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  1. If the speed of light is the absolute universal speed limit, how does the space inside a blackhole move inward faster than the speed of light? Is it because of the swapping of time and space, or is this a postulation likely to be proven wrong like faster than light neutrinos? Perhaps the speed of light isn't the absolute universal speed limit?

  2. If the singularity is bound to never e formed(beaucous of the reflectors beaucous they prevent the insane maount of energy in too close volume) then there is no even horizon, comparable to the Kopenhagen interpretation or am I this incorrect? To state it simple and thus proberly incorrect: the universe already know the black hole aint gona form so there is no event horizon that can be extended on the space tme diagram.Just a thought 🙂

  3. Can we change Kugelblitz to Donnerkraut, sounds cooler. Don't we have an English name for it, I mean we don't call a black hole a "schwarzes Loch" do we.

  4. both plans will fail. . . eventually
    even if we survive the alien attack, either shell constructed will slowly interact with light photons radiating from the sun, and slow down the earth's orbit, which will cause us to fall into the sun eventually. . .so the aliens still get the last laugh!

  5. Do D-9 branes, like hair on a shower curtain, inform beyond construction for curvatures like Ricci still?

    Could neutrino oscillation(macroscopic, long distances) for apt symmetry fracturing posit a superposition of Cauchy surfaces or as some other shielding non-equilibrium force? Maybe the Sun's noise or scattering further off dust protects us from the magnifying lenses of Fermi answers at us mere ants.

     Neutral hydrogen could be such dust, and Newton left us all the fool.

    Maybe the Kugelblitz has just a few too many functional degrees for inquiries. And the Schwardchild too high fidelity for images.

    Illumination<Verification, post hoc for flavor. No?

  6. If you were inside of a black hole, would it appear that you were in a finite space with edges, or in an infinite universe with no edges?
    If it's the latter, could the "big bang" actually have been a "big collapse" and the apparent outward expansion of the universe is actually a result of inward collapse, which would cause it to appear as though there is ever-increasing expansion?

  7. disco balls sounds cooler, i would go with that option, plus the phoenix egg requires a material of infinite density which doesn't sound plausible.

  8. If the blast has the mass of 100000 suns, then it would warp spacetime. Would this warp of spacetime be sufficient for the people living in earth to experience an eternity before the black-hole is formed? But at the end of the day it would not matter what plan we go with since the gravitational pull from the blast would influence other planets and the sun in the solar-system, and we would be lucky to not be ejected out of the solar system in a few orbits from the resulting orbits. Maybe I'm too pessimistic.

  9. Neither plan will work since these ships use FTL travel to get here and fire the weapon before we even know they're there. As usual, we have no clue they even plan to do this. By the time we realize they've none anything, there isn't even enough time to make a phone call.

  10. Could you ever fall beyond the event horizon but at such an angle/velocity that you orbit the singularity?

  11. A kugelblitz with earth as it's center? Light won't move through earth unless it's in an excited state. It sounds more likely that it would cook us than swallow us… reflect it!

  12. Seeing how a date for said attack was never mentioned, I'll assume it's within our lifetime. Both senarrios would cause issues. The first is with the Dyson's sphere​. Surrounding the Earth with that much mass (not to mention, where in the hell does the material come from to build the sphere) would cause us to be pulled, pushed, or even slingshot from where the plant comfortably sits in the solar system. (guessing). The reflector issue would require a John Searl EMG (electro magnetic generator) so perfectly in sync that it creates an anti-gravity field by super cooling the electrons the system generates to near absolute zero. Those said generators would have to a VERY specific size and weight as to absorb and disperse the recoil. (another guess). Also, how time in advance do we have to prepare? I, myself, would just live life with time that was left before the kugelblitz became a black hole. (let me know if I am wrong about any of it.)

  13. well disco ball would likely have a better chance at success it would still kill us because that much photonic energy would flash fry anything it hit. Take a light of sufficient brightness and shine it on your skin from far enough the heat from inefficient operation is radiated you can feel the light imagine a light source stronger than all the sun's in the universe in an instant the Earth would be flash fried no need to make a gravity well when you can hold a magnifying glass and burn the ant colony…

  14. I think ill go with the plan A cause if we go with the plan B we may even reflect the sunrays and there could be total darkness around the golbe and vast decrease in temperature and i think plan A can provide us enough power to control the drcreasing temperature

  15. Either seems hopeless to me. The Dyson sphere would absorb all the energy, but that energy would still be concentrated enough to form a black hole with the added mass of the Dyson sphere. The reflective shield would be able to reflect all the light, but the event horizon has already formed, meaning the light can't be reflected back; instead it just bounces between the shield and the horizon, slowly losing energy until it just sits on the shield and lets the gravity waves formed collapse the earth and turn it into the singularity of the black hole. Either way, we would be pretty much screwed.

