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Hello, Emmanuelle! Hello Garance! Welcome to New York! Thank you! So, what I wanted to talk about today, was your style, because you’re my style icon (laughs) It’s a little bit embarrassing! But, hey, I’m glad to be somebody’s idol! And it’s you! Yep, it’s me. It’s me, your idol! (laughs) No, the think that’s great about you is that you’re very personal. You have your own style, it’s super recognizable. And I don’t think I’m the only one who idolizes you, I told you, there was a girl at the Studio and every day she would look at how you were dressed and try to recreate your looks. That’s cute! So cute! Yeah, it’s great! So, I wanted to ask about style. What is style? Today, you don’t really need to follow fashion trends, or a certain brand. Style is…when you look at style icons, whether it was Jane Birkin or Brigitte Bardot, their style was nothing special at all… a sailor shirt, or jeans, or a white t-shirt So I think style is harmony. It’s a lot of self-confidence, too, I think. And knowing yourself. We really shouldn’t all dress the same. I think what looks good on me, or what looks good on you, doesn’t necessarily look good on another girl. So you have people who try to follow an overall trend, but it’s complicated because for example, Birkin, she really dressed for her body, you know, and you can wear super-short dresses like that, or something half see-through, and walk barefoot when you have that body, but it might not work at all on someone else. And how do you think you can find your own style, one that fits your body? is there something you try to do? How did you do it, for example? I never think about being fashionable or following a mood, or being influenced by anything. I wear what makes me feel good. I think one of the most important things about appearances is feeling comfortable. There’s nothing worse than spending the evening in something you wore because you thought it was this or that… It’s kind of funny, I pretty much only wear my own clothes. I never borrow anything because I feel… the few times I’ve borrowed something, because it’s a couture jacket or something, I usually had a bad night. Because it’s not mine, and I don’t recognize myself in it. I think we really need to feel like what we wear is truly ours. I’m exactly the same way. It’s yours, it fits you in a certain way, You know the clothes, and the clothes know you. I don’t know, it’s just different. By the way, you don’t usually wear dresses to parties. I notice because I always wonder, when I’m invited to things like galas, what am I going to wear, you know? Because I don’t really like wearing dresses. That’s the problem, right? Because I’m not a big clubber, not exactly the queen of the night, or anything. At all. But actually, you are! When you dance, you dance! Yeah, when I dance, I dance! But I don’t go out much. And it’s true that… I’ve worn dresses, I’ve worn skirts, I wore shorts with boots for a long time, But I also think you have to dress for your age, you know? I don’t think those things would be quite appropriate now. Well, I could wear dresses, of course, but I don’t feel comfortable in them. First of all I’ve always felt a little…you know, I sit like a cowboy I don’t have that super refined quality to go with that kind of clothing, and I don’t know, for me, femininity, isn’t at all tied to wearing dresses and skirts. I think you can be totally feminine wearing pants. And actually, I’ve never given it a second thought. It was spontaneous, I stopped wearing skirts and that was that. But I haven’t said my last word on the subject! (laughs) It’s pretty rare, actually, to women who have the confidence to attend those types of events without wearing a fancy gown without wearing a fancy gown that’s super “gala,” and all that. You have to have a ton of self-confidence. Well that’s the difference too… it’s a very French thing, actually. -Yes, that’s true If you even just start with the head, French women go get their hair done much less than American women. You feel like you have to have perfect makeup and hair to go out. There’s this whole sort of thing, where everything is more, more, more. And in principle, I just don’t think that works. On the contrary, it’s better to feel like you’ve kept things simple. There’s nothing worse that looking like you’ve gone all out. Here, in New York, the thing is too look “finished.” You know, having your… nails done! -Your nails done, your makeup, your hair curled, you know, and everything has to be “finished.” And it’s difficult, you know, to have the amount of self-confidence in order to say no to all of that. Stop, we don’t need this. Yeah, I think it’s cultural. French girls don’t have that kind of pressure. If someone tells me I have to be at a big party tonight and I don’t have something to wear, I’ll just improvise. I’ll wear a white t-shirt, a black jacket, a little mascara, a little of this or that, some heels, and that’s enough. There’s no panic. There’s not that state of panic at all. And at worst, I could wear jeans. I wouldn’t be traumatized at all. Do you think it was…were you raised to think about style in that way? Was there something that influenced you? -Yes, my mother was a model. She wore a lot couture items that were lent to her by the designers she worked for. But I always saw her mix things together in a rather simple way, you know? She wore a lot of things she bought in the south of France. We would go on vacation and she’d buy shirts and things on our trips, and she’d mix a lot