Enjoying the Collapse of Western Civilization

you're such an asshole America's older brother in the dark night of advice columns and the world's only professional asshole all wrapped up into one formerly thought to be Irish skinny guy turns out to be Scandinavian Spaniard that I sell consulting.com what are you guys doing you have lived in Minnesota the majority of your life and there may be something you can help me with all my family is from Iowa I'm ethnically Danish and it seems the Scandinavians are compulsively liberal yes yes to a fault and at times to their own detriment Sweden has been declared I believe by its own political belief well elite to be a humanitarian superpower not for long and in the last couple of years is permitted literally hundreds of thousands of unemployed refugees of the country from North Africa in the Middle East in recent months the Swedish federal government has distributed civil defense literature to millions of households because that same political elite is considering a domestic military deployment to hundreds of no-go zones were these unintegrated refugees have defeated the police departments of terrified long-term residents I I hate to say it I'm against Sweden because they're not being real they're living you're living a lie I don't care if your quote Western civilization yeah I can't think of anything I despise more than people that hate themselves that have no self-respect not arrogance just the lack of self respect and I I just I hope they're beat I hope they're beat I hope Malmo throws away and then what's this what's the Swedish military what are they God but yes that's what's that on a similar note Iceland has recently legalized equal pay this is without consideration of the fact that men choose to major in more math and tense subjects with higher starting salaries they more consistently in the work for Thor and are more willing to work overtime we're more willing to work to geographically remote areas are more willing to be on-call and more willing to be to work on desirable shifts our Overland work place that's frequently choose to earn more money so as to court women for marriage and that wives disproportionately controls consumer spending so what's the what's this equal legalized equal pay is it like pay for equal work like how are they gonna force it like if if Sven goes running off to the volcano that's active to go mine for for widgets whatever Iceland does and wifey-poo is is sent home and doing some internet phone service does she get equal pay I'm trying to figure out how do you legalize that because if the guys doing all that I'm just thinking logically how does the government create a law that just what everyone's paid the exact same no matter what Iceland let's look this up time what year was this new rules stipulate that all companies the government agencies employ at least 25 people have to obtain government certification of the equal pay policies plural face fine if they're and by alleged the current pay gap in Iceland is 14 18 the government reportedly plans to redkit by 22 no thanks time you didn't go into any details companies government no no they go through a certification that way the drum that's being done and then they get a certification after to confirm the process if they're paying men and women equally so it's up to the government to come in there's some government agents to see whether you're getting paid that just sounds like help it just sounds like help none of this has been taken into consideration with the mandate for businesses having to document equivalent amount of compensation spend on male and a female in place oh my god can you imagine the compliance cost with this you know some some government you know so you just want to run your daytime job and incomes this government busy but I remember working in banking last place I worked my god the government the government I was spending 50% of my time 50% of my pay was going to government compliance of course now this Bank deserved it the bank deserve to have the government's cock up it's asked that far because the bank was that mismanaged but yeah I can't boy well I'm glad you guys voted for it in Iceland and male-oriented adult establishments in Iceland I recently criminalized any recent Icelandic Prime Minister was a lesbian I'm not against that I do now of course her politics may have forced that but I think it's about this type I think about this type of demoralizing reality I realized that I am on the same road grid that connects my home town with police in Central America how do I enjoy the decline with such overwhelming stupidity going on well read the book enjoy the client that would be the first one but look here probably the biggest thing the serenity prayer or the alcoholics prayer whatever you want to call it grant me the wisdom know what was it allow me the wisdom to acknowledge what I do do not control and the wisdom to tell the difference or something like that there are things you don't control a lot of things you don't control that girl I ain't gonna go out with you you're not gonna get into Harvard the truck that's gonna jump the curb and flatten you out and how other people vote right now you could vote your way whatever you want do what you say right so post on the Internet argue with your friends convinced appeal make make some good arguments but in the end if the majority of people in a democracy wish to go down the path of socialism or in this case an Orwellian nightmare and feminism a web okay you can't do anything about it because it's not up to your control now you can fight that you get pissed off about it you could get angry or you can say I don't control that and therefore it's out of my mind I mean hell this is why I stopped watching this because I don't control it I don't influence it if anything I am mock and ridicule and deride it and profit off of it so you gotta do is stop trying to stop this a movable object and say alright this object is moving how do i one protect myself and where do i position myself but then – is there an opportunity to make money here I've said this before you know the old cap that is getting to the point where it's good now it's good now I make money selling truth great business wonderful but if I catch flack or lip or guff or you know ok the social justice warriors shut you down or oh well Aaron Clary you know you can you you were on the youtubes and we're you know whatever whatever I'm switching to selling lies now here you have a lie okay two lies in Sweden it's like oh people are the exact same they're interchangeable there's no cultural differences whatsoever now they gotta send in the arm now they gotta actually ironically it's a li