EA NOT The Bad Guy! | Is Steam Stunting The Gaming industry? & More | Gaming Podcast #24 of 2019

hello and welcome to another pretty good gaming podcast this week it is episode chief Dalek Padua on the snubber 24 for you non Welsh speaking listeners and viewers out there even you sounded like you're struggling with that one selves that there's a lot of extra struggle with words in general yeah yeah yeah my name is Gareth Evans I'm joined today by mr. Henry freaky killer Cooper little mid-1 you can do I had some nice comments about that people saying I was no I was doing well yeah obviously I'm talking about the video let's play video that we did yeah did this week experiment something we don't really do but yeah you got some positive feedback on it and people know in that obviously you quite good on that game you know you know it's you bad let's see shabby y'all comparisons to quote-unquote game journalists did make me laugh yeah yeah I mean when it comes to I've been playing the game for a1 sauce scrubs I mean you're an even an earthy sincere I've played a lot of that game and I've platinum do it so I'm quite used to the art works and I had I played a couple times before I started filming so it didn't look too terrible I was impressed that you were able to continue your thought processes and killing the zombies freaker's as well as talking rain yeah I was pretty impressed I was like is he doing that obviously worse that was part there is no rehearse day ahead of time so I did just get stressed out and scream there you go days gone the DLC we will be talking about that in more detail later on in this podcast I'm a conversation about if you haven't seen know if you have seen the video that Henry post posted earlier in the week then that's what we're talking about going into detail as well as we've got a few other things to discuss we've got talking about EA and apparently they're not the bad guys we talked about its steam stunting the growth of the games industry we also have discord questions too reply to on to answer as well as we're going to read out some YouTube comments including the famous triggered farm boy comment of the week which I mean I'm in – – I've got – triggered fanboy comments to the week this week and maybe you can help me decide which one is them it is it takes the title yeah obviously they're both still get in the jingle because I spent a bit too long they give that jingle last week yeah you've got it now you got anything you just just slot it in excellent okay so first of this week we are talking about EA and them saying we are not the bad guys well that's not how they see themselves anyway yeah they don't think they're the burger every every villain is the hero in their own story right is that an expression um yeah I guess so so this is on an article I think at games industries and it's about a chat they had with some of the EA team at e3 so I was a little bit older and they were just brought out now and it is with was his name EA executive vice president of strategic growth strategic growth Matt Bilby so it sounds like he's got quite a fancy fancy job but it's one of those titles that doesn't really make sense a vice-president all that means is fuck all present is a nonentity because everyone's an executive vice president yeah it's just in charge of strategic growth essential that's it he's the big boy charge of growth and he answers to the vice president of the vice president oh yeah he's got a boss there he's an executive I just call him the management of strategic growth or supervisors or whatever yeah the same place the executive vice president Walsh it's everyone's an EVP please do but anyway so the article starts off by talking about how you just like a kind of an analogy of the MCV Awards which are like big marketing awards for I think the wider industry with the games get get one as well sure and EA never win despite having massive marketing campaigns the games always do really well but it's because other publishers don't vote for them because it's peer peer review so they did the other let's just don't even like EA is there they are there bad word he's a dirty word and you say old even when we're nice to them in our videos like our Jedi thorn all it looks cool there's always a couple comments yeah but see he ate oh fuck it yeah it's because it's this yeah this year they have a reputation never this very very firm reputation of being the bad guys doing some of the bad things so I mean they're not warranted yes not and the fact that other developers or publishers don't vote for them and these types of awards it shows you that it's not just us being unreasonable it's yeah it's other people unreasonable – or ei are just actually deserve irritation exactly most of the conversation is geared around their ei originals program which is where they Hoover up for some indie Studios and then publish their games and all of the money goes back to the developers apart from X amount which is to just cover the costs of you know doing the marketing and I said the only one good thing that they've got going for them EA at the moment is yet this term in the program thing I think it's really good I think they did did you unravel I want to say they did unravel yeah they didn't reveal a way out which I don't really want to play yeah got some some quite popular titles to them they've got studios they've got that they had listed there is haze light glow made and zinc yeah I mean they're there the zinc is an excellent name for a studio haze light I think is the way out right yeah something like that got really remember but anyway so there's a bunch of quotes in this are corn I didn't pick out all of them because a lot of them were just you know EA executive bollocks yeah well we as the company believe him three of core pillars of our life and all that the key hook of it is 25 years at EA and I still struggle with the external perception that we're just a bunch of bad guys yeah because you do bad decisions ma Bilby right here I think doesn't this just highlight how delusional that we I always say that Andrew Wilson's either delusional is a bullshitter right but this guy coming out and saying I just don't understand how people can think with a bad guys backs weeks of delusion to me yeah like it just doesn't understand the state of reality or Lucky's ignorance to it I mean could they be that ignorant exactly I'm right here Hitler thought he was the hero because he was like I'm saving Germany I'm doing the world a service no you know madman yeah he killed millions of people I'm a skate guess is how they justify their bullshit and I I think it's it is a trait of a of a really good villain or nemesis right in addiction yeah sure sure in any way right so really tricky good trait yeah obviously efficient because the Hitler was a fucking asshole right I'm not saying that it wasn't let's just get that out there but that they believe they're doing the right thing that's that that's that I mean you can have a bad guy in fiction who does the wrong thing but for no reason like just just killing people why because I'm the bad guy that's not good enough right as a bad guy you want someone to believe in a cause and to believe they're doing the right thing like the Imperials and like Star Wars or whatever right they're bringing peace in order to the universe or wherever whatever whatever they just yet by yeah but that's is justification and that's and that's what gives them character that's what makes them cool right does it make EA cool cuz they're thick just to find their own bullshit I don't know I'm not I'm not saying they are I'm just saying well the thing is about this Matt bilby fella he does sound way better than Andrew Wilson because everyone knows when you look at Andrew Wilson he just looks he's uncomfortable to look at because he's so like he looks like a waxwork lips like a Bond villain looks like Robbie rotten but this guy I don't know what this guy how can you get worse than Andrew Wilson exactly saying that he's better than through Andrew Wilson says that uh looks like someone who's who's breathing was a lie yeah well this guy he well at least he even if he isn't better he knows how to sound better and has a better turn of phrase anyway goes on a bit more we love making games and playing games unfortunately when we make mistakes on games the whole world knows about it because of its size and scale that's like oh everyone makes mistakes but they only have a go us because we're so much bigger and more people see him it's a yeah but this the scale of your mistakes has been bad irrespective of how big you are as a company well I'm believe us when we