100 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Analysis Shows Russian Media Is Favorable Of Candidate Trump | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. The C-Span video snippet of Lt. Col. Vindman talking to his dead father while testifying to Congress will soon become epic, going down in the annals of American history as a shining moment, revealing the rough diamond of America beneath all the darkness currently tarnishing it from Toxic Traitor Trump and cowardly, completely corrupted Republicans.  It was a truly spectacular moment to be experienced–especially seeing and hearing it live in real time–sending goose bumps running down the back of the neck while simultaneously soothing the soul.  Thank-you so much, Lt. Col. Vindman, for your exemplary service, and for what you have done in restoring faith in ourselves, something for which no medal awarded could ever do credit.  We shall demonstrate our appreciation by proving your words true, because "truth matters."

  2. Toxic Traitor Trump ordered to Moscow next year for first-term check-up and bulk transfer of U.S. state secrets!  Just as the puppet followed order to meet with Putin at G7.

  3. The behavior of the president sure makes it seem like he is a Russian agent or the "Siberian Candidate" if you will. This is sure a 180 for the GOP. How can they support this aid and comfort for Russia? Reagan and Bush must be rolling in their grave. The GOP parroting Russian propaganda, how far they have fallen.

  4. ***WARNING*** — Official U.S. foreign policy is now whatever's Russian, rotten, and  rumbling in Toxic Traitor Trump's prodigious gut any given day, looking to squirt out his back end!

  5. YouTube (the dubious friends of Donald Trump) it shows that Rudy's law firm set up the shell companies that the Russian mobsters used to launder money in Trump org continuing criminal real estate racket, GOP has United America with the Axis of evil, Machiavellian Evangelical backed Godless whores

  6. It's not about political, it's not about criminal, it's not about liking or disliking Trump, it's not rocket science; it's about judging if his malfeasance and/or unfitness rises to the level of impeachment and removal from entrusted public office.  Quite obviously, he is both unfit and perfidious, rising to the level of demonstrating a critical, urgent need for removal.

  7. Republicans been rigging elections since forever; Devil No-NoNews now soliciting and selling out to America's enemies, extorting foreign nations to help them win?  Merely the logical progression for these traitors.

  8. One silver lining:  Russia's attacks against the U.S. and Republican efforts aiding and abetting them demonstrate clearly to the American people just how vile and pernicious the GOP has become.  Will we take that lesson?

  9. Russia has always been America's greatest Ally against the growth of European Socialism and global Terrorism.

    It has only been since the time of Ronald Reagan's support of Russia, that the filthy, war mongering, Liberals have started to Vilify Russia.

    MAGA 2020

  10. The experts may think that Russia hacked the DNC but a moronic Louisiana politician thinks he knows better. Stop giving them airtime.

  11. Russia is an active enemy, treat it like one. This Independent supports candidates and platforms that advocate draconian sanctions on Russia, expanded and stronger NATO, and lethal responses to any Russian aggression. Further, treason in support of Russia should be a life sentence or the death penalty.

  12. What is happening now to America with Donald J Trump is the same thing that happened to Germany with Hitler. Hitler lied and brain washed those who followed him with mad loyalty. Now, Trump is doing the same thing and he have those who following him with mad loyalty.

  13. These Trumpsters are crazy! Trump committed TREASON against his own country with Russia and his Republican party stills protects him over their own country! What are they going to do when Trump leaves? In 2020 the 40% cannot save him!!!

  14. Muller said nothing!! The whistle blowers told the American people the truth and the facts. These people are so brave, because Trump is a gangster!! So please protect the whistle blowers! You see what happens to people that are disloyal to Trump!!

  15. If Tucker doesn't care avout international security then he shouldn't be commenting on anything. What a small minded person. Sad human.

  16. "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing." ~ Donald Trump

    Russia was listening. They obeyed.

  17. Pee Pee Tape, has been very profitable for putin! The republican just want more of their 1% master's money. All have turned, all have become corrupt.

  18. Why are the Republicans doing Trump their Kings bidding because , they're Traitors and against the Constitution of the United States of America and our Democracy. They want to somehow implement Fascism into our GOVERNMENT and let the Russian Oligarchy run and Launder money through our American Financial Banking System to take over our Country.
    That's what Vladimir Putin wants PRESIDENT Trump to do with his Propaganda Fake News , the Ukraine interfered with our elections etc Trump is hand in hand with his beloved buddy Putin and, the REPUBLICANS are cool with it !!!!!!!***

  19. This man should go shut his mouthy mouth, all the Fox News are enablers of trump.trumps was bought by Russia because his money guys all his business are going down .

