Every Console In One Box – The Origin Big O

so this is a big package you can obviously tell a very elaborate super workstation slash gaming computer potential look at this that is I don't even know how you H that in that's my face in case you're wondering and it's like laser etched and big oh this is from Origin PC it's two boxes apparently inside of this box is a gaming computer / Xbox / PlayStation / Nintendo switch in one unit Kirk am I correct on this is that the package deal all in one place so you get the best of all worlds one for everything they call it the Big O I'm excited this is different I've never looked at anything like this before here we go oh boy there's a whole process here it's a process important high performance origin thanks for help well I was already well break a sweat or what I don't even know how you fit all those things into one PC case but I guess if you've got a big enough PC case ok when you buy like a high-end car then you put like this wrap on it when you go to collect it it's kind of like a high-end vehicle right here oh man ok this is insane what that's way better than I expected it's crazy they got each thing identified and water cooled the Xbox is water-cooled with Xbox looking fluid the playstation 4 playstation looking fluid Xbox ps4 switch HDMI out for a wired controller so you okay there's a custom stuff right here really that's all you this is all you would need for the person who has everything you put this in the game room check that out oh wait a second wait a second yeah the switch is gonna slide in here and dock you see the the USB type-c connector you can freely remove and insert a Nintendo switch that's a HDMI switcher box on the front you can switch with a remote control so you never need to change the TV's input the TV stays HDMI one the PC runs all the liquid cooling pumps for the entire system including the liquid cooling on the consoles this exceeded my expectations this everybody who worked on it check it out man we'd call it the Big O this 2019 edition of the big old combines an Xbox one X a PlayStation 4 pro a Nintendo switch and an extremely high-end gaming PC all into our flagship Genesis desktop chassis the Big O is a testament to our hard work and creativity when it comes to PC building we're proud to share it with you and your team to show the world with the signatures everybody who worked on it that's really that's cool if you slide this panel up you get access to your power switch Type C other USB inputs and this is oh this is a switch okay that makes sense and you're gonna slide this guy in and dock it like that holy Wow check this out okay so void Pro RGB gaming headset in here PlayStation controller you're gonna need that connect your joy Kahn's in there too that one Xbox one X it's gotta be blacked out got to match the case of course the premium headset stand with 7.1 surround so this goes with the void Pro headset as you can see that's what it looks like docked the m65 RGB elite gaming mouse this is a mouse mat with built-in USB pass-through of course a gaming mouse pad obviously k95 RGB platinum as you can see RGB colors in the back mechanical keyboard MX Cherry MX switches this thing is made out of aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminum and I can tell from a weight I think cereal okay so we've got it all set up now it's all hooked up and there's a couple different ways that you can utilize this the way it's going right now is that all the systems the PlayStation the Xbox and the Nintendo switch which is docked in the front are all heading via HDMI into this HDMI switcher on the front right here which has a remote control to go with it now that is gonna have its own independent HDMI output which is going to one of the inputs on this monitor right here that we selected that's the ultra wide latest 38 inch 38 40 resolution but most interestingly one millisecond of response time is from LG I'll link it in the description for gaming you're gonna want a fast response time in the millisecond department but then you're also gonna want the resolution to take advantage of having like a $3,000 + graphics card obviously so Kirk look at him Gila it looks beautiful he's he's look at the responsiveness look at the FPS it's over watch he's eliminating the foes he's even playing with Dave 2d I think right now so how about that for a shout-out so input one would essentially be all your consoles input 2 could then be your PC and the reason I think this makes sense is because the consoles themselves are gonna output likely a different resolution than what the PC is capable of as you can tell here this is a unusual aspect ratio on this display well PC gaming that's no issue just map it out accordingly consoles on the other hand not really doing the exotic resolutions so you're gonna have black bars when you switch over to PlayStation Xbox or Nintendo switch so send them all into the same HDMI switcher since they're gonna be pumping out the same resolution to begin with the other potential implementation is more if you plan on being a game streamer and you want to stream games not just from the PC but also from all of the consoles then what you're gonna want to do is utilize the game capture card which is in here capable of 4k 60 frames and then all you would do on the same input on the PC input you would just launch into the capture card and maximize that frame and then with no latency you'd be able to play with your various controllers so you wouldn't need to utilize another input on the monitor now the last way you could send the PC output to a monitor like this one which can really take advantage of the PCs capabilities then you could send the HDMI output from the switcher to like a TV which you also have in the setup the singular HDMI output from this HDMI switcher to the TV and keep the PC active on the monitor and then just flip between the two all coming off of one single box something cool I noticed on the back of the device this hardwire this hard-line Ethernet connection is coming from the Xbox you would obviously want to have a wired connection to the motherboard of the PC then you could share that connection via this Ethernet cable which is pre-installed and connected to the Xbox so the Xbox hypothetically would have a more reliable connection so anyway ok Kirk is on the PC he's playing right now as far as he's concerned right now it's a regular typical PC gaming type of scenario now switch the input on the monitor so he'll just reach over switch the input and what you'll see is it'll go right into Nintendo switch but then he's like you know I won't play that new spider-man which I have on the PlayStation and then you simply use this controller to switch the input so I'll just hit number 3 now he picks up the playstation controller and all sudden amazing spider-man which by the way I've been playing and kind of a joint in fact open world style navigate around the graphics webs fight combos of course since there's also an Xbox in here I could just simply hit number one on the switcher he could pick up the Xbox controller and now he's got the Xbox love as well so he's easy ultimate gamer status right now no matter where his friends happen to play he just jumps into that spot and he's doing it all from one box in probably the most seamless implementation I've personally seen the cool thing is if I take the switch for example it's ready to go still that baby just pops out and now you're taking the Yoshi on the go you could slide the joique on in look at this guy I mean who's better than him he's ready he's ready to game in any situation it's just really cool it's really ambitious the execution unbelievable I think Origen knocked it out of the park it's called the Big O it's a custom thing as far as I know it's a one-of-a-kind thing I just think it's amazing you

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  2. origin pc: here's all of the generations consoles in a pc
    unbox therapy: hey viewers here's something you don't have access to, enjoy

  3. Me: watches video featuring a machine with all 4 consoles on it
    Also Me: Playing on a nutcase laptop with 5 gb ram

  4. Nice machine – 1 small problem though. . . Uhhmm… Where are the Blu-Ray drives? I mean when the Xbox SAD edition came out people put it down for not having a physical drive at all. Now this comes out with no drive to load any games. You have to download everything via ethernet or Wifi? Ookkaayy…

  5. This is honestly amazing,but with the Next gen really close i dont see this good thing, not right now, too late…

  6. Guess im old, i still want to see disc trays. Also, i would love to see a cooling solution for the switch, being in thst enclosed space cannot be good when it already gets warm enough to warp

  7. I don't understand the choice of putting an xbox in it when you can just play all those games on microsoft store or steam soon


  9. Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg I want this 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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