say that anyone who fucks up the whole world knows about it yeah and it's not just because of your size and scale what we would I mean the community calls out all sorts of shit from the lowest smallest in the developer right the way up to a like old all spectrums of bullshit in the industry gets highlighted it's not just because you're that big they're exactly gamers are one of the most vocal groups when they're not happy and they're not happy quite a lot because there's so many of them well maybe they do get more headlines because of it because because of this it's in terms of mainstream media outlets maybe the backlash towards bar front two or whatever got a lot more traction because it's EA and you know these big outlets were covering their yeah whereas they wouldn't do if it was a smaller indie developer doing you know have it's dealing with the same sort of controversy yeah I guess one traditional news outlets like unknown BBC or something who aren't gaming focus if they get on you that's that's a big deal if you've done a bad thing anyway so it carries on a bit more we know from all the work that we've been doing on our subscription business that gamers will play a fee for or fortnight they have one main franchise but then they want breaks from those games to play something that's maybe five or ten hours long now that actually sounds like oh we want to make smaller games to appeal to more people which does sound quite good I do think he's right for much of the FIFA fan base they will predominantly play fifa yeah like that's their core game they'll play it like every night games the service type thing they'll go back to it over and over again same before tonight so I do think that's quite accurate yeah I mean accurate to the those FIFA fanboys yu-gi-oh FIFA and what a little bit of a break case I guess fucking boring or whatever you don't not call gamer who pay plays loads of games yeah the newest game or the best games that come out so he's talking specifically about the subscribers to a service there and how to appease them when they do go on their breaks and this is maybe why they I mean it's the context here that they're providing these indie game for those breaks in the services that what he's saying yes so but like even if it's those games are targeted at the FIFA fans if they're still good games the still good games like anyone can play you don't have to stick with FIFA it goes a little bit more we do see a future in doing more of these we we believe streaming is going to take gaming to new gamers and geographies and there's the subscription business model which is how all of us consume music and media now I think that's a bit of a generalization but it's not entirely inaccurate you add those two together and you and the value proposition becomes very compelling that's the big argument for streaming for a lot of these people say oh we can bring it to more people and everywhere cuz everywhere has internet and not everywhere can afford a high-end gaming system or even a basic console but I think everyone's neglecting that internet sucks in most places you get away with sucky internet if you're streaming music yeah if you you know installed I mean what you – what you happen to do is you download the music if your internet isn't good enough to even stream the music on Spotify you can add it to your offline library that's if 30 days and then reconnect the weather like this there's ways to deal with that like I can't see how you're gonna be able to do with that I'm using this a streaming service for game is because it's just so big and you need such a bear internet connection as well as a lag-free connection it's dumb mathis fast if there's likely pocket law so ever if it's a bad connection and again you run problems yeah on Spotify if I click Play and it takes a second to actually compute it's a bit frustrated with it if I'm playing a shooter and I press the button to shoot yeah if you straight with music playing just not acceptable it will be eventually but we're not there yet I don't think then it carries on a bit more we have learned from Netflix and others that the real value is when your family can take advantage of it we may have we may have four people in your household I do kind of get that I think that's a good market market to kind of go for yeah because as gamers get older gameis not having kids like you're a perfect example you okay it's probably a bit young to be as like into it as oh they'll buy into Netflix yeah yeah so event eventually I'll get more into this a card called hardcore gaming yeah you'll gaming but right now they're probably not I mean I mean I mean my daughter surprised me she's eight years old she plays roblox all the fucking time all the time but yeah you're right and they clip when it comes to games I mean yeah if you can stream games and have an account where multiple players can play at the same time like you can on Netflix then there's the value there but if it's limited to one user per time unless you upgrade is probably what they're going to do and have a family account like they do on Spotify for example you like up on accounts for tenner and then 15-pound for the you know an extra member it's probably more like what they're going to be doing but yeah I mean I guess it kind of works if you're into it you know yeah like I get that there is a market for that but I'm not in that I don't know how many gamers are and how gamers are of all different ages so yeah how fast would you internet need to be to have two people stream in the game at the same time and if it doesn't even doesn't even handle one yeah the world's just not ready for it yet I mean they want it to be ready because they can make more money I understand where they're coming from I understand that they they want that but it's just like I mean we still struggled right now yeah Internet like we have outages you have dips whatever and I mean until Internet is is like running waters from a tap and you know until it's like that sort of utility it's not just not going to be usable and that's absolutely the next step not just for gaming but general infrastructure internet is as important as on this is a bit of an exaggeration but as important as like water or gas like you say basic utilities that you need in your house you need internet for a lot of people not not just for leisure but for work like we obviously live on the internet when we do so and then are quite like this next one well that he says that's why as we look at EA partners and originals and and even the games we make if we're not just delivering games in one specific genre we need big games small games multiplayer games co-op games single-player games when depth and breath to satisfy the whole household now that sounds good so that you know you're doing a bunch of different kinds of games but ei main ei aren't doing that you're making the same games as a service multiplayer things that some people like but if you turn to diversify you're not gonna hit everyone yeah so this is EA partners and originals this is what they're trying to bolster their subscription library yes with all these different type of games and he thinks is that what he thinks that maybe these indie sized games will fill this this gap in in in their library just to fulfill the desire for FIFA games to take a four-hour break off yeah I mean that if that's the reason that they're making these games then are they're the type of games that we want we want to be playing yeah that's pitching it for these people are having a break for our break off here just a simple little mobile game essentially it's a pastime but if they for ends up that we do get a bunch of these different kinds of genres of games that are decent I'm happy about it because more games there's great I mean more games is better because you can take your pick you can either yeah like it or lump it if I mean 1010 smaller games indie games like this is equivalent to two decent triple-a awesome games I mean what would you rather that's the question and that would you would rather than put in full effort into full Triple A games on a smaller amount or just have a scattergun effect yeah and just go for lots of games with minimum you know smoke lots of smaller games yeah that's an interesting question carries on the game that creators are going to make is going to evolve based on what people are consuming on that's why it's exciting to be part of both that's quite quite an interesting concept because that's kind of about the Google stadia and they are the idea that they've been saying are we've got the highest end hardware we're going to be the pinnacle of gaming tech