  20. Trump sold your country to Russia for political favours and personal financial gain from the 1st day he got into the White House I just cannot believe that it’s took America so long to see it.

  21. regarding *ucker Carlson's comments in the excerpt,

    he says very agitatedly at cross purposes to the other guy:

    what do I care what's going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia (A),
    and I'm serious what do I care? (B)

    and why shouldnt I root for Russia? (C)
    which I am (D)

    Richard Goodstein: they are the front lines of stopping Russia against
    western europe (E).

    TC: who cares? (F)

    RG: I think the people of western europe, nato cares (G)

    TC: I dont live in western europe (H), I live in DC (I), I dont care (J)

    later TC calmed down a lot, probably took some pills says:

    before we go, earlier in the show I noted that I was rooting for Russia,
    in the contest between Russia and Ukraine,
    of course I'm joking, I'm only rooting for america
    mocking the obsession with Russia that so many in the left have.


    well, this needs some work to dissect and debunk.

    where he later said he was joking, that didnt sound like joking,
    when I listen to someone talking hysterically like that, I can literally feel my hair turning white!

    hysterical talk is someone who has lost control, and is frothing that things are going against what they want.

    I have watched months worth of american news videos, and he is the only person I have seen who has gone completely
    hysterical, with his voice getting very squeaky.

    he contradicts himself at (B) saying "what do I care?" and then the contradiction at (D) saying he is rooting for Russia!

    he says he doesnt care about western europe, but he works for Rupert Murdoch's family, and Rupert Murdoch owns the 2 major newspapers in Britain, and interferes in british general elections.
    and owns multiple channel Sky television in the UK, in fact Murdoch made his money in Britain from televising soccer. So this irrelevant Europe is very relevant to his imp of a boss.

    australia is even more far flung than europe, australia is the most far flung place, and it spawned Rupert Murdoch who has americas balls in his hands. So dont underestimate distant places, eg remember Pearl Harbour, where Japan an obscure country
    on the other side of the pacific ocean bombed the US.

    "I dont care" is a very stupid thing to say, I dont know, I dont care, I dont change my underwear.

    in the film "Forrest Gump" there is the quote something like "dont care was made to care",
    meaning you say you dont care about something, and in fact that something will cause you problems in the future
    ie makes you care in the future.

    according to his logic, he lives in DC, he doesnt live in western europe, so he doesnt care what happens there.
    well by that logic he also doesnt care what happens in New York and Texas and Los Angeles, because he doesnt live there either.

    by a process of continuity its a flawed argument. He doesnt live or visit most streets of DC, so he shouldnt care about those.

    the language he speaks was spawned in western europe, the english language, a fusion that occurred in England of languages of tribes with their origins in places such as coastal Germany.

    what a cretin.

    you can judge a person by the things they say, and the way they say them.

    Where he says he is only rooting for america, that also is a profoundly stupid thing to say. It is highly blinkered and selfish.
    The big problem with Trump is he only cares what happens to himself, that is selfishness,
    to only care about your own country is similarly selfishness.

    as pointed out, his boss is an australian who made his money in Britain, and the language he speaks comes from western europe.
    the alphabet he uses comes from the romans, an empire of western europe. the roman alphabet is derived from the greek, and the greek is derived from egyptian hieroglyphs. Showing how ideas flow from one country to another.

    the man's accent is very close to a british accent, its essentially a british accent with a slight lilt.

    a lot of elite americans have accents which are very close to british accents, eg Schiff and Nadler both
    have accents which are virtually british.

    TC's biography has a rocky beginning, with his parents divorcing when he was about 6 or 7.
    apparently his dad's parents were teenagers who offloaded him to an orphanage where he got
    adopted by the Carlson's when just 2 years old. Later his dad's birth father tried to get his dad's birth mother
    to kidnap him, and when she refused, his dad's birth father committed suicide the same night.

    the guy's story is f*cked up. Problem people always have problem childhoods.

    but when you see the belligerent and hysterical way he talks, its not surprising that everything falls apart for him.
    the dad is discarded by teen parents, who later want to kidnap the dad, but when the dad's mother refuses,
    the dad's dad commits suicide. TC's own mother runs away.

