Easy and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Style

Hey guys, it’s Emma. So today I’m going to be showing you a few ways that you can just step up your style. Some of these things might be out of your comfort zone, and I recommend that you just try them because I know for me literally two months ago I would have never seen myself wearing or purchasing some of this. There’s something so fun about being unique and just making your style your own and I think that’s what really set – sets your style apart from everyone else is just getting things that are unique and that you haven’t really seen before. So let’s get into it HIGUYS First tip on how to just, really make your style more unique, and you is cool sunglasses. So lately I’ve been really into colored frames. So some of those being like these, these, or these. Some people are probably like okay those glasses are crazy, what are you talking about? Honestly, there’s literally nothing more fun than just some crazy glasses because it can add so much to an outfit like literally make a boring outfit seem ten times more interesting. Think about like regular ripped jeans a white V-neck and then some of these colored glasses, that’s pretty cool. I like to get my colored glasses from Amazon for just really cheap. They look so great in Instagram photos. They’re just so fun. So, a few other kinds of cool unique glasses I like are these. And then my last glasses that aren’t the most flattering but they’re so fun that I just had to include them, um, these are them. So, I got these from ZAFUL and the rest of them are from Amazon. They are a little bit weird, so that’s kind of something that I would say, is my biggest tip. It’s just buy stuff that you’re like kind of feeling iffy about. Like when you add it to your cart you’re kind of like, ehhhh, you know this is a little bit weird, buy it because I promise you that’s what will make your closet so much more unique and fun. My next kind of advice is jewelry. Layering chokers is probably my favorite way to do this, as you can see I have some layered right here. Just get as many cheap, weird, random, unique chokers or necklaces or anything – earrings even, I don’t really wear earrings just because I’m lazy – rings, anything. But I think my favorite is chokers because if you have like a boring neckline, like something just straight across or just, I don’t know a boring shirt your outfit becomes ten times more interesting if your neckline is spiced up a little bit. So some of my favorite kinds of chokers are really unique ones like shells, this tribal print one, I mean, I’m a little bit Iffy on this one, but I’m going to figure out a way to style it, chokers with like, more, shells, some little designs on the end, this one’s just stars, this one just has a moon on it, more stars I think you get the idea. Any kind of necklace that you think looks cool, it’s probably cool and will definitely make your outfit ten times better I literally never go out of the house without like, an interesting necklace on because it’s so easy you don’t even notice that it’s there and it literally will spice up any outfit and make it ten times cooler. Some stores I’d recommend for necklaces and chokers are like, Forever 21, Stargaze Jewelry, Brandy Melville has really good ones, Urban Outfitters has really good ones. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on any of this stuff to make your closet more unique. Buy a bunch of them and then spice up every outfit a little bit differently. So my last piece of advice is thrifted/DIY-ed clothing. The reason why this spices up your closet is because basically no one else is going to have this stuff. Like no one else is going to have something that you DIY-ed. Even if they do something similar, it’s not going to be exactly the same. So – My first example of that is these DIY-ed vans. Although I know quite a few people have vans like this, um, they’re not going to be exactly the same as mine. I made these they’re unique to me ’cause I made them. If you want to know how to make these I do have a video on it, so I’ll leave the link in my bio. Adding patches to stuff is really cool. It makes it really unique, but another really cool thing is thrifted clothes. Thrifting is like a great opportunity to find pieces that no one else has. There’s not an easily accessible place to get something similar. It’s kind of a mixed bag you’ve no clue what you’re going to find But I always find stuff that I think is really cool and unique. Some examples are these denim jackets, both of which are just really, really affordable and really great quality. These are some of my favorite jackets and they were thrifted, and I literally got them for under $10. And another kind of thing is just cool vintage t-shirts. So this one’s a cabo, San Lucas Harley Davidson T-shirt, and I got this for like 20 bucks. Those are just some of my favorite pieces. And also the main thing about this video was that everything is so affordable. All these chokers were probably less than 20 bucks, glasses under 15, all my thrifted stuff under 20. Stepping up your style does not mean spending more money it just means finding more unique pieces that you think will enrich your closet. So I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did give it a big thumbs up and subscribe and comment down below any kind of advice or anything you have for me because I’m always open to new advice and if you have any video requests leave them in the comments down below. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon

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