  16. I would like to buy the Dyson's sphere solution, but considering the price of their vacuum cleaners…

  17. Operation Discoball, (but outside the moon)!
    because with all that energy on the surface of the "death star" we would be boiled alive.

  18. First question is how on Earth pun intended could we build either of them and that amount of time given? If given enough time I would say build a perfect sphere near around the Earth but in a way we're screwed anyways because then the light would ricochet into our son and other planets that affect our planet for all we know it could knock us closer to the Sun or further away.

  19. as long as the sphere is truly indestructible plan A because who cares if the black hole forms anyway you'll be sitting inside a Dyson Sphere that is indestructible to even the black hole itself right and that would even be better if the black hole formed around us cuz then we could feed off the black hole until 10 trillion years from now or the black hole dies off right right yeah yeah that's right

  20. plan C – let's not worry about it until next Tuesday…wanted to comment on your other video where you ended with a comment about reaching the singularity…think about what was said…yeah next Tuesday is inevitable..or is it??? because, the issue is we never actually occur at next Tuesday as long as it is next Tuesday.

  21. what I wrote makes sense…I can write it different to facilitate quicker understanding and comprehension, but I liked the way that I wrote it because you are going to have to think about the words and what they mean…like a puzzle sort of

  22. What about pumping tiny particles of gold into the Van Allen radiation belt, This would disperse the light into trillions of directions and in return would stop these rays of light from achieving the potential necessary to create the black hole. The light would then be un-localized and the effects would be minimal in damage. Making a giant sphere would take way too long and by utilizing satellites you would need inside knowledge on when and where these rays were going to occur.

  23. Another option would be to move everyone underground and reverse the centrifugal and centripetal transverse electric and dielectric inertial fields of the earth this would cause all matter to act in reverse. This would eliminate the possibility of any light or matter entering the earth once the fields are reversed light and matter would move outward from the planet opposed to being pulled toward the center there for the light energy would never condense and never be able to create a black hole.

  24. In terms of sheer protective ability, I'd choose a dyson shell filled with hydrogen or helium (because hydrogen is an excellent radiation absorbing gas) and has several layers that each absorb/reflect a certain wavelength of electromagnetic radiation and would have an outer ablative coating of ice reinforced with carbon nanotubes and graphite buckypaper pulp. To dissipate the enormous heat of the alien lasers.

    In terms of price and speed of procurement, I'd choose the satellite force fields with the impossible em drives that generate a massive particle shield that gets stronger with more energy, and probably build said satellite force field in layers to add redundancy and additional protection. I'd even add ground-based lasers on earth to excite the ionosphere even more to where more of the alien energy beams can get absorbed or even reflected back at them. And maybe use the waste heat from the attack to power up a giant laser that vaporizes the alien ships.

  25. Our views of black holes will change in the future, once we have a deeper understanding of time!

  26. So I just found out that the event horizon contains all the data of all the mass within a black hole. For at least a second the earth and its data are in tact after the horizon forms…. this also suggests that the data from the centre can travel to the surface faster than light….

  27. Hi All!

    I’m seeking some genuine guidance in the understanding of Super Massive Blackholes greater than or equal to 4 Million Solar Masses.

    My knowledge of the Mathematics and Physics of a Singularity’s Event Horizon is limited to “PBS” and “Blackholes for Dummies”.

    Once matter passes the Event Horizon, does Space now move faster than C? Or does Space simply lead to a single point at finite or measurable velocity?

    If either of those questions are True or Accurate (or not), would the timeframe for the journey (say for a “Hypothetical” Astronaut/Probe and from their Frame of Reference) just beyond the Event Horizon of S5 0014+81 to the Singularity itself be measured in years, weeks, hours or minutes etc. given that the Event Horizon is at least 80AUs from the Singularity itself?

    I know that the Physical Properties of Space and Time become extreme beyond the Event Horizon; therefore, does this mean that the distance becomes relative to the extreme environment and therefore “Time” becomes irrelevant or immeasurable? Or is it theoretically possible to measure the Time taken to reach the Singularity from your* Frame of Reference?

    Or is such a Question erroneous in its substance?

    Any genuine and learned feedback is greatly appreciated!

    * – “your” indicates the Hypothetical Astronaut/Probe.

  28. Say what you want about Star Wars Episode I, it's light years better than the two pieces of crap Disney vomited out on us in recent years

  29. The answer has to be to build the dyson sphere outside the moon radius, once the light places the mass within the event horizon zone thats it.