because we can constantly evolve our data center and then it's just streams to you you don't have to worry about the technical side so that means that developers can build to higher-end hardware yeah which does sound cool but again it hinges on the the principle of whether or not stereo works yeah and whether or not a lot of people get behind it because no developers going to bother building to the high-end system if no one has that yeah yes part of the nice been holding games back over there and the way that it's structured historically is that developers will build to the consoles the current generation of consoles they'll build to this hardware that's in the ps4 the Xbox 360 and you know I guess you can go like hard on the PC hardware and just develop a game for like a high-end pcs and stuff of that but for many people they sell those more on consoles so that's kind of where the benchmark is in terms of the hardware that developers have been used to work into like the top top end and PC gamers have felt the the brunt of that because games undeveloped or progressed as fast as we probably like them to be I mean only talking now about 60 frames per second for like 4k on the next generation of consoles whereas we've had on PC for years and years and years yeah and and now the and if this google stayed you think does take off that would be one big benefit yeah would be it would push the boundaries of what what limitations that developers have in terms of generating these games like high graphical fidelity high frame rates you know this rate racing Porsche that they're going for like just all the best technology will be able to improve and go so much faster because there's a market for yeah it's just a question of whether or not stadia can can withstand it yeah it would be it would be a good I mean I can't you can't deny that that would be a good thing for the industry great there's another one here which is kind of kind of an interesting one I was in his office waiting for Andrew Wilson as he walked in and I had my head in my hands and he asked what's wrong I was like my brain hurts we had concluded that this is the future I think he's talking about streaming there that this is streaming streaming is the future then Google came along and announced something that we weren't expecting so now we're not so sure it's stressful but exciting so that kind of feels like stadia was announced Google kind of shocked everyone with that and they've an EA have been a bit like shit this is exactly what we wanted to do but they're doing at first mm-hmm yeah but then you've got like Amazon doing it you got Microsoft doing it you've also got PlayStation are working with Microsoft to do something so many different players thinking about that in the industry and now AAAS their heads hurt poor them yeah policy more it says another bit just before that about like the bloke who has his job like eight years ago was like what does he even do like like what what did you do because I'm so stressed well this new stuff like what were you doing back then so altogether this article isn't they here at EA saying we're not the bad guys that's what a lot of youtubers and other outlets have extrapolated it's not really about that's mainly about what's-his-name Matt will be talking about their indie push and the EA originals program stuff which all does sound nice there are parts of this unknown yeah and this and that ties in with we're not the bad guys look at all this good stuff we're doing yeah but you you might the mr. Matt bill be clearly have a good way to spin things you're like you can make it sound good but you can't hide all of the bad things you've done with a few little good things that might theoretically be good and it it you're right there it's all about spinning yeah and making themselves out to be good trying to get some positive PR and the other thing that I always question with a as motives as I think my first thing I always question for everything what is the motive right then motive for making these indie games it's for keeping the FIFA players happy when they're you know I mean how does that benefit me yeah I don't give a fuck about that I mean that's that's their justification for making these games they're not doing it for the good of the industry over the good of us they're doing it to keep their FIFA player subscribe to this service so that they don't get freakin bored and that's that's what smells of shit for me it's I mean you can't pull the wool over my eyes I'm always I'm highlight mission you know what's in there but yeah I mean let's hope they do good things whatever reason they do it for I guess if it turns out good in the end and we all get better for it like people stadia thing if it pushes game development in the right direction let's support it for that otherwise you know yeah it might not be for me but their mode is always to make money but if they're making money ends up making good games anyway I don't take the good games to be honest well everyone's always like ah I wish I EA would just shut down and enclose and everyone gets fired I don't want that so I want them to use their resources and incredible like funding for like marketing and they've got good people working there like developers in that take all that and just and make something good I don't you know just do the right thing stop being evil get rid of Andrew Wilson and I'm not know that the concludes our conversation about EA today and on the topic of motives and what they are whether they're good or bad or whether you believe them or not we will move on now to our next topic which is is theme stunts in the industry now this is what Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney seems to think as well as a handful of other developers that steam is stunted the industry with their 3070 split revenue split for those who don't know steam take 30 percent from every sale or micro transaction or anything that goes through Steam store 30 percent tax on on the developer only makes 70% and a lot of the time apparently developers don't even make as much as steam take on each transaction so let's let's get into the meat of this then so this was Tim Sweeney on Twitter about a week ago now but the conversation has changed since then so let's go back to then and he was saying else I'll surmise what he says rather than read all his tweets because it can be pretty boring and in Hawaii so in a string of tweets he said first the exclusives are the only way to permanently change the industry and disrupt the 3070 split status quo that's his goal that's what he's trying to achieve with this EPIK exclusivity thing that's ultimately what motivates him not money mmm it's not about making profits it's about hitting steam and changing the industry for the good of the industry I mean if you could believe that on it on face value yeah it's a noble cause right it's very much we're the heroes we're doing God's work help me on the bad guy yeah exactly but when make it would give robbing from the rich yeah into the poor right yes exactly Robin Hood Tim Sweeney Robin rocked him here so India's Robin Hood that'd be a new title for the so that he believes he's robbing hot now right it's nothing to do with establishing his own business in the industry to make loads more money for himself yep it was no he doesn't mention that though it's he's Robin Hood okay so we but he has publicly stated in the past that if steam abandon it Singh he will sorry abandon his exclusive strategy if steam ditched the 70/30 model now he said that it passed but then again he has said that he will be stowing down on exclusives in the past when they went back him up so can you believe can you believe that if I don't know if I'll ever do change their policy it'll be really interesting to see if what are we gonna do okay so again back to his tweets he says that EA Activision Neusoft have all failed to reach just 5% of the scale that steam is of the scheme has after years of trying establishing their own launchers and stores right and those are big corporations they haven't even taken a dent out of steam over all the years so he's saying that this strategy of having exclusives hat is the only strategy that does work and it does in fact work and he said and he says well it's not what he says but metrics this we've seen recently was an epic store exclusive and that's even though that was exclusively on epic wasn't available on Steam with a larger installed player base still broke franchise records despite being an epic exclusives epic exclusive is sorry World War Z also sold more than 700,000 units on the epic game store alone recently which is