lightly kill a couple of these people and ship them back and now they're gonna hate the Swedes even those Swedes help them out uh in Iceland okay obviously there's a huge feminist agenda men are not their desires their wants or needs are not considered at all and the realities of running a business are not concerned and who works for what and because of inherent differences between men and women oh my god you know should I be upset that black men make better basketball players and Y's like now they're better blast ball players argue should you be upset that men make more or no they actually produce more economic stuff I know it's it's horrible to say but it's true it's never dawned on people it's not sexism it's just guys work more and we work instead that's what we make more but then uh how do you capitalize on it's obvious Society in both these countries and to a certain extent here in the United States and other countries as well it's obvious people want to be lied to it's obvious that they want this no matter what now how do you make money off how you take lemons and make lemonade out of it now you so you have the psychological disengagement you say okay I don't control that I'm not gonna worry about that's gonna improve your health mental health right off the bat you position yourself so you're not gonna get swapped up in this like if I ran a business with 26 people I fire two of them right off the bat bye see ya you know don't don't get into the laws don't participate in this in it and it also is their way for you to capitalize on like if you're on no I get right now if I if I were to give advice to somebody that doesn't have any social media nobody knows his or her politics I'd lie my ass off I would go and just lie and tell people with you on here and I get involved and leftist politics and you know I'd be like an accountant or something like that have a real job making money coming in but then I get involved in politics and using my intelligence which hard-working private-sector people have way more intelligence than your average Democrat you know professional politician or activist and I would spew the most wonderful and tasty of treats of Lies to get elected as a politician and then I'd you know like you want to become Trudeau except smart and like you actually have like a little bit of intelligence and not your daddy's money all right like you could tell better alive in Trudeau you could you get a you know typical the women's fancies lie tell them what they want here I'm going to get extra pound we're gonna get reparations pain women will get extra reparations pay on top of it Oh yogurt gave you a free health care and free birth control and free this why you know get beat them join up ah but then other things that you know you could do all right if it's that bad you want to connect my hometown with police all right you want to go to believe believe this you know they speak English down there not it's not as safe as Iowa but not as boring you know Andrew Hendrickson Nomad capitalist calm check him up there's other places you can go you can escape you can leave but the biggest hurdle that you're gonna face is you know your how do I tell how do I enjoy the climb with such overwhelming stupidity going on well you acknowledge that the overwhelming stupidity is going on and that's not going to change and then you move on with you I said okay what can I do what can I enjoy like what I I know some people all they do is watch Fox News and CNN I went and built the snow tunnel with my niece yesterday two days ago two days ago built the snow tunnel with my niece now I took her to the toy store then I dropped her then I went back to the toy store cuz I want to get some cool stuff cuz she had to go to the bathroom so many times I'm like okay that's it for dropping you off here's you tell ya I love you too I'm like okay I bought a rocket launch rockets um right the more I mean you've read the book I'm presuming you're quoting it but yeah you just gotta that's that's a eeo let go and here's another thing that I I found increasingly so is the people who lied in themselves like for example this is sad but let's take a let's take a look at it take a look at Detroit or is it Compton yeah Straight Outta Compton there Baltimore take a look at the plight of the the black me not not the black community poor black community which everyone assumes is the same thing but there are successful black people out there and they don't like their taxes but take you know the the ghetto the poor black community in the inner city are they happy are they successful are they living life or are they miserable are they delusional I mean ask would you wanna live in an Iowa or beliefs what would you want to live in in the ghettos of Detroit no matter how much you may disagree with the government policies state local and federal that resulted in Detroit you may not like the fact that people in Detroit blame you because the color of your skin for their poverty in the end you're living in the truth in reality and they're living in a lie and it's Evans holiday Justin oh my god you want to talk about the modern-day slave plantation how the Democrats give blacks to vote for them to the worst detriment of their success to just the worst outcomes Baltimore DC Detroit context vote more black Democrats in and the cost of cud what happens you have poverty and I always want a I just kind of wondering what it's like like okay you voted Democrat for the past 60 years and you got the worst standards of living when do you wake up is it the ego and the pride in the connection but you can't acknowledge that it's well you have three kids out of wedlock for by another guy and you didn't go become an accountant or mechanic yeah and you're gonna play irons whitey it's Bob's fault in Iowa then you got knocked up and contracted syphilis yeah that's Bob's fault but the the point I'm trying to make is the delusion in the pain of your quote-unquote enemies another example feminists know now you hate feminism it is ruined the most important thing in life for both men and women and that is each up we now have effeminate pussy men I wouldn't even say mask and he just got ugly non feminine non supporting just like the kinds of they've even dating or marriage or courtship is beyond that it's all careers it's just a gap of divided have you seen how happy and successful a lot of these feminists are I mean okay there's an it you want to do a little there's a little exercise a little bit of homework you can do go online go to X Oh Jane slate our salon or go to women's studies select women's studies might find some genuine feminists and then look at look and physically they're usually not attractive