  30. Legit Answer:

    phoenix's egg plan As the event horizon theoretically wouldn't as i can see be created if that is what they are shooting for.

  31. Why is it when scientist and Doctors always use the word "comfortable" to explain moments before horrifying pain or doom.

  32. Doesn't Newton's Shell Theorem prove that the fact that the universe's expansion is accelerating must be due to a pushing force from the original location of the Big Bang singularity and not a pulling or gravitational force from outside the observable universe?

  33. actualy there dont be kugeblitz bcs tht amont of light will burn our planet :)))
    in tht case better take some more economical weapon..

  34. the dyson sphere would require more resorces. as its a much larger project. a solid sphere encomasing both the moon and the earth… earth doesnt even have enough metal for that. plan B? could be feaseable. only limit is the tech. connect all satellites, power them with advanced EM drives, (same principle but more powerful). the shield itself… if the hard part… a magnetic shield wouldnt work. we already have one of those. Plasma shield? perhaps, but that wouldnt reflect light. reflecting lasers around the planet? would maybe absorb some of the light. i cant think of any material capable of absorbing 99% of light. that could encompase the entire planet..

  35. Noo! The reason for why the earth doesn't notice anything is because gravity only travels with the speed of light (the same speed at which your black hole shell travels).

    We also wouldn't see anything of it in that second. The scy would be blue and roses would be red. No way for us to tell

  36. Inside our black hole our time would speed up inside the sigularity (inverse to dilation when you travel at light speed) to us nothing would change but relative to our aliens perspective we vanished in a second and to us we lingere in the singlarity not knowing (asuming that when within a singularity one can truly stop moving)

  37. Why are the event horizon lines at a 45° angle? That looks to me like after the star shrunk to it's size of it's schwarzschild radius (where the dotted radius line and the even horizon line cross), the even horizon grows in size with lightspeed as it is draw in a 45° angle into infinite time upwards, and infinite space to the right. Shouldn't the line curve inwards being parallel to the blue lines as the event horizon would have a fixed size into infinite time upwards?

  38. Only Phoenix Egg has a chance of working because the light reflected off the Disco Ball will be unable to escape the already-formed event horizon.

  39. Seems like the black hole formed form the in-falling light sphere (aka Kugelblitz Black Hole) has information sent faster than the speed of light. At the moment the light reaches its Schwarzschild radius this video says it forms a black hole horizon. But how does the space at one end of the horizon know that enough light energy has reached the horizon on the other parts? I see two fraught possibilities:

    1) the light becomes so concentrated at the horizon that locally it creates the necessary space-time warping to look like a black hole horizon. (but how do you avoid a black hole horizon at the same place if you only send half a sphere?)

    2) the horizon only forms once the light all reaches the center and then gravity/space-time waves travel out form the center. (but you cant send information to an increasing radius from inside a black hole)

  40. my first instinct is the dyson Sphere because the reflected light back to there source is going to be the same as when it was transmitted ans the aliens have already proved they can handle that but if we store the energy we still have a gravity field of a neutron star . does this logic hold?

  41. The fact is if we fail the challenge and the event horizon forms around us the time would slow down considerably for earth, meaning we could have an eternity to spend waiting for the singularity to engulf us

  42. Can a black hole form from non stellar Mass? That is, can enough matter over time pile up to form a black hole without first becoming a star?

  43. we could just block a bit of the light and then the circle of light nearing earth will be incomplete and they will have wasted a ton of energy

  44. My god, look at these idiots, the GlobeBusters: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXIovaBdnA4UHdd-TZ-MqRg/videos

  45. I know it sounds like a conspiracy theory but is it a hypothetical assignment or is there a serious problem that cannot be publicly admitted. Of course I just answered my own question, but the public should know what we as scientists know about what lurks near our sun now

  46. So intuitive!!! infinity is something that's not happening or is happening based on your perspective of space time

  47. Yo , from all the stuff i have watched for around a year , i understood that there is 68perc dark energy , 18 % dark matter rest regular mat. Witch all came from the big bang , witch is misconception , the dark matter and energy were there the big bang was like turning the oven on , just heating the things on and afther cooling they became matter ,
    The idea that all there is came from nothing means we are in a black hole or you are talking crap
    It is unthinkably stupid to belive everything came from nothing it is not possible , thank you. If you think you can fit everything just nowhere what reason does this have at all besides it is not possible in any dimensia or eternety ..
    Even a black hole is a thing where everything is in one singularity but it has horizon and oculys volume of space ect..

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