an the win for that developer so the people who go in exclusive on epic are seeing the benefits of it they're not seen a huge they're not they're not selling loads less because they're not on Steam yeah it'll be interesting to see in in like a year's time or well because Metro came out in February I want to say and it's a timely exclusive right for I think it's a year so they'll be interesting to see in February 2020 whether or not any figures come out for if steam sales of that game have been like massive because like essentially getting a second wind getting a whole new release to an entire extra market of even more people be really interesting to see if we actually get any numbers from that yeah so the strategy of exclusives work he's growing he's growing the epics store installed basically you know 70,000 players played World War Z loads of people played Metro Exodus as well as the countless other epic store exclusivity is they're bringing players into the epic store ecosystem and then it goes on will the 88 12 split benefit gamers now 88% is what the developers make on Epic Store and 12 percent is what the epic game store takes as their cut as opposed to the 30% that steam takes so 18% more go to the developers and to answer the question whether they're it benefits us as gamers by these developers having more profit from their sales he states three reasons why why it's good firstly that the developers can reinvest that extra money into more games and future games brings more games to the industry like we mentioned earlier is a good thing for all of us secondly more profit for them for them as developers not a benefit for us but stability for the companies generating games kind of as a knock-on effect it's kind of again to kind of knock on effect we see the benefit residually and these yellows to and this like supporting art and creativity so people are gonna it's better for creative industries if they have more money in them definitely bad for the industry as a whole you like those first two things but the third and final benefit which is a benefit to us is that developers can lower the price on their game so we could get games potentially cheaper and developers could still make more money I mean we've discussed in the past at the margins we could maybe see I think it's on a sixth world game if it's $10 cheaper they still make two dollars more per sale on the epic store than they would on they've made $2 more would get it for $10 cheaper I think it's something along the lines of that so that's his big pitch as to steam bad we good this this is his I promise this is this is latest kind of PR campaign against steam this latest honestly what we're doing is good for you guys I mean I'll go out there and say yeah I'm I'm an epic store neutral I I've never been totally in favor of it or totally against it the same with steam I am never affiliated with any corporation because at the end of the day they just out there to make money then really have our best interests at heart as much as they might say they do in epics case but so so therefore yeah I'm neutral steam clean yeah you know can be great or be be not I mean I'll still play games it doesn't really bother me I'm I'm not I'm not a fanboy for any big corporations I'm jealous a games first makes sense I'll play I'll play where I can get a good game yeah the crooks of crooks is what was trying to say was that is that the 30% taxation is stunting the prosperity of the industry maybe he's right maybe he is right but we don't don't entirely believe that he's doing it for all the right reasons right yeah yeah again it's if we if we get good things out of it does it really matter why they did it yeah yeah exactly and it justifies the means right exactly this dbms justify the means I don't know it's a interesting question and I feel like we'll only know once steam if steam and valve do lower their thing if the industry does see a change and all these develops have extra money and then the games get barracks they can reinvest it and yellow bias or so he's hoping that it's a knock-on effect not just steam he hopes we'll be the rest of the industry to like maybe playstation microsoft to wherever yeah platforms like you get games bought on essentially he hopes that it's an industry-wide change that he's trying to initiate here but you know I doubt I doubt that I very much doubt that's gonna happen but anyway coming back in him up was paradox is erotic Paradox Interactive executive chairman of the board Frederick Westar we talked about this in using to get on Tuesday but he was talking about gaming Lab 2019 and mentioned it briefly in the news nugget and he said he was quote was a saying I think the 70/30 revenue split is outrageous I think the platform Hodel holders are taking too much money even in the press everyone in the press here just quote me on that he's very confident in what he's saying in a public forum Annie and he said that back in the seventies Warner Brothers were the ones who established the 70/30 as an industry yeah distributors yeah this release of VHS tape yeah right and because they have to pay for the physical production of the VHS tapes now steam doesn't have to pay for the physical production of farc or anything but there are still people you see on reddit and they're in their PC game in the subreddit that they justify like oh then it you know steam such a better much such a better game store that they need that 30% in order to cover costs how the fuck do you know that right an effects store can deal can provide some sort of service right they're growing they're not the same standard of services steam right now but they're trying to get there and if they can provide selling you games as service a selling game service for 12% curtain revenue and valve can't because they've got some new overheads that's fucking valves look out that's vowels bad money management that's them been over bloated and that not not having the correct you know then and if the question is that look valve can't operate at a 12% cut they need 15 the 20% the they need to make the decision that they cut back on staff reduce the amount of service that they offer to be competitive with epic or the carry on and then having people who your customers know that they're paying a premium just for the steam services or worse this team you know see how good steamers I it's all business right and pit for people to go on read it and justify I'll valve a vanity charge more because that's they've got the overheads don't justify them as businesses that's just them being really you justify people being really taking more money off us then you know whose side are you on here yeah make any sense to be like I know I don't know you couldn't like steam or you can like epic you can have Lily to either but be realistic they're they're both after your money yeah like yeah equally and they don't need you being a fanboy and backing them up they just they won't do it for you yeah anyway the quotes go on I think it epic has done a great job for the whole industry because you get 88% fantastic move thank you very much I I think it is especially for new developers they have lower margins to get into the market but I think it's also a matter of decency talking about morality here right I mean how much does it actually cost the deliverer game basically what we just touched down there does it cost 33% you token every six the dollar sale they take in or $18 $18 per 60 dollar sale it's that reasonable really think about $18 for us transaction where you they take your money they send you a code or activate a game on your account is that worth $18 every single time I don't think it's I know I feel I don't think that's yeah but I don't know how steams infrastructure explicitly works and all that but in my mind someone up like uploads the game and that's essentially the job done you just need to maintain it and make sure that service yeah Joe still goes through it all runs properly all the text is right and the layout is fine but once it's on most of your job is done and I doubt that takes that much work a lot of it is automated yeah yeah yeah so much of it is automated so um so yeah there you go taking up up again when the competition is low the platform holder can get a big share of the pie as competition increases they need to lower their part of the pie as well that's how the market works right again this is business right it's basic fundamental as a business supply and demand right when the supply is low competition is low the demand is high you can charge more like and that's what steam you see they see that they've got a monopoly on the marketplace