    I dont think its possible to respect a person who behaves the way he does, and is such a Trump w*nker.

    the conflict in Ukraine is very important because it is geopolitical, it is about territory and resources,
    Its an existential problem for Russia.

    I am quite sure the US interest isnt about helping the ukrainians, but is about gaining control of the energy resources.
    The country will either be carved up by the russians or by the americans, the ukrainian people will be pushed aside.

    Ukraine is distant and remote from the UK, but with the nuclear power disaster at Chernobyl in Ukraine,
    the atmosphere became contaminated with radioactivity, and this then contaminated the ground in
    countries beyond Ukraine.

    anyway, where he says what does he care, you should care about everything, because no matter how remote something is,
    it can connect back to you in a disastrous way. Look at the remote actions Trump did and how these are threatening him,
    eg the ill placed use of the mere word "though".

    my advice to TC is:

    BE LESS MYOPIC: try to think beyond the US, eg to your north is Canada, which is BIGGER than the US, with GINORMOUS amounts of mineral resources including uranium and precious metals, it is geologically very similar to Alaska.

    Area of Canada: 9.985 million km²
    area of USA: 9.834 million km²

    and now to put salt in the wound, Canada is essentially a dominion of Britain, an obscure island of western europe,
    eg you have heard of the mounties,
    they are the "Royal Canadian Mounted Police", that word "royal" signifies the british crown.
    if you look at their logo, you will see the british crown at the top:


    the US may have broken free from the british monarchy, but the british monarchy STILL CONTROLS THE LIONS SHARE OF NORTH AMERICA.

    Australia where the Murdoch family come from, is another british dominion, can you see how the british flag eats up the top left quarter of the australian flag? I can. I wonder why the british flag is on the australian flag.


    I dont swear often, but TC has earnt it,
    TC is a bloody fool.

  22. How about when Hillary gave the Russians that big RED RESET BUTTON , and blew kisses to Putin giving him all the Uranium stockpiles, he needed to maintain his nuclear war machine. Nice going Hillary, but you lost , and you made that insurance policy to blame the Russians, to deflect from all the money you got from the Ukraine. You cannot fool all the people, all of the time.

  23. Trump is no match to Putin . Before become President of Russia , Putin was the boss of KGB . What was Trump before becoming US President. No wonder it is so easy for Putin to manipulate the dumb Trump . What a laughing stock .

  24. The conflict over Ukrainian Independence existed since Catherine the Great, circa 1792 A.D. The Communists purged Ukraine to make it part of Russia, and then during the Second World War, FDR and Churchill made the Crimean Pact at Potsdam to allow Stalin to keep the Ukraine and Crimea if they helped the West defeat Adolf Hitler. The deal was made and this security arrangement held to modern times, until the Soviet Union failed and the Ukraine vied for independence, among other former provinces of the Communist Regime in Moscow.
    But now, the fact is, Obama held up those Javelin Missiles, approved of by Congress from being sent to the Ukraine because he feared those weapons were likely to start a World War. But when Trump became President, he was imposed upon by diplomats and staffers supporting Ukraine to get those Javelin Missiles sent, and then it all became a ruse to imply with presumptions , that Trump was delaying those missiles, just as Obama barred those missiles. Except where Obama was considered a rightful President and made command decisions, now the Democrats claim Donald Trump is not the rightful President and cannot make command decisions ,they were to RESIST and IMPEACH , ASAP , and these events have become a National Disgrace.
    What motivated the Democrats is the fear that after three years Donald Trump is President number 45, the American Voters see good things for domestic creation of wealth and jobs, the Baby Boomers like him. So they have to either impeach 45 or their field of Socialist Democrats , i.e. Communists, are going to lose their support from the youngers , who have been taught by University Professors that SOCIALISM is actually a good thing…..
    The apparent dichotomy of the Far Leftist Democrats, is they hate American Nationalism , calling that Racist and Class Warfare, etc, but when it comes to UKRAINE they call that sort of Nationalism , their hope and pride of doing more of the same. Obviously the Democrats are handling Ukraine as a client to wed the European Union ,which is anti nationalistic, after Ukraine gets their independence as a Nation , they have to find out they are being sold to another form of Empire, which is growing up to be something akin to the Communist Soviet Union , they hated.
    Somehow "Nationalism ' is a tool of the Socialists to free up republics, apply the Maoist Cultural Revolution upon their youth and like Pinocchio at Pleasure Island, ready them with their growing donkey ears to become Slaves, and sell them on the world market place to the Empire. So they take away nations, then teach anti nationalism, and impose a Maoist Cultural Revolution, to strip them of their pride and former glory , and sell their souls. This is simply WITCHCRAFT, SORCERY , WIZARDRY, by a troop of WARLOCKS. But you can't fool all the people, all of the time…… Benito Mussolini, creator of Fascism , was a Socialist Communist newspaper editorial commentator. And The NAZIS were "THE NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKER'S PARTY" in Germany. The NAZIS hid their Socialist Utopia under the cause of reunification of Prussian States of Germany. Their own Hitler Youth were no different than the Manson Family as a Cult, and all that is the same occult as Communism . Communists accepted all persons of all races to be SLAVES, but the NAZIS only accepted Germans to be their SLAVES. That was the big difference that is supposed to justify Communism over the NAZI regime.
    It is all the DEVIL'S WORK.