look at the number of Twitter followers they have very usually not if you don't have as many Twitter followers as me you know I'm not a big big social media guy I have some but if you are a professional writer for salon or institution or you are a professor you think you'd have a little bit more prominence or clout especially in the the world of writing or academic research stuff like that these people don't even come close to me half the time and you start in what you'll realize is that you look through the resume resume another thing look at the resume they're jumping from one job to the next they're working at seven different places the reasons they got work at seven different places cuz not one that not even getting paid half the time I think it was the Huffington Post or was it X Oh Jane a girl wrote an article about how excited she was that X Oh Jane um published her article she submitted I'm like you just gave them free labor you didn't get paid so when you look at the lack of money the Guardian article about adjunct professors not necessarily feminist professors to adjunct in general resorting to prostitution and living in cars because they can't afford it they're miserable they're ugly they're and tie them I'm talking to the 60s feminists or now in their 70s it's over they wasted their lives they're miserable and I'm not saying it because I like the idea of them being miserable I want vengeance I want my pound of flesh it's not that there is that there too but it puts a smile on your face because socialism and whatever variant format maybe environmentalism diversity feminism rank theft of other people's in the producers money does not work it doesn't work and the people who participate and believe in the lies live miserable lives be you poor delusional black kid in the ghetto who believes everything is Whitey's fault bu a delusional man hitting feminists who believes everything is man's fault bu you know I'll put a Phi Beta male over in Iceland who just Cal tossed whatever the feminists want now what you guys are there's no there's no titty bars in iceland anymore and now sweden where people are about i know it sounds horrible i am i love it when i hear about some social justice worry some refugee work or some some girls gonna go help out and then they get raped and killed it's like i I can't you know you almost want to cheer on the Hondurans I saw what was it the great one he was talking about a gal the Guardian there was a guy is courting an article from The Guardian about how environmentalism was sexist was it racist I can't remember I think it was racist against minority women because a disproportionate number of them were getting killed working for the environment in foreign countries and then they said a couple girls that got murdered and guess what it wasn't in Iowa it wasn't by said but them yet it you're like yeah you know what you got here's another here's another thing again enjoy the misery of others enjoy the misery of leftist the world sees this China and other people they hate the white left it's called the white left they look at these pussies these total spoiled pussies and they hate them because they're just so spoiled they don't work for a living it you it's it's a different mindset it takes to switch your mind but that's what you gotta do you gotta accept what reality is look at it change your strategy and actions and behaviors so it's anchored in it and you will be more successful than these people I mean certainly don't pursue wealth I mean yes if this stuff happens the more socialism that people want to eat bonnez the less you work the more you pursue leisure go collect the government check it's a the check Duren enjoy the client that's called a pillage but otherwise just to give you some vindication to show your you're right I mean look again look at the Millennials who thought they were so fucking smart and they're all majored in little brats in the profits all the hard money and they got masters their debt ridden the lives are ruined their their entire hope and value of life was outside of their control think about this think about how a mentally taxing instructive this is their hope was that Bernie Sanders would come in and forgive their student loans that was that was their pinnacle you know the biggest thing in my life right now is like god I gotta find a club joint that's like the biggest problem I have cuz I never fuck up and he'd take $150,000 for masters and arts and in creative writing these people did and that's their lives they are in hell so yes it sucks that they're gonna there and yes it sucks and yes it sucks and yes it sucks but try to get to maybe my level where you enjoy other people's misery and you're almost cheering the Muslims on so because they're honest they're not the dip ships my contempt for my fellow American I don't mean conservative or libertarian people actually work but the people yet another example the terrorist attacks that happen in Europe you know even here in the United States I guess do you think it sounds horrible but they're not bumping off farmers shocks out in the Prairie of France with his rifle they're not bumping off Bubba Bo Bob in Texas with his ar-15 they're mowing down effect typically liberal typically left his people with trucks in downtown major metro areas the people that voted it in you know it's cool okay so get another cup of coffee yeah you you it's almost like a movie in a show and that's kind of maybe another way to get further removed and decoupled from from reality is I almost watch it like a movie because I don't control it it's the world's greatest show its life and you get to watch all of its actors and you can try and participate and be a fool like you know going protest you know all those idiots that went down to Charlotte and just protesting in general is stupid you know you could go stand out in tears they can shut it down and get hit by a truck you could did or you could just watch the show you can watch the show and then another thing they may be a political but I'm you have an increasing amount of disdain for normies and conformance whoever should though but black lives matter well did you vote this left this shit in your fucking goddamn commuting sheep well you should sit on the road then for a little bit maybe you shouldn't think about the political ramifications of suck and Mark Dayton stick the entities our governor left this video you just watch you watch the world be the circus and you enjoy the decline that's what you do all right that's you guys are questions capitals got answers a so could something not calm I got a meeting on more stuff I've been going way too long on this stuff we'll see you guys later tools you