and they have them for years and years and years and because they've got the monopoly on it they can show they can do whatever they want they're a tyrant they can they can be a Lawrence of them cells when the competition increases they've got to be more competitive and this is this is what Tim Sweeney justifies his exclusives push on and this is something that I strongly believe in if competition brings Oh always always brings people to like justify themselves you just have to have to be better because otherwise people look someone will go to competition you need either have options for consumers in order to get for them to have the best service yeah competition forces you to improve what you've got to make your your goods or service better than the other person yes it's something I've shot I strongly believe in and this is you know this is what they're trying to change in the industry and I if I think if epic do become competitive I'm not an epic fanboy I said if I'm neutral but if they become competitive then it'll be good for the game is it because steam will ultimately have to improve what they're doing in order to compete again anyway another developer at this what was it conference was it called I forget now is the gaming lab 2019 right Dan da rocha creator of indie hit cube he says that a t12 split is a huge 8812 split is a huge boon it's a huge advantage in some cases that 30% taken is more than the profit for a small studio that's crazy right that's so that's huge incentive for some of us so just to find why devs want to see Epic Games store succeed and I I totally sympathize with them because they're in between a rock and a hard place a lot of the time there's so many fans that they might have had on the previous games on Steam waiting for the next game to launch but then a picker here trying to do good for the industry as a whole although it might might not be their main aim it's their public yeah you know it's what they're trying to do publicly you know but it it's still gonna help them even if it's for the wrong reasons that it's gonna help them out if epic do well so did they support epic publicly go exclusive with them risk upsetting their established fans or do they just stick with the steam and just like ride out because you know for the fear of upsetting people that's it's a really difficult decision to make it's definitely safer to stay with the steam because you're not gonna get criticized by your your fans who are the people who are the most important thing to you because a lot of so many times they're like oh we've signed exclusivity with epic oh you're a fucking sellout you're greedy by the world when it's like well there's so many other things going on but absolutely is about a valid argument in some cases no doubt so many go oh fox team we're gonna go here just because we get more money and I can have a hooker and cocaine party that's gonna be a really really fun well I don't really believe that's much of the case very often anyway yeah I remember the time before steamer I remember when games with just icons on my desktop right and then steam came in and there was all the rage and OH – both though this game I have to install this bar steam and have to launch every time I play in the game what people forget is steam is essentially the very first DRM for PC game stores right yeah this is this is something that a lot of people fight against now oh dear I'm fucking Deneuve oh fuck they are M&R but you know you're supporting steam in the same sentences so I mean why are you affiliated with or aligned with these big corporations in this way what are they doing it are they like walking your dog for you do they do they wash your dishes or something what I'm just something here wire buying people so anyway I I wouldn't miss theme if it went away I would you know all that all these features in steam like the friends list and on their achievements and all that I don't give two fucks about that I do not give two fucks I would go back to have an icons on my desktop tomorrow this is why I've adopted GOG 2.0 since I've had yeah I don't miss them on bit yeah I think when we cover that someone put a comma up saying something like so GOG galaxy 2.0 is essentially a shortcut for shortcuts or something got yeah yeah that's pretty much yeah and it's still inconvenient because you can't launch games on senior steam store library without launching steam because it's a DRM because that's where it is right and it yet people I I don't know I'm just not affiliated to anyone it if anything I'm neutral to steam I enjoy the service but I couldn't give two shits I'm neutral to epic I don't really enjoy the service but again I don't give two shits GOG I'm positive about because doesn't force me to have the all reminisce you know DRM there right if is that if there's one store that I'm positive about its GOG yeah now I don't know what this split is did not come out and said I'm assuming is something along the lines of steams I mean me I mean did but they have far fewer games because of the lack of DRM so they will actually need to subsidize it somehow yeah cuz theme have so much on there yeah I had to know it's it's a lot of please please try and do the right thing for the whole industry come to epic story even though you might not like it for the right reasons I don't know I mean is it convinced in anybody thought the China do it from the right thing the other thing the very last thing before we move on let's get Ronald Lib along but since we also confirm the epic games will be personally refund in Shenmue III kick stars so that is net who are the developers don't go out of pocket themselves because there was a huge backlash them sign in an epic store exclusivity deal after being kick-started which the fans were not happy with I bought this game on Steam damnit also there's physical promised which now the physical disk is going to come just with an epic game installer on it which is such a joke but Tim Sweeney is like I'm the good guy I'm record I'll I'll be shot under me I'll do the good thing for the industry ding where were you like two weeks ago when this was a problem like well he must not be seen as the hero and that's true he's got a swinging in from Rocky and from the tree like the hero that is mr. Tim Sweeney Yeah right okay that's what one of the reasons are I'm still a physical fan because you get your yeah disc and that's it put it in your machine console scrubs one of the few advantages of being a console scrub is it's so simple yeah you put a game in you're basically done maybe you have to update so there you have it there was a lot of industry talk to begin with how do you feel do you think that 70 feet is outrageous do you give two shits are you still defending steam despite me pointing out that it's not all glamorous as you as you would like other people believe why why would you assault on a serious no like why would you defend the 70/30 split honestly why would you say that 30% is what they need right how do you know that right do you know how much expansion sure that love God do you know their overheads like why would you defend that I mean it's a serious question I'm been a bit joking a bit flippant about it but please if you've got a reason to our answer I like to I'm a reasonable guy I like to listen to people how people feel about the situation and I make my own mind up and form and informed wise if you've got any information that I'm missing so just I clearly don't see why you'd defend somebody a company like that just let me know in the comments because I swear I will not I will not go out you unless you make it personal and then and then yeah look out hell hath no fury there we go let's talk about games days gone days gone so in case you weren't aware guys and I really like days gone a lot of reviews didn't like it or what kind of lukewarm on it for a number of different reasons there's a bunch of technical issues which are a bit of a pain it the games really weirdly pastes the whole opening is kind of odd but then it starts the ramping up it gets really good even with its white male grep protagonist brahbrah yeah but they just released the big update over the weekend I believe it was I kind of wish they but you know it's quite a hefty 117 Lacy and gig that is a bigger pretty beefy but it's free was free it's for you'd have to pay for it is that much content how much code didn't have to do for like 72 engage that's a lot of work right and that's just not something that you can copy and paste from elsewhere and make it other than a huge updates in this game and it's free that's great and the so it came with a bunch of like bug