of those things into her outfits. There was a sense of freedom… but I never saw her look overdone. She always looked elegant, but without affection. I think that’s the word. It’s a subtle thing, but not having any affection makes all the difference. Yeah. And it’s kind of funny, because right when everyone started getting crazy about fashion week, and photographers and street style and everything, you ended up taking a different direction, and I’d almost say you started putting less into your outfits. -Yes What was going on in your head at the time? Well, first of all, I don’t like the idea of coming up with “looks” at all. Creating looks for fashion week, actually makes me really anxious. It comes from the whole circus around the shows, having people photograph you… it’s not something I’m very comfortable with. And well, I play the game, otherwise I’d stay home and no one would take my photo, so I’m forced to play the game, but I think… I don’t know, I moved toward simplicity. But it was spontaneous. I didn’t wake up one morning and say, ok, time to stop dressing up And it was also one step closer to the things I want for myself today. Things that are more discreet… Things that are more discreet… But it’s true that it was an interesting time, though, because you represent a magazine, you represent a voice, and ultimately, you really made a statement about femininity. I mean, for me, in any case, it really meant something. Because it was at a time when there was a lot of pressure on everyone, about what they were wearing, always having the newest things. And suddenly, you said no to all of that. Yes, but at the same time, you don’t want…well, today, at my age, I really don’t want to look like a fashion victim, you know? I think I want to be rather discreet, to blend in with the crowd as much as possible. And do you have the impression, as Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris, do you feel like there’s a message that you want to send to women in terms of fashion and style? Mostly, I’ve always wanted women to feel comfortable in their own skin. That’s the main thing. -Speaking of which, you were saying that your clothes belong to you, which sounds funny when you put it that way, but in the fashion world, it’s common to borrow things, or be offered things, so how do you do it? Do you go shopping? Do you like to…? -No, I’m not really into it anymore. No. When I was young, I loved going to thrift stores, I had so much energy. But now, if you send me to a thrift store, I… it’s kind of suffocating. Just the idea of trying to sort through everything, all those hangers, the smell… The smell that never goes away! -Yeah, the smell that you can’t get rid of. I just can’t do it anymore. It’s impossible. The challenge for me now is going somewhere on vacation or to some unlikely destination for a photo shoot and suddenly finding something in a tiny boutique in the middle of nowhere that I can bring home. I love that. Bringing a bag back from Peru… I really enjoy that. I get kind of frenzied about it. I can spend hours wandering around just to bring back some sandals. I love it. Other than that, I’m not really a shopper anymore. It’s more for my children now. -Yeah. At the beginning, you know, people, myself included, looked at you like, “Wow. She always looks amazing, perfect, blah blah blah.” And one day, I asked you where you got your jeans, and you said Topshop. At the time, I had a tendency to think that people in fashion were always wearing the most luxurious brands, so when you told me that, I thought it was really great. First of all, just saying it in the first place. And being able to wear a little bit of everything. Is that something you’ve always done? -Oh, definitely. Always. I don’t think it’s possible to dress from head to toe in a single brand. It’s impossible for everything to suit you. And for me, jeans are important. I have a lot them, I wear them all the time. They have to be perfect. And it’s true I wore those Topshop jeans, the Baxters, they were super well-cut, just perfect. That doesn’t bother me at all. I can buy clothes anywhere. I’m not a snob about it. -Yeah Because I don’t think it’s the brand that makes the look. It’s the person wearing it. And I think it’s pretty chic to see people I find elegant wearing, I don’t know, a Uniqlo sweater, or something. There’s no need… I’ve never worried about having the credibility of a certain brand to make me look a certain way. -Yeah, and I think it’s like what you were saying about having self-confidence. It’s true that it’s become more natural, but I remember a few years ago, there were Editors who wouldn’t dare say something came from Zara. Or me, when I’d say something came from Zara, there was sort of…they’d look at me as if it just wasn’t possible. I think things have progressed a lot since then. Do you have any photos of yourself where you think: whoa, what was I thinking? Or where you feel like you went for the wrong look? Or something you wore at a different age… I’m sure I do, but I never look at myself in photos. I try to… -You don’t google yourself? -No. Oh, no. -Me neither. Yeah. Uh, no thank you! Nope! Don’t want to have a terrible day! I don’t want to end up seeing myself with a bad… I don’t know, a haircut that doesn’t look good on me, or…Yeah, I try to avoid that, honestly, if possible. Yeah, so you don’t look at yourself in retrospect too much, then. No. I’d say in general I don’t really tend to look back. That’s cool! Thank you! Thank you!

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