not really. Microscopic prints, who knows. I might actually have that other metal at home because the things that I have at my house don’t actually count as being part of The collection because they’re like in my inventory- or on my shelves and not in my inventory, and they’re from a different household so they don’t count as being hers. Like I don’t think she know- well actually she has the frogs, so maybe they do count as being hers Maybe I just made that up. Maybe I am missing one. That’s so sad. It’s okay. We still have time we can get there. We’ll fix it. We’ll figure it out. Festival will end in one hour- blah blah blah blah blah Okay I’m going home. Oh, it thinks my sims are naked. That’s good. I’ve opened this save without custom content so many times, I always close without saving. But I play without my mods folder in my game like for everything except this Let’s Play. So most of the time I have no mods in my game until I record this Let’s Play. So every time I open my game and then my sims are naked so I have to go back out of my game And then reopen it with my Sims CC folder in and it’s a whole process. But I’ve been playing with like very minimal CC for a long time now. Maybe we’ll give her a new color coat. How about like a yellow, she looks really good in yellow. That’s kind of fun! We can give her like another cold weather outfit too maybe. What looks- oh my lord, that looks terrible on her pregnant belly No offense, it just looks bad on you. Maybe a little sweater could be good. Do we have any long sweaters That aren’t cropped? Like this one could work as like a more casual kind of- probably bad for cold- Oh no, no, no No, not for the cold weather outfit. Maybe for her like every day cause I do like this. I think that’s nice. Honestly I think that red looked good on her, but this also looks good on her, we can keep that for now. I’m trying to find other like- everything is cropped or tucks in and we- I don’t want her to have something cropped that tucks in because it looks really weird on her belly in the game Which is very unfortunate. Because pregnant ladies deserve cute outfits too, but The Sims 4 just doesn’t stan. They’re just not here for that kind of thing- like this? This looks great on her. Maybe it doesn’t. Can we get something more interesting? I don’t think we can get something more interesting. Everything looks bad. I’m so upset. How about that in the middle of winter? Perfect. This thing? I just, I can’t bring myself to like it. I don’t know what it is. It’s just something about- oh, this looks good on her. Wait, oh in the white with the pink, she looks so cute! Oh, we love an outfit change. I’m gonna switch the order that was that one can be first cuz that’s super cute She looks great. Okay, what about a hair change? I don’t know if I’m ready for that kind of thing yet But we’ve had the same hair for so long, like it could be kind of fun to switch it up. Maybe we could- oh. I was gonna say maybe we could cut bangs or something. She already kind of had the little side bangs, but maybe we could try something new! Winter look, am I right? Whoa! My god. Anyone, remember Belle Westbrook? She looks so much like her. That’s so weird. Okay Sorry, that’s an old legacy sim of mine that I used to play with on my YouTube channel. Part of me wants to put her hair down and the other part wants to leave it the way it was. But I feel like we needed change. I think it’s about time we gotta change. Cause like I said, she’s looked the same for like forever. That’s similar to the hair we have right now. But without bangs, I don’t know. I don’t feel- if it’s gonna be the same, why change it? Oh, how about that? Should I make her look like this? Or this? I’m missing meshes. This is what I get for installing so much CC and not taking it out of my game. Oh, I kind of like this hair. I think that’s really cute. It’s subtle. It’s sweet. She looks really good actually. You know what? I might keep this for now. We can always change it back. I just- I think that change is kind of fun. A fresh look, right? Yeah, that’s good. That works. Oh my god she looks so different. Poor girl, look at her – miserable. Why are my toddlers upset again? Oh cause your fun’s low? You live in a place Where you can literally play with whatever you want whenever you want. Oh, and they’re hungry. What did you go into this fridge for? This is against the rules. Not your fridge. I’m really bad at this. Oh, this needs cleaned out again. Why? What did I spoil now? My tiramisu! I have no food left. I need to make her cook. I’m sorry Z, I hate do this to you But can you cook me up some stuff, like multiple things, please? Italian meatballs. What are you doing? Why did you stop cooking? Demon! Is she glitching? What’s going on here? Looks like all my sims are glitching. In an attempt to reset him I almost removed him from the family by the way. Like I straight-up almost removed that sim from the family. Why isn’t she doing anything? Weird. I’m gonna go to manage worlds and come back and see if that helps fix it, sometimes that does. Like reloading the household helps with like weird glitches. I don’t know. There we go. See? Problem solved, okay. He’s doing extra credit work on his own, very good. And in other fantastic news, I’m gonna make my toddlers go potty. Cause their needs- they need it. I don’t know. Also just imagination, thinking, and potty skill for this one. We need to get up a little bit more. You just need your potty and thinking skills. That’s really good. I’m so good at this. They’re glitching again. They’re