fixes and stuff for the main one was adding a challenge mode well I what there is a series of challenges but only one of them is available because they're supposed to be adding them over time rolling them out right so the first one is called surrounded mode and this is what my video was on earlier this week and it's my favorite thing about it is because the best thing about days go on is the hordes it's what everyone latched onto when we first saw at e3 2016 and I think millions of zombies coming out here shooting them one of the biggest like yeah it's unique even the reviews that were critical of the game said hordes was fun yeah but the the issue is once you've done them in the campaign you can't do them again and they're a bit few and far between at the beginning because then they're they're not like dropped on the map sometimes you'll come across one that's really fun but at the beginning you've got terrible weapons and it's it's not even do them yeah it's not as enjoyable as it should be but then by the end it's great you've got decent guns big mgs and whatnot yeah this mode is essentially the perfect horde mode it takes what everyone liked about it and built them as higher mode around that and it's such a no-brainer I mean other companies have done survival haul modes before made a point in my um my video about it where like Gears of War did a horde mode which is just waves and waves of survival and then every other game at the time did the same thing just like every other game does a battle royale now yeah so they're popular but no one really doesn't anymore I really like them you know adding these types of additional gameplay elements gameplay modes after-the-fact for free it needs to be stated and sung from the rooftops that this is awesome right so many companies would charge for this type of stuff and I think even this mode in itself the Horde mode could be like an indie game and you know if you take away take away the story the narrative the world everything of that right this this one Arcade Mode could be sold as a separate indie game in itself yeah it's like some sort of concept where you're surviving versus a horde and you increment you upgrade you know like a roguelike type of thing you you could you could easily sing about one slice of being a game in itself sold for $20 something easily and they've delivered this for free not expecting anything I just I always I always say credit where it's due you know criticize as much as you want but credit where it's due and this is the type of thing are you just sony fanboys no I'm just saying that I think this is awesome if EA today I would also say it's awesome just like I said that the AEA originals thing is the best thing that they do give it credit where it's due yeah and it's quite a simple game mode it's it's just survive so I think you've got like a minute to survive at the beginning just not ready for any can't last for a long but every kill you get ants time so it creates this really great very simple feedback loop you have more kills you get the more time you get yeah freaker's come out the more kills you get the more time again and it keeps going yeah in perpetuity I remember the like old games to play called outrun right and I got to get to like the checkpoint before the time it's like the same arcade races and that you get to the checkpoint point of the time you get your time yeah to go on it's the same kind of thing you've got to kill zombies in order to keep your game going yeah and cuz there's so many zombies you can get up to like a whole extra minute from just one wall of them coming at you just hold down through your empty one whole magazine you've got loads of extra time to then run away and collect stuff there are a couple comments criticizing all this game doesn't that fungus it's just running away from zombies but that's that's kind of the tension of it is that you're running or you're trying to avoid them because they they run faster than you run but you're sprinting which you have a very limited amount of you can outpace them and then you turn assume and the shootings because they've given you a decent guns now they're shooting so much more fun because they actually like drop and you can kill loads of them instead of like shooting and nothing's really happening there's no impacting you have two got no ammo so you've got a reload all the time yeah I think that is the beauty of this horde mode is that it is is tense yeah it's that scrabbling just managing to survive by the skin of your teeth type of scenario won't you know that survive along that that type of gameplay that I really really enjoy and I think like I said it is the highlight of the whole game itself and they've kind of condensed it and made it into this one mode I think it's perfect it's it's awesome it really is yeah and there's a bunch of like little extra things like you can equip different skins which changes you from deacon who's your default you can be boozer nikki or iron mike who are all in the campaign as well as like a generic nero soldier person and then there's a few others the like great Alex you can't unlock them yet because that you need to be a high-level or they're coming in other challenges and stuff I really like that so this is the first of a bunch of challenges can yeah I'm pretty sure they're weekly but they it might just be the sub challenges within the this challenge because in this one there's so survive that's the challenge survive well then there's the sub challenges which are like collecting ears because that's your currency on in the main game you collect as many as e is account things like 250 and I got so close I got 240 for them and then they got me annoyed I've got you straps it's graph here you got use traps use the explosive barrels and get a hundred kill combo and that's really fucking hard I didn't even come like 100 in one go yeah well the truck yeah in like a not in what not in one move but like without like interrupting kind of thing so shoo shoo-shoo shoo-shoo trigger a trap shoot a barrel while that's going on reload carry on shooting I don't know how high I managed to get because I was too busy stressing out not getting eaten I think the more that you do it though the more you'll learn like the the pinch points in the map and like if you draw them through the pinch points and then so you can just take out some and you can learn the routes and whatever and then when they start spawning or where they come from when they're chasing you because you know it's at some points they come over the wall yeah they're right behind you but then others will come over the wall you like fuck yes around it they really flank you and that's one of the strengths of the hall is they're not just one unit they will branch off to play and help flank you and stuff but one of my problems with it is that and I hope I imagine it's probably going to come into a later challenge is that you can't sneak through and set up traps you can't play in a room it's it's very much the raw horde it's that core mechanic you ready to go yeah exactly ready set go you run down the stairs and start shooting and hope for the best yeah and that you can get you to your bike in it and I did that in the inner game plexus our that my bikes there I can see all the map let's go to it why Pike doesn't work bikes broken scrap so I said it yeah yeah but I'm not got time to pick up scrap it's hard enough trying to pick up ammo well yeah you've got like it's 5 or 10 seconds before they're on you at the very beginning right if you run to a car maybe yeah – Shiva exit but then I only wanted the bike to get away together this place not like it is in real damage yeah but I reckon they're probably gonna have some bike based challenges later on like time trials or races or stuff which could be cool because the bike you know it's another massive part of the game and it handles so well it's one of the best handling bikes I've played in a long time and it's one of the only games where and links to a disco question later on where I didn't just have the trigger down the entire time like fought for foots to the floor just like just gently you know cruise around and go around those turns and their next sale right I think it's awesome Houston yeah is good it is very good and it makes sense that they turn that into some sort of challenge what else would you think I mean as a bike choice as a horde challenge probably something to do with those human enemies that you could deal with like you're out there camps and outpost and water that's quite a simple one that's true I think if they give you a really strict back horde mode where like dropping