Fashion Design with Marketing and Production at the University of Huddersfield – Zarina Kavazova

My name is Zarina and I’m studying Fashion Design with Marketing and Production. I’ve always been really artistic and really interested in fashion. It’s a way of living, a way of understanding the world, how you see it and how you want to express yourself. We study how to design a product then how to create it and then marketing is how to sell it, how to make it desirable to other people. The tutors they understand us, they support us, some of my tutors are like my biggest inspiration, especially for my major project. I’m going to paint on my clothes because I’m an artist. It’s going very well and I’m proud of it. I went on placment in an independent brand called The Left Bank, it was really inspiring to see, sourcing the fabrics, making the designs, teaching them by themselves and then selling them to people which was really interesting because of my future plans. I want to move to london and gain lots of connections in fashion marketing and big brands and then I want to create my own brand and do my fashion and show it to the world.

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