Fashion at Parsons School of Design

Parsons has an incredible heritage the school was the first undergraduate fashion program to be established within the United States oftentimes people misconceive fashion to be superfluous in addition to being disconnected from critical themes of our time our population has exceeded 7 billion people requiring many industries to meet higher demands due to these larger demands the impact is felt across the global system straining Natural Resources production and distribution markets I started experimenting with zero-waste pattern cutting and what I'll do is I'll lay it out and then add my blind contour drawings that's when I started creating work that was so much more interesting to me and I know that if I want to build a career out of this I want to be building responsible clothing and sustainable clothing now we are looking at where else fashion needs to go we realize that what we're challenging the students to do is redefine fashion my thesis collection combines augmented reality with fashion so before we just have the tangible form of garment but now we can move beyond that and go into the digital space I really enjoy how of materiality in virtual reality can I change the world and I really very excited to be part of the innovation some of the biggest changes are they advances in technology the ability for the students to really work across disciplines be collaborative versus focusing on the individual I've done a few small collections throughout school but it's such a chance to do several books and it could be my last chance for several years I think design is about working with other people ultimately that's I mean what we do we design clothes other people and any chance to be creative you should just go all out so I started a fashion um in school and I I always sing opera before so I started out somewhere doing this performance and singing opera and painting my body and printing on the from the fabric which converted into power that part is the inspiration for my every collection the students here are constantly redefining how fashion can meet societal needs in new ways my thesis collection is a humanitarian outerwear collection designed to solve problems faced by Syrian refugees so it's really trying to unify us all as well as create a product that serves multiple purposes and can actually help people in addition to just being clothing all forms of collaboration have furthered how we think about fashion and continue to push the boundaries of our students the markets they serve and the overall consumer experience when you change something small the whole bag changes that's why I call this collection infant because it doesn't have an ending I think what makes me different from other designers is the way that I use the patterns that I put on top of my bag this is called birds-of-paradise and when I turn it around it kind of moves on its own Parsons up to me is all about change so we're looking for students to really impact the world when they graduate we know how to graduate the best designers of the future and we will continue doing that

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  1. I got accepted here to study #fashion #marketing, and even got a small Dean's #scholarship award back in 2015. Unfortunately, I ended up #homeless and couldn't attend, but that didn't stop them from sending me a $9000 bill! How you gonna try to rob poor people like that? I thought you were supposed to be a school of #social #conscious? Or are you just being #haters because I'm a marketing #genius and you aren't able to #legal ly profit from it? Anyway, #RAVISH #conscious #halal #beauty is in full effect with or without you. Because you know, I'm an #independent woman

  2. This is not really fashion.. I get fashion can be art but they are to focused on making the them into Art sculptures not Fashion Garments

  3. spell college right if you want to get into this lolol. Why does the building looks so serene and almost secluded.

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  5. Wow!!!This is like my ULTIMATE dream university which might stay just as a dream. Even though i am not studying there, what Parsons does inspires me alot.

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