and you have nothing yeah no items no weapons has gotta be a proper the proper Survivor mode yeah type deal I think that could be really cool you can you can get like patches and rings which are represented on deacon but not on the others I don't think had a quick look back and seeing patches for is for your bike check it and they appear like on his side it's not the big one on his back that's still there and they've got like snap offs like I've got a ring which something like every time you you roll you recover a bit of stamina yeah which is so helpful for you I guess soon as they switch that on I was like this is so much better I think I've everyone in the comments that those carry over to the main game is that true yeah I think so if you are not yeah so your patches and stuff will be shown off in the main game I don't know if their stats do but I reckon they probably do if they're I and see them but apparently your in-game story mode progress doesn't then refer back into the challenge mode so many upgrades you have don't really make a difference right which is a little annoying but it might just have been that I was out of practice but I didn't feel as strong or as fast as I was in the main game because I could run for ages by thing and once you fully upgraded you're sure you're a machine well I think that's pretty much all I got to say I mean there's the video itself we'd go watch the gameplay where I like to think I did quite well yeah you did you did pretty well it was a good video a lot of people enjoyed it congratulations miss Hendrick you've been good feedback I think that we could do more of those types of gameplay videos in future maybe with two of us and I think having doing featuring games that have new content is a great idea because there's so many of them so little new games coming out especially this summer yeah we can't oh and so many other people cover those new releases not a lot of people cover the updated content in games so if you've got any games which you would like to see us play or free play some updated content on leave us some suggestions in the comments and we'll take a look because you know based on the success of that video I think we do not I'm more in future yeah especially because this is so Arkady you can turn it into like a head-to-head type thing like so you can get the best score type deal true and I think someone did comment you want to go ahead well I mean which means someone did comment let's like we need to get guys to do this so he can embarrass himself or something like that so the gauntlet has been fighting that's fighting talk do you think I ever fail at everything anything guys anything I'll leave that's your mic I was gonna say we'll just let the commoners hang with that one on that note we're gonna take a very short break and we were back right after this very short break that you won't even notice welcome back we are now suitably refreshed after our lunch break which you didn't even notice because it went by in the blink of an eye now next point of discussion I guess the next section in this podcast is the discord questions now that questions that come in from the discord are from our patrons the guys who support us the people who enable us to continue making content on YouTube now if you want to support the content as we all head over to patreon.com forward slash pretty good gaming and you can support the channel from as little as one dollar a month we can get access to the podcast early for a couple of days and you can also get access to the discord you can converse with us I'm actually about to start Fantasy Football League for next year surprise look those of you who are interested we did it last year there was 10 participants on the discord for the fantasy 40 League and I haven't had a bad start it was my like first year in the fantasy football like I was learning the ropes I had bad start but then I end up finishing second and raring to go for the new season so if anyone is interested in participating in the pre good game in fantasy football league we're talking soccer here for you Americans this it's the English Football League fantasy league if you're interested in pitting your wits against evans 11 as my team will be called this year feel free head it into the discord it's the fantasy football table as well as on the discord you've got the bad bad jokes channel which is infamous by now and all the other channels and stuff all that so better get the apostrophe in the right place in your amazon it's after the SJ right nailed already i can show you your sponsors no we're still working on those sponsors are a tricky thing we know that from experience so let's go with the first question and who do you have Henry got one from earth one bad now this one sounds like a real good conspiracy sounds great akas do you believe the rumors that Randy Pitchford has left the US and is laying low at the moment I like to think that he's hiding out in like Argentina or Cuba somewhere South America Cuba yeah yeah we just like blend into the crowd because it was garish fashion sense right yeah smoking a cigar walk in the street like blending into everyone else because it always a street performer with his magic tricks to earn money people throwing it into it I commit I can absolutely believe it I dunno we've got this from where focus I've never heard it but I love it I love that this is a ring you still active on Twitter he's retweeting people yeah I mean whatever country has the largest proportion of criminals and thieves and and tricksters and hustlers that's where they fit in the most last words just blend into the yeah I mean I'm not I'm not saying which country that's that is because you know I'm not gonna profile any country in particular here but I'm sure I'm sure you can leave your suggestions really what you think he is okay that's a great question moving on Chloe 99 not a time sensitive question but checking my emails and deleting the weekly updates on what we did in our games I noticed something are you too annoyed by game developers linking their live service terminology to Chinese zodiac signs every other email I opened was join us in the year of the pig get cards for the year of the Raven make way for one of my one for my one-eyed snake whoa hey well I mean if that's not a decent I think you've read the wrong email there buddy receive 10% bonus on the one-eyed snake if you log in now and receive a free loop box surprise mechanic I think he's embellishing a little bit I mean seriously I don't care what your overwatch is celebrating I play the game to shoot folks and move payloads I love watch this is upset yeah yes so bothered by Chinese zodiac signs in gaming gaming emails specifically yes it's just trying to hook people back in through a game isn't it whatever they kind of trigger pete seeger people to think oh yeah that sounds interesting soon as the log in the fucking hooked again and the real demand yeah that's all it is it's just a psychological tactic if you're using your brain against you don't fall for marketing is that's what marketing is yeah but I don't think it particularly bothers me but then again I don't really play live services but it comes through on any like marquee in email say you bought this one t-shirt from this one site yeah have a million emails even though you clicked you didn't want them yeah and that we're gonna sell some bullshit to you that I don't care about ya receive 10% bonus on the one-eyed snake if you log in now and receive a fruit loop box luboc surprise mechanic ad click what I mean from the one-eyed snake thanks for your question Tony alright next up and I think we've had this question before but I like it I'm sure this at least a couple of times yeah Baba Vince cos prime is there any game OST or remix that you listen to outside of playing the game ie in the car working out and I guess can you play any music from a game on guitar and if so any chance we can get some of you play some video of you playing and do you know any game music no I I haven't worked on any game music in the past I could pick it up pretty easily there's a there's a a song in the middle of Metro Exodus really sat there and his you know his guitar is playing the guitar oh yeah and it's like there ain't yeah it's like a instrumental piece right yeah I remember who yeah I'd be super easy to pick up but I just haven't it's just time so that's my problem time to time to do it I haven't done in the past I do cover a lot of instrumental type music over my guitar channel if you guys have got any requests for awesome game music that you want me to cover and you doubt that I'd be able to do it