Fashion App for iPhone, Savvy Girl Reviews “Cloth”

Hi, I’m Savvy Girl Megan Farquhar. Sometimes
life can get a bit hectic, so I always turn to a little help – from my apps! Its really no secret that I have trouble dressing
myself everyday. I mean, my closet has so many options – how am I supposed to choose?
Ugh, I always feel like I end up looking like a hot mess. It’s not fair that I look like
a walk of shame, when I’m not even doing the walk of shame! So I decided to take the bull
my the horns and tackle this little wardrobe issue. I enlisted the help of “Cloth,” my
little closet, in an app. Cloth is awesome, because its simple to use
to organize your wardrobe. You simply take a photo of your favorite outfits. Come up
with a hot little number to wear for girls night out on Friday? Take a selfie. Or if
you’re not into selfies, just lay the clothing out and take a pic of that. Next, you choose
a category that the outfit falls under. Add it to your everyday section, events, evening,
vacation, work, or whatever category you wannna file them under – this is a great way to stay
organized! No more standing in front of your closet for
30 minutes looking for a work outfit – which then causes you to be late. So you have to
speed. And then you get a speeding ticket. And then you’re frantic, and you hit a fire-hydrant…
twice… You can also pay a little extra to get the
weather add-on, so that you’re not stuck in a rainstorm in a skirt and white tank top
– guys hate that! Overall this app is pretty handy for girls
– and guys – who are on the go, or just have too much wardrobe going on. Make sure you join me next time, because you
just never know what I’ll discover next!

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