82 thoughts on “Famed Climber Brad Gobright Dies In Climbing Accident | NBC Nightly News

  1. wow didnt see that coming, same thing as when some one dies doing any risk taking "sport" its not that shocking, now if he fell and landed on someone passing by and killed them this would be a story

  2. You can never be too careful, but if they signed up for this im sure they understand the ultimate price they'll have to pay eventually.

  3. God be with him and welcome him home and comfort his love ones climbing is very dangerous why people do it blows my mind

  4. Why is this news? Dumb decisions get dumb results. I have no sympathy for this guy when it takes what, an extra 10-15 minutes to set up fall protection? The world has a way of eliminating stupidity.

  5. You sure he fell, this is NBC news, right? Your liars, i no longer believe anything you say. Are you sure it wasnt collusion or a quid pro quo? Better get Schiff to look into it.

  6. This is going to sound mean but I feel like someone should say it to stop others from doing this kind of activity. Free solo climbing is another term for taking your life for granted (ps I know he had a rope this time but that form is the most common cause of death in the hobby). We get once chance to be a conscious being on this little rock lost in space and I'm not going to take any moment for granted nor will I risk ending this minescule fraction of time to climb rocks. I feel badly for his friends and family but risking your life like this is selfish to those who love you and disrespectful to those people who had their lives cut short from something out of their control

  7. Even if he had survived, he would be dramatically deformed and unrecognizable with atleast a year in the hospital ICU….so sad. Too young to die.

  8. 1000' fall he had a lot of time to think about the abrubt stop coming… Wonder if he did the upside down lounger position from the 911 Jumpers. I'm still ๐Ÿ˜ … They had to jump

  9. I wonder how many commentators critical of this climberโ€™s life choices are slowly killing themselves with junk food, a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity?

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