Every Forkin’ Season – The Good Place (Digital Exclusive)

-Okay, pay attention.
This is a spoiler. -Spoiler.
-Spoiler alert. -We are about to
tell you everything that has ever happened
in the universe. No, just on “The Good Place.” -Beginning of Season 1… -You, Eleanor Shellstrop,
are dead. -Cool. -…the Soul Squad,
the four humans, they meet Michael and Janet, and they are convinced
they are in the Good Place. -I’m not supposed to be here.
-Wait, what? -You could teach me
how to be good. -Until all hell breaks loose. -Mother-forking shirt balls. This is the Bad Place. -[ Laughs evilly ] -So, Michael
wipes everyone’s memory and restarts the neighborhood
hundreds of times, but our group
keeps figuring it out. -This is the Bad Place. This is the Bad Place. This is the Bad Place. -Bees. Bees. Bees. -So finally Michael decides
to join the humans. -I can get you
to the real Good Place. -The Bad Place
is about to be outsmarted by a cowardly traitor,
four dum-dums, and a robot. -Not a robot.
-Team Cockroach! -After that, we meet the judge
of the entire universe. -Where’s the judge? All I see is a burrito. -Unless the burrito
is the judge. -Hello, oh, great one. -What are you guys looking at?
[ All gasp ] -Hi. I’m the judge.
That’s a burrito. -She agrees to send us
back to Earth to try to earn the points
that we need to get into the real Good Place. -Here’s some money.
-Here you go. -One of the adventures we have,
we visit Doug Forcett. Here’s a man who’s living
the perfect life. -Two waters. -That has
an interesting aftertaste. -I have my composting toilet hooked up to
a water-filtration system. -And he probably won’t
get into the Good Place. So we realize there’s something
wrong with the point system. -Hey, guys, having fun?
Cool, cool, cool. So, we need to get out of here
immediately because this bar
is full of demons. -Janet and I come back, and we catch up with the four
humans who are in this bar. -Hello, idiots. -And then all of a sudden they get ambushed
by a bunch of demons. -♪ Rise up and face the demon ♪ -Janet kicks all their butts, sends them back
to the Bad Place. And then we go back
through Janet’s void. -All of you will definitely
die on Earth when I do this. -Wait, did you just say
we’re gonna d– -So then the judge decides
to allow Michael to rebuild the neighborhood
and start a new experiment to see if there’s a better way
to judge human beings. -So Michael brings in
four new test humans, but the Bad Place
gets to pick them. -Tahani Al-Jamil, I used to
write about you all the time on my blog, “The Gossip Toilet.” -The Bad Place didn’t pick
the worst people. They picked the people
who would be the worst for us. -Of course. They chose your
tormentors or archrivals. -Or exes. -One of those test humans is Chidi’s ex-girlfriend
from Earth. -Those mother-forkers. -If we don’t wipe my memory,
I will ruin the experiment. -That would be erasing —
-Us. -So Chidi’s memory, including
falling in love with Eleanor, is wiped. -In Season 3, Eleanor, who is now pretending
to be the architect, welcomes me into the Good Place. -Hi, Chidi. I’m Eleanor.
Come on in. -And I have no idea who she is. I know, right? -Season 4 will be the last —
sad but true. This is where the story ends. -Wait until you see
what happens. You are going to
lose your shirt. -Comedy starts here.

100 thoughts on “Every Forkin’ Season – The Good Place (Digital Exclusive)

  1. I love this show with all my heart, so of course I need to get a tattoo representing TGP🤷🏼‍♂️😂
    Only 3 more weeks of waiting before I will have a froyo with a full charged battery logo on it stabbed into my skin forever🙏🏼😂

  2. Amazing show this is what a good tv show is like fr 💪🏽💪🏽funny brilliant and the whole plot is amazing from season one and it’ll be amazing to the end I can’t wait to see the last season 😭😭it’s so sad to see it go but at least they kno when the show has come to an end I hope they get to the good place for real like the last finale they prob will

  3. Please, please, please upload THE SELECTION digital exclusives here on YouTube… Please. It's not available to watch in the Philippines on the NBC website or app.

  4. the good place trailers and press: everything is fine.
    me and jameela jamil: no it's forking not! everything is a mess, i swear, imma lose all my shirt!

  5. The year 2019 witnesses 2 TV series finale with Kristen Bell as the main character 😭 (If you know, you know). But what the shirt ball am I supposed to do afterward?!?

  6. I’m proud of the producers for getting the story a proper ending rather than ruining the show by making the story go too long, but damn if I’m not sad to say goodbye 😭

  7. If 3 seasond of TGP has taught us ANYthing, it is that the (seemingly unfixable) problem of mind-wiped Chidi, architect Eleanor, we-need-to-show-this-experiment-works will all have been dealt with in about 1 episode and by the end of the season the story will have gone somewhere **completely different**.

  8. 4 things need to happen. Chidi,Elenor,Jason and tahani make it into the good place. Michael and Janet become good place architects designing all good place neighbourhoods ,including the one the 4 humans eventually get to live in.
    Janet and Jason end up together
    And chidi and Elenor end up together too.

  9. It's not a spoiler alert for me. I've seen every episode of this series from start to now. It's hard to believe 4 seasons will feel like an eternity.

  10. Whyyyy the fork is season 4 the last one?!?😢🤨 Thank you cast of The Good Place for this awesome show! I love you all ❤️😘

  11. If I'm going to lose my shirt, but I'm not wearing one. Does that mean Season 4 is so good, that I don't need to see it to loose i?! Or, that I'm going to get some weird manscaping of my body hair? I'm fine with either, just give me my final season already; so I can laugh cry myself to sleep!

  12. I find myself in the strange place of thinking this may be the best comedy series that's ever been on TV. I've seen all the early and modern classics (many when they first aired). The Good Place is so incessantly funny and so consistently his just the right pace that I can't think of anything else that is as good. Every episode is like watching a master class in storytelling and comedy.

  13. gonna call it here, Chidi is going to be like, I dont know why but I just like being with you to Elenor and Elenor is going to panic and stuff wanting to tell Chidi about their past. Either she will shortly after ruining the experiment but somehow fixing it or waiting until much much later but eventually losing something really important

  14. i'm so sad that this amazing series is going to end but it's better than it getting dragged out later
    love the cast and the story so much. so excited for the new season❤️

  15. Fork this show! It was honestly one of the dullest pieces of shirt I have ever seen. I wish Michael could snap his fingers and erase it from my head. I rather die via void, I rather listen to Jason DJing. Watching this was like playing Madden with a team I hate. Can you tell I’m not a fan?

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