not using the potties. Use the potties! Oh, no, they just needed to be reset, weird. Has that happened to all my sims? Yeah, they’re like frozen in place. That’s why we don’t play with CC folks. You do your extra credit work- see why is the book still open? Oh, no, this one needs to pee. He’s moving to pee by himself. He’s on his way. Maybe we’re fine. Weird glitch, I don’t know. I really think it’s a custom content thing to be honest because this CC just ruins everything. Alright, I’m gonna move their little blocks inside cause they shouldn’t be playing with their blocks outside right now to be honest. Wait, do you not have high enough thinking skill to even play with them? What? How else you meant to get your thinking skill up? Okay, luckily I have wabbit tab- there’s a dirty plate on the wall. Gross. Well, luckily have wabbit tablets, so you can use those. Play sim shape, both of you go, game. Get your skills up, folks. I’m making some of my sims take showers right now so that when they wake up in the morning, they’re all good. Which I think is a genius move on my part, I’m not gonna lie. How do I make it so she can work on these Italian meatballs again? If I put them here can she resume them? I don’t know how this works. Oh, she can’t. Oh, she does it herself. Cool! Oh, no. She stopped working on- what’s going on here? I don’t understand how this works. Nice, level two, here. I’m gonna send you to bed though, cause it’s like 11 o’clock and I feel like toddlers shouldn’t be up this late. Just like a hunch that I have is that you shouldn’t be staying out this late, kid. Quite literally staying out this late cuz you’re sitting in the snow, seems dangerous to me. I don’t know. Okay, did she finish that food? Yeah, cool. Okay. So we have a little bit more food. That covers us for like two more meals. Alright. Now we had all these things, all of these wonderful and amazing things that I collected just a bit ago. And actually I think that we have a bunch more that are new but I have no idea- Okay, so we have socialite, literalite, punium, baconite, death metal, alcron, pyrite, phozonite, obtainium, and flamingonnn- *mumbles* Um, what’s that? Are these even the same ones? Phozonite- Why do they- why don’t they turn into the- there we go. What are you? Socialite I’m pretty sure I already had socialite too, great. Phozonite – I already had, death metal – already had. This is- that might be new actually. That thing. *Gasps* Cowplant berries! Sorry, what are you? Oh, I already have that. God. Why do I have all these things already? I already had pyrite too. Flamingonium, plathinum- I might not have that yet. I don’t know. Baconite Do I really already have all these things? Punium? Yeah, what- what the heck? Obtainium – I already had that. Alcron – I already had that. Literalite- Okay, so I bought all that for no reason. I think I already have all those things too, like this is a plathinum. Yeah Alright, well, you know we bought those things, we got excited about it And yeah, it was for no reason but, um, all that matters is that we had fun. Make some pasta. I’m still hungry. I think I’m gonna go make pasta as soon as I’m done with this by the way, you guys. Not to flex or anything But I’m gonna make some pasta soon, and so is my sim. Or- yeah pasta primavera. Please go. You- why- you’re still playing this. Why- my kid- my kids are still awake. Oh my god. I’m so bad at this game. No, go to sleep. Freaks, please. I want you to do well in school tomorrow. This is so important to me. I need you to do well so desperately. I don’t have Auto Lights on, do I? My bad. Oopsies. Okay. Now sim Simsie’s awake at 2am. Fully rested. Unbelievable. Why does this kind of thing keep happening to me? Alright, I think we’ll be done with that much food. Maybe you- no no no, maybe you should talk to her, just because she needs her social to get up while she eats. So if you like talk to her, oh she ate meat and now she’s sad, stop you dummy. You know what, I don’t even care. Just go to sleep then. If you don’t want to eat then go to sleep, stupid vegetarian freak. Um, if you guys didn’t know I’m vegetarian, have been through like four years, so Stupid vegetarian freak. I’m taking out my own anger on myself, on sim Simsie, and that’s just not healthy. It’s okay. I’ll send my sims to bed. Oh, you know what I didn’t do is harvest any of these things yesterday. It’s okay. It’s probably not worth that much money to be honest. Oh, is that a thing that needs to be upgraded? Evolved? Cool, one of them. I have an excellent lemon tree. Oh my- it’s my spliced lemon tree. I don’t know what’s spliced onto it. What is that? Lemon and sage. Apple, lemon, and money. Okay. That’s so dumb. Everything, about this is so dumb. This whole Let’s Play is so dumb. Okay, you guys I think I- *splutters* Waking up at 5am?! Okay, I think on this note I am gonna go ahead and end this part right here you guys. I hope that you enjoyed it. Please make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things. And in case you guys didn’t know, I post new videos every single day. And so I will see you all tomorrow. Bye everybody. See I’m leaving before I get too stressed. This is a self preservation technique to disappear before your sims try and ruin your life. Like as soon as they start being bad, you’re like, okay. Nope. I’m out. I’m out. Put yourself first, kids. Don’t help your sims, kids. I don’t know what that means.

100 thoughts on “FASHION DISASTER // The Sims 4: 100 Baby Challenge #188

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