Fake news wasn’t the biggest media problem of 2016

there's nothing new about fake news I used to see in the supermarket's the Weekly World News it was full of fake news stories they were famous for this ongoing saga about the batboy it's not even new for Hillary Clinton it was another story in which Hillary Clinton was supposed to have found an alien baby and adopted him so you know this kind of thing as an editorial strategy has always been around but there wasn't a lot of money in it and there wasn't much incentive to produce it because the big money was in advertising if you're trying to make people think you know this expensive watch these kind of clothes will make you seem like a savvy cool person advertising in a fake news publication it doesn't meet any of those objectives what is new are the incentives of the internet a lot of advertisement these days is served by remote computer algorithms and they know who you are because they've been tracking your web browsing but they don't care what site you're on and within Facebook it can be hard to tell where a story is coming from the way that's presented you don't have a strong sense of what is the brand and what is their reputation so fake gears can zoom around Facebook faster than anything before it can make money and people might not know if it's coming from a credible source and fake news was definitely rampant during the 2016 presidential election one BuzzFeed news report found that the top fake news articles on Facebook or either Pro Trump or anti Hillary which makes fake news a convenient target for liberals who are upset about the election results and also a lot of people in journalism see the world taking a disturbing turn and they would like to believe that fake news is the reason while established media outlets are brands built on accuracy rogue websites some masquerading as legitimate are reporting misinformation but when you look at it as best we can tell the kinds of things that really hurt Hillary Clinton in the campaign were true stories Gallup asked voters what they'd read seen or heard about Hillary Clinton and they found that stories about Clinton's email dominated throughout the campaign Network television news devoted more minutes of total airtime to covering Hillary Clinton's email server than to all policy issues combined and it wasn't even close Clinton violated security guidelines when she used a private email server the Hillary Clinton camp back under the cloud of the email controversy thousands of emails under the microscope Clinton's email scandal is back in the spotlight I think a big problem you see is that duay media outlets like to think about a campaign is well you have two candidates out there you have a team of reporters so you divide up your team reporters are smart they want to be adversarial so the upshot is that you naturally end up with the result that both candidates are pretty similar because you have similar numbers of people writing similar numbers of investigative stories about both of them so if it turns out that there's sort of two big knocks on Hillary Clinton her emails and her foundation you get a lot of stories about each of those subjects and if it turns out that there's a million knocks against Donald Trump each story winds up getting less coverage because you only have a certain amount of Donald Trump space this is called false equivalence and you can see some evidence of this in the Gallup data emails consistently are at the top for Clinton with Trump stories shifting around Facebook is finally beginning to fight back by partnering with proven fact-checking organizations but don't expect this to fix everything if you think the media did a bad job which I do I think that the bad job that was done was it was a lack of perspective many voters are making a lesser of two evils assessment right now you have two flawed candidates this year which one can you tolerate the most scandals around both campaigns both candidates are facing serious trust issues real news very mainstream outlets did not present the stakes well I think that means that a lot of people went into this election not really understanding what was at stake

35 thoughts on “Fake news wasn’t the biggest media problem of 2016

  1. To say that fake news was for trump and against Hillary is absolute bullshit. It was a “report” by buzzfeed.

  2. fake news is a myth created by a fake president supported by fake supporters who took certain websites that were ' fake ' and painted all media outlets as fake

  3. When the majority of news obviously leans in one direction along with all the universities that teach young people, that’s something seriously detrimental to our democratic republic not to mention all these news agencies are owned by 6 conglomerate corporations

  4. Look fake news is putting out a story with the intention of spreading misinformation. Having a left or rightwing bias makes you less objective. It DOES NOT however make something fake, and the same thing goes for stories that conflict with individual political dogma. You can’t call CNN or Fox fake simply because you don’t like the story. thats not only wrong its stupid.

  5. Fake news is nothing new, you always saw the fake news at the checkout counter at the grocery store, not on cable news networks! That's the difference!

  6. Tbh both Clinton and Trump were bashed during the election, and did you seriously just use a statistic from buzzfeed?

  7. This video loan is fake fake news if a corporation put out fake information the way the media does Debbie CEOs in prison and companies put out of business every single day

  8. Isn't the media against trump? It seemed like the whole of Hollywood was with Clinton. Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon and etc were just making fun of Trump all the way. Trump doesn't have the back of the media. This is definitely fake news.

  9. U guys are useless we don't believe u guys any…. You guys should make full coverage about everyone but you guys are targeting trump and just trump.. If you guys see in YouTube or ask any American y they choose trump…see guys we don't believe u anymore.

  10. I can't believe they just said most fake news was either pro-Trump or anti-Hillary. That is complete bullshit.

  11. 1:26
    Bravo! You cited BuzzFeed News as a source. Not only that, but you lied claiming that most of the press and mainstream media reported pro-Trump news which is easily bullshit. I don't have to be a supporter or hater of any politician to know that nearly all the news are negative because they're cognizant that negative news sells more than positive news. Congratulations, it automatically makes your news bogus and unreliable.

  12. Boycott the Tech Giants/Thought Police: http://www.glitch.news/2018-08-19-tech-alternatives-to-the-evil-tech-giants.html

  13. The whole establishment media was for Clinton, Trump got 90 percent of negative coverage during the campaign. What are you talking about, Vox???

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