48 thoughts on “Enjoying the Collapse of Western Civilization

  1. You dont remember that great military tool, the Swiss Army Knife? 😁
    The greed of the people running this country, for years after years, have made me think this system has run its course.

  2. ARGH this reminds me. Regressive Leftists ruined my hobby of Writing. I have no one to share it without being accused of "cultural appropriation" or some other bullshit. Writers should never, EVER, EVER, condone censorship, but that's what these online forums call for, zealously. They truly believe that the content of your character is judged by if you have a vagina or not.

  3. The devil is in the details: The male doctor makes more than the female doctor after 1 year of work…gender discrimination! Right? Let's look a little closer shall we? Turned out the male doctor put in 500 hours more at work than the female doctor. In a regular 40 hour work week that's 12.5 weeks or more then 3 months of work in 1 year. All males doctors don't make the same as other male doctors is that some type of discrimination? Not all female doctors make the same wage as other female doctors what type of discrimination is that? It's just ridiculous.

  4. All that free money, welfare, food stamps, WIC, Section 8 etc goes back to merchants. Loose cigarettes sell for $2 each, $16 dollars a pack. Poor working people who get less aid regret working because of high taxes and high prices. You have at least 4 generations of this mentality in any inner city.

  5. It's not so much the equal pay, I am for it. But don't cheapen work by allowing unqualified persons in skilled and technical positions. Women, very few, will not want the dangerous jobs. Construction, A/C and heating, mechanics, riggers, welders etc., when women produce they will get the money. Women working retail sales want to be paid the same as a man who welds at skyscrapers

  6. Legalize equal pay and I will quit my high stress 50 hours a week job in bum fuck nowhere with a constant threat of death by industrial accident for a job as a barista in a major city overnight.

  7. I got "hip" to what was really going on in the late 1960's, so I did the opposite of what everybody else was doing ! It only took me 10 years to make my (FU) MONEY and then I just watched my friends struggle, I watched a lot of good men work them sleeves to death, they in so deep they choose death over (the grind) at least now they are at peace!

  8. iceland is just a pathetic attepmt at a tax grab they needed too raise tax and decided they could give women equal pay which natural means taking more money from men and then women being women spend that money which goes into the icelandic economy so the government makes a nice fat tax grab at ofcourse the working mans expense

  9. When he talks about the feminist being really happy when some publication, published her article and she wasn't paid, it reminded me of an altercation I had with a music collective I used to play with. This collective, in the city I lived used to have big, whole day gigs once a month as well as regular weekly events. On the whole day gigs, they'd have about maybe 8 bands or so playing along with solo artists. They charged to come in and these gigs were mobbed. They never paid any of the bands – not a penny. I spoke to them about it and they said "Yes but this is what we do to survive. It takes a lot of work weekly to put this event in place..blah…blah…." I simply stated to them "What about the musicians? More so, how would you make your money if you didn't have the bands on that the people come to see?" It sort of shut them up and I think they started paying 'a little' cash after that but nowhere near enough as they should have been.
    The way they viewed it was – "we're promoting them and giving them a place to play." They failed to see that the bands were also promoting their night. The people came to see the bands, not the people who ran the event.

  10. The first step towards enjoying the decline is to develop a sense of humor; which is severely lacking in this NPC society that we see currently.

    Sure, this shit known as the decline would be sad if it wasn't so fucking funny in which the way that it is happening.

    The slow death of Western Civilization is far more entertaining than anything that has come out of Hollywood…ever.

  11. I think most companies that are in Iceland are probably going to leave due to the nature of these new laws. It will probably be similar to what is happening in California right now.

  12. Sweden is a good example of when a homogeneous society assumes that every other society has the same values as them. Scandinavians society's are actually very good and have worked well up to this point. But, introduce what are, arguably, the worst elements of a society that doesn't share, or has different values, of.morality and work ethic, you have a recipe for disaster. I'm just being a realist. They weren't prepared legislatively for the difficulty involved.

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