Exercise 1 D Creating APA Style Tables (assignment explained)

well good morning class today I’m going to
give you a brief overview a exercise 1d. Now when you log into blackboard you’ll see a few
different files available to you for exercise 1d. Now
complete instructions are located in your textbook so be sure to use it. But I’m just
going over a few things to kind of help you out with exercise 1 d so you won’t be totally confused. As you can see there are two different appendix files
that you can choose from you can pick one or the other but one of the most critical parts of this assignment is I do
not want multiples students picking the same data file so I’m gonna go ahead and
click on up the first are file and let that open and as you can see it’s taken my
computer a little bit of time to load sorry about the delay should have pulled that up ahead of time
okay here we go now as you can see in the in your book you can see these
different exercise SPSS data files now each page is a different one that was number two here’s number three here’s number four and as you notice they all have rows and columns these are examples of SPSS output files output data files cell you need to pick one of these not all of them just pick
one that you have a preference so that
you can complete exercise so let me close that out and once again you just gonna pick from either of these files and you’re gonna select one of the SPSS data output files to work with all right now let me switch
over to the book on bringing here exercise 1d consist of creating APA’s style tables.
Okay are like I said you want to pick out
wind SPSS data files to use E ain’t let’s see om make sure you watch be online videos %ah parks one in parts to do best PS the
analysis so you understand what am referring to and is essentially where
AP out table looks like in your book you’ll find a diagram which lets you helps you to understand exactly which part which segment are the data charts
that you’re working with segment any intercourse tight hole %ah segment be is a course
the arm columns manner and so on and so forth now this is what you’re fine art paper
should look like each unit Pepa now title page and once again alice is contained in
your book and mccurry problem it’s because I’m even do that on your own and here’s an
example for exercise when the of what your gonna turning your paper
for exercise when he will consist are no more than three pages page 1 you cover page okay it’s that
easy page 2 your by Barry table beached on the XPS data file output the team
selected and back your sorry actor by very tearful and then you
also include a multi barry table now let’s see where did you get
these numbers where did these numbers come from and I
don’t want you to panic when you see a whole lot numbered any
like on my passion our standards yet you’ll see how really easy to use it
is that easy okay on keeping in mind when you look in a book I have you know
kinda mean a diagram drying up for email be easier you dependent variable in I was going to
be your role variables an amnesty are more
looking attitudes about truth needs arm your roles are gonna be om upbeat Beatitudes whether people agreed had no opinion or disagree and the
independent variable in his keys is going to be arm the age and the control bearable and control
revolution really important because this is what you gonna need to know for your multi very 18 ball okay so if we look at these numbers now let’s go back a little bit say for
example for those 137 6.9 percent other
respondents agree okay so let’s look at our by very
table up here I and battery to 76.9 percent 130 agree and this is so easy
and you just continue on with that piece on the rose and the columns the information data that was contained
in your ass yes output once again have SPS output and you have to do any map it offered
its are you need to do be able to read and
interpret be SPS cross have output an clase E in a correct format which in this case is an EP style people its just back EC okay so I think I reviewed enough for
now and if you have additional questions do
not hesitate to come on my RP insert email me and ask
questions as you need help I would hate to see be totally lost soldiers make sure you have questions please ask thanks for
watching and have a great day

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