Ellen Meets Viral NYC Firefighter and His Baby Daughter

One of the cutest
videos I saw this summer was a New York City firefighter
giving his baby daughter a pedicure. I don’t know if you
saw this or not. It’s adorable. Take a look. Get comfortable, girl. you know, relax. We’re going to take care
of these dogs, all right? We’re going to take care
of these dogs, alright? Oh, man, I can tell
you’ve been crawling. these things is barking, yeah. [BARKING] They’re barking. [BARKING] [CHILD COOING] OK, OK. Kensley, this is free. So you can’t complain
over something that is free, all right? Beggars cannot be choosers. From Jamaica, Queens,
please welcome Jimmy Howell and his nine-month-old
daughter Kensley. Hi, Jimmy. Hi, Kensley. How are you? I’m good. How are you? I’m good. It’s such an honor to meet you. Thank you for having
us here today. Oh, it’s so nice to meet you. Kensley, how are you doing? We can’t even see
that little pedicure. How did the pedicure go? Now, you’re so obsessed with
your toes, I bet she really– Her dogs are barking today. Are they barking? Yeah. So what made you–
do you do that often? What made you post that? So, I’m a New York City fireman. So I’m always working, you know? So it’s hard to bond with
her as often as I would like. But I just did it
one day, and just to just to show her how
she should be treated. You know, I try to
pamper her a little bit, just to show her how a
man should treat her. You know? She has a point. High expectations, right? You want to add something? Something you need to say? Do you have a point? All right. So you posted this, and did
you have any idea that it would go viral like that? Absolutely not. I just– when I posted
it, everyone just started tagging you. And I was just like, oh my god. This is crazy. I can’t believe that there
was another picture that should have gone viral. This one in the calendar. You were Mr. March. And I don’t know why
that didn’t go viral. [CHEERING] Oh my god. They’re making noise because
of your daddy’s tummy. Yeah. Yes, so that was actually
for a good cause. That was for the animals. I see. To raise awareness
for pet adoption. I know. That was really cool
that you did that. That’s amazing. So you work a couple of jobs. You’re a firefighter,
and what else do you do? I’m in school for nursing,
I’m also a medical assistant. Right. And so, why do you want
to be a nurse also? I just enjoy helping people. Nursing is just– it’s
a wonderful profession, and I just enjoy helping people. And I want to show Kensley,
even if you have a career, you can always better
yourself, you know? High expectations. Right, Kensley? Because you know, where I’m
from, I come from the projects, so my dad lived in the projects. My mom lived in the projects. So I wanted to show Kensley
like, you can always strive for more, you know? Right. Where you have this– You’re amazing. [APPLAUSE] Yeah. Because you also do a lot
of– during the holidays, you do a lot of work
helping the homeless. Is that why you all– you’re just– you
do so much good. Yeah, because like
I said, I came– I lived in a shelter before. So I know what it’s like
not to have something. You know so, when
you get blessed, you have to pay it forward. Bless others. You know? When you are blessed, you
bless others, right Kenny? That’s amazing. Right, baby? She loves me. You want to say hi to Ellen? You want to come say hi to me? Come here. Come sit with me. [APPLAUSE] Kenny. Kensley. Go like this. Do I get a kiss? Want to give a kiss? Not today? You’re so cute. You’re so cute. Ooh. Ooh. Well I got her something,
because I think that she’s going look really cute in this. And something for
her to also drive. So can we bring it out? [APPLAUSE] Wow! Wow! Kensley. Wow. You have a little outfit. Wow, Kensley.. How do you– how did the
guys that you work with, the firefighters, how
did they like that video that you posted? Oh my god. When I walked into
the firehouse, they have their shoes
off, and they’re like. I want my toes clipped, too. That’s hilarious. All right. Well, this is too big
for you right now. But you’re going to
wear that at some point. OK, Kensley? Did you notice her socks? Yes, I sure did. Those are Ellen’s socks. I know. The whole little
outfit is adorable. Yeah. That’s your brand. I know. That’s why I’m holding her. It’s a good picture. All right. We have to take a
break, but stick around, because we have another
little gift for you. OK. All right. We’ll be right back. We’re back with Jimmy, Kinsley. And now Kinsey’s mom,
Lori, has joined us. This baby– [APPLAUSE] She’s so good. I mean, this is the first time– I mean, you can tell that the
noise is like captivating her. But it’s not really
scaring her like that. She likes to be in
front of a crowd. She’s– When I start recording
her, she just– she knows. It’s action. Yeah. She’s a star already. All right. Well, I have a couple
more things for you, and one of the
things that I want to do for you is a Shutterfly
Cares For Firefighters, who help families in need. So they want to donate $25,000
to the FDNY Foundation. Wow. That’s crazy. Wow. Wow. That’s amazing. [CHEERING] And then, one more
thing you’re also getting a check for $25,000 in
Kensley’s name for her future. So. Kensley! Kensley!

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