English Lesson – Pronounce English alphabets – The NASA style ( Telephone conversation Skills)

Hello, yeah Hi! Um.. I would like to book
tickets for…yeah for… five friends of mine and myself. And we are going from Amsterdam
to Prague …uh huh!That’s right. Do you wanna take down our names? Sure! My name is
Emmelda…oh no it doesn’t start with A it starts with E. yes! Uh-huh…and the next
one is Chiara..oho..no… no… no…no… no…her name starts with CH. It does not
start with K… hmm… You know what mam, um..I may have to spell out my name using
the International Radio Telephonic Alphabets. Uh..But I am gonna come back to you. Alright,
I will call you in a while. Yeah! Don’t worry…nah it’s okay. It’s fine! Alright,
thanks, ba-bye! You see friends, some of us have very beautiful names, however, some of
our native English speaking friends do not really know how to spell our names, as the
names we spell or we have is different than they have and we use certain alphabets in
a different way. So, I am gonna walk you through the InternationalRadio Telephonic Alphabets.
It’s also used in many countries in military, in navy, including the NASA. Now let’s see
how most people, or most multinational companies who have call centers across the world, most
airlines, most hotels across the world, use these alphabets to spell out the names. Alright,
So let’s get started. It’s A as in Alpha. B as in bravo like bravo,
yes it’s bravo. C as in Charlie. D as in Delta. E as in Echo, echo. Yeah! F as in Foxtrot. Gas
in Golf. Has in Hotel. I as in India, the country. J as in Juliet, Juliet. The Romeo-Juliet, Yes,
Juliet. K as in Kilo. L as in Lima. M as in Mike or Mother. When I learnt the alphabets first,
I was told M as in Mother, however, now people say Mike. So M as in Mike. You have N as in
Nancy or November. O as in Oscar. P as in Patrick. Q as in Quebec. R as in Roger. The thing that
you may want to note about Roger is anytime you give an instruction and somebody says
“I roger that!” It means, he says “I accept your instruction.” If you have people
over the phone and you are saying something and the other person says “Okay, I roger
that!” He simply means he understood what you are trying to say. So R as in Roger. S as
in Sally. T as in Tango, yes the dance. Then We have U as in Uniform. V as in Victor. Was
in Whiskey, it’s the alcohol. X as in X-ray. Y as in Yankee. Z=Zulu. Got that? Sure? So
now I am gonna call her again and tell how I need to spell my name so that she gets the
name correct as matching the spellings in your ticket and your passport is very important.
If you mismatch these names, you cannot fly. Okay! So, let’s see how she does. Hello!
Hi…yeah hi… I called a couple of seconds ago. I wanted to book my tickets from Amsterdam
to Prague. Yeah! That’s me, right!yes!. So, are you ready… uh huh okay! So, I’ll
start with my name. it’s Emmelda as in Echo Mother or Mike. Yes…Echo Mike, I have one
more Mike, Echo mike mike echo Lima Delta and Alpha. Yes, That’s right. She got it,
yes! Okay! The next I have is Chiara. No, not the crown, Tiara. It’s Chiara. Okay
let me spell it out for you. C as in Charlie, Has in Hotel Ias in India A as in Alpha Ras
in Roger A as in Alpha again. Uh-huh! You roger that? She rogers that! Cool. Alright!
Moving on to the next one I have is Dixit. Um..Yeah, I know… No no..no..no, it’s
not what you think. It is Das in Delta, Ias in India, Xas in X-ray, yeah its X and not
K S. It’s X as in X-ray Ias in India Tas in Tango, yes the dance, yeah! Um..hmm. Yeah!
Right.Got it! Ok The fourth name I have is Isolda. Right! No no..no..no… hold on, let
me tell you. It’s Ias in India. Uh huh.. Yeah! It starts with an I and not an E. I
as in Indiayes it S and not Z! Sas in Sally. Its Oas in Oscar Las in Lima. Das in Delta
A as in Alpha. Great! You got it. Right. I have.. The fifth name is Jesus. You can say
Jesus. It’s spelt pretty much the same. It is Juliet Echo Sally Uniform Sally. But
pronounced as Hesus. So it’s Jesus pronounced as Hesus. Yeah. And the last I have is Sean.
Yeah.. Oh no no..no..no. It’s also a foreign name you may have to spell it as Sally Echo
Alpha Nancy. You got it! Oh, great! So would you help me book my tickets. Thank you. I’ll
wait for your email. Thank you, ba-bye. See, that’s how I did it. I hope you also
have learnt. I know people have many names, specially, if you are Chinese or Japanese.
Your name may start with Q or X. But Some Chinese pronounce Q as shi and some Chinese
pronounce X as Tse, right? So, next time, if you have some problem or you have some
difficulty in spell out your name in a call centre or hotel or an airline. You know exactly
what to do. I know it is little difficult to know all these alphabets in one straight
shot. So, I am gonna make your life a little simple. These alphabets will be presented
in a PDF format in our website at Learnex.in. You may wanna take a look at it or just download
them, keep them on your phone. Next time when you are over the phone talking to someone
and you are trying to spell your name or your address. You may want to use them. This will
save you a lot of time and will save a lot of confusion.
I am gonna come back with new lessons which will be even more fun to learn. Until then
stay healthy, have fun and I will see you soon.. CHAO!!

35 thoughts on “English Lesson – Pronounce English alphabets – The NASA style ( Telephone conversation Skills)

  1. nope!!!!! the correct one is
    NATO Phonetic Alphabet
    Letter phonetic letter
    A Alpha
    B Bravo
    C Charlie
    D Delta
    E Echo
    F Foxtrot
    G Golf
    H Hotel
    I India
    J Juliet
    K Kilo
    L Lima
    M Mike
    N November
    O Oscar
    P Papa
    Q Quebec
    R Romeo
    S Sierra
    T Tango
    U Uniform
    V Victor
    W Whiskey
    X X-ray
    Y Yankee
    Z Zulu

  2. I love you Emmelda, is a good strategic to improve the englis lenguage learning. Thank you very much

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