5 thoughts on “Exquisite Bayfront Villa on the exclusive Fisher Island — Lifestyle Production Group

  1. Nicely done, as usual. Beautiful place, spacious!

    As for your question: No, I wouldn't want to live on an island with no bridge. What if there is an emergency? What if I want to make a quick run to the mainland, or run to pick up my kid or an elderly parent that's having a medical emergency and I have to wait for a ferry? No thanks. There's nothing on Fisher Island you can't get anywhere else in South Florida so the only defining factor is you have to wait for a boat to leave or get back on? And you call that status? Nah. Not to mention there's a sewage treatment plant to the south, and the one of the world's busiest cargo sea ports to the west. Who wants to watch container ships all day? I've never understood the appeal of Fisher Island to be honest. It's nice, no doubt. But there's all the luxury and more elsewhere without the downsides. Just my opinion on it! 😀

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