  26. The GOP Republicans like Kennedy, Graham, Moscow Mitch, Jordan, Nunes are all embracing Russian propaganda. They are given Russian citizenship by Putin.

  27. Why are WE so focused on what RUSSIA thinks? and Who Cares? Can't WE just Stand-up as a Strong Country all on our Own? and keep Russia out of our Business!

  28. tucker is "rooting for Russia" to win against America and our allies just like he said and it makes me sick that he has a political show..

  29. Except Mother Tucker wasn't lying. Republicans are pro-Russia, big fans of an old-line communist regime. Makes their calling Democrats socialists disingenuous.


  31. OPINION:








  32. This is so funny…as MSNBC force feeds us another RT (Russian Television) commercial during the break. Is this a joke? And you can see the green RT sign right behind the freaking guest!

  33. Grateful this reporting is exposing the media outlets and members of government backing these Russian talking points. Russia never would of gotten this far with it’s attacks on America w/out them keeping the back door open. Not to mention those voters whose thirst was quenched by nationalism.

  34. So, RT is much like Fox, a biased propaganda channel but with far less repugnant hosts.
    Given America's anti Russian hysteria it's hardly surprising that Russia favors Trump.
    It's the US that's pressed up to Russia's border, not the other way round.

  35. I am not "left" and right now I want to bust Tucker's jaw. I know Putin and I am disgusted with the Republican party and their being ok with using Russian talking points. I'm tired of Trump, he is a walking, talking disinformation machine.

  36. At this point, we just need to make fake Trump rallies around the country, all at the same time, and shanghai all those still following him for a one-way ship ride to Siberia.

  37. "National Registered Voter Turnout in Federal Elections" it's a website. 2016 was the lowest turn-out in 20 years and he lost by just under 3 Million, 2018 set new Mid-term records. The highest number in history, the highest % in over 100 years, US Census bureau site, 54.3% voted. 114 Million Citizens of the United States of America voted and Republicans LOST by over 10 Million, they lost in 2019. TRADITIONALLY low turn-outs have gone Republican, high turn-outs have gone Democrat, that is NOT what happened. Congress: The House of Representatives is 2 year terms of service, the Senate is 6. 2018, 9 Republicans ànd 24 Democrats were up for re-election in the Senate. Democrats focused on the House of Representatives, which we won, only 3 seats in the Senate flipped, from Democrat to Republican, that totally flips in 2020. Moscow Mitch + 21 more Republican seats in the Senate are up for re-election, only 12 Democrats. The reason I worded it that way, as of 2 weeks ago, 3 Republican Senators and 17 Republican members of the House of have ALREADY announced that they are not running for re-election. WHY end up having to jump off the Great Ship "The Donald Trump" wearing nothing but a life-preserver while it's sinking, when you can walk down the Gangplank while it's still tied to the Dock?

  38. The Russians funneled money to the Republicans in 2016 and they are doing it again. The Republican party is the party of Putin.

  39. Tucker Carlson is not a “troll”! Tucker Carlson is a bad person with seriously messed up and anti-American. He promotes white nationalist views and I am pretty sure his “trolling” is just him slipping up and telling the audience his honest view point.

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