because you know challenge me challenge me and I will accept it and the best suggestion I may well cover because it'd be an awesome crossover oh yeah I think she'd do the Last of Us theme because that's yeah yeah the Skyrim is that everyone does it but it's because it's really good yeah yeah okay I get you okay we'll try and do the doom soundtrack which is all again heavy yeah electronic but on a acoustic guitar one of you could poke us if buzz yeah I can interpret at the accurate I can work on it speaking of doom there there's an answer to your first question that's one I often say I'll listen to the doom soundtrack all the time because it's awesome a lot of it's quite ambient so it fits really well in the background but then a lot of it's quite like hard hitting and punching and I listen to shuffle all the time I very rarely listen to specific albums unless it's like just come out or something so I get such a mix yeah so I'll go from like a classical Beethoven track into doom rip and tear or flesh and metal and yeah and it changes the pace I don't get how you can manage that from a an emotional point of view because it's such a roller coaster ride on the toes isn't it I I'd like to I like to listen to inaudible because usually it's it's in the same kind of emotional space yeah right when you go in from like something that's really hard to like a Beethoven kind of symphony or something it completely can be an emotional turmoil listen to that kind of I mean I don't get it I look at I'm too sensitive okay that's the surprise mechanic I like I like not know what's coming those around in flash metal I'll skip over it tell affiant where I am after or all right set up a cue that makes more sense to me although back to the OST question recently I've been listening to a lot of vampires soundcheck or vampire vampire soundtrack and a play tail soundtracks they're both by the same guy whose name is very French and I think I going wrong or levy a div or something sounds French and every they're really good although V they're all come out holding your cards like and Olivia to hurry it's all like violins and it's very spooky and moody they're really good and the one soundtrack that Ellison see through a while hunting addy often anymore believe it or not stardew valley soundtrack it's been really chilled so chilled that I just listen to it in the background just to chill out yeah majority of the reason why I listen to music I listen to really chilled music right all right boosting musicals knows it really that's a lot of they sell often yeah I don't listen to music when I'm working out I listen to like a podcast all I'm I'm playing a game sounds weird I've been playing hearthstone recently while working out so in between sets like playing a couple of games is a turn-based it's easier you just do a couple of games and then but you know come back again after they've taken the turn I mean the best game is ideal yeah you just you play your cards you do a thing come back and they've wiped out your entire board because they've got better shit yeah usually that's what happens yeah thanks for the question vn takus prime next up superflee one in regards to google stadia if you have such a small library at the start despite have all current and past games to upload and stream with their system doesn't this pose question to them being able to keep update dated with all the games releasing on the platforms etc as new releases come out people want to play on the day of release I don't know I think a lot I think the game library is also with licensing and getting getting a deal in place with games publishers so if they don't have games is because it's because of that so I I do believe once the Google sales launched that more publishers will want to be on all the platforms day one so they'll facilitate that they'll they'll they'll actively try and get the games on Google stayed your day one because it's not subscription right you pay for them so the more platforms like your games on the more money you're gonna make so I don't I don't see that problem I don't see that being a problem maybe it will be I don't know but because it just run on PCs right it's just like installing the game on a on some hardware in like Silicon Valley or something and the streaming if fire Google Google servers yeah I don't see that there's any technical barrier to put in a game on Google stadia because it's it runs on PCs yeah basically that's longer sure this it's the same hardware well that's perhaps a wrong weights the same platform just on better Hardware which you can just do one another thing just yeah downscale it a little bit wherever hope that answers your question mister superflee okay we got another one from VN skis prime here how much do you want to bet that gog 2.0 is a way for CD PR to get huge amounts of marketing information that they that they're investing money and into an idea that is not only probably gonna get gonna get them a return in sales as you said but also returning the massive amounts of play data they'll be able to collect hmm leads you to wonder will G will do G 2.0 ba gamers Haven a gamers Facebook or somewhere in between trust no one so is gog a sinister way of CDP are getting a bunch of extra data that perhaps we might not want them to have unfortunately it's the way the world it's it's the risk of the urine using the Internet these days any bit of data that is available to gather people are going to be gathering because they can turn that data into potential revenue yeah and that's just the way it is that's just the way the world is the information age if you're already on Facebook which most people are realistically all your date has already gone on anyway yeah so I mean yeah if you're already on Facebook and worrying about the information that I've gone GOG you've got nothing to lose yeah you might want to sort of Facebook profile at first but yeah so was the risk but then again do we trust you to you with our info it depends how much risk you think about putting your info out there there's some people you know not bothered purporting their info on and they just don't care it's like everyone's gonna have it anyway there are people are really kind of possessive over them if it was like oh yeah I'm really scrutinize these websites to make sure that the you know I mean I'm kind of meh about it at some point I realized that anyone's gonna go everything about me how they can use that information against me Oh or for illicit means or for bad ends I don't know but then again maybe I'm naive to that effect I don't really worry about it too much I just enjoy my life and and don't stress because there's not that much you can do about it once they've got it because if even if you disable your account they've still got it yeah and I think that ships kind of sailed exactly how how far off the grid for living in the mountain in the hurt like amongst the trees would you have to be in order for you to not have any sort of online imprint nobody to have profit off your information it's just almost undoable these days but unfortunately it's the way the world do we trust GOG more than anyone else I don't know maybe maybe not certainly more than Facebook yeah absolutely Thanks the question second question mr. VN t cos prime what's next is it think it's you to raven night is it me witness yeah loser okay there are even night shock marry kill triumphant return badass woman edition phil villanelle from killing eve no idea who that is les yeah we're gonna have some quick google into that one dutch from killjoys whoever that one is and finally Alice from Resident Evil films so I know you pronounce these ones Alice from Resident Evil is Villa Jovovich you're over vit Muller yama vich and she's quite fabulous and I've just typed into Google Alice you're a bitch so hopefully Google figure that out she's great those movies are shit but in my opinion they're the good kind of shit like they're just done actually move a lot transformers mmm-hmm you've got a disconnect in your brain whether or not they're connected to the games at all because they're just not but I still I still enjoy them they are shit though no unfortunately not seeing kills Rose not O'Neil drowns I mean I was on her in other stuff she's pretty cool what their actresses name is though I think she actually shows up in Game of Thrones for a very minor role but then again everyone does I mean you're talking about three pretty decent looking women here I mean I I I don't know okay I've got no preference so unfortunately I think I'll shag Alice just because I think Milla Jovovich is pretty fit hot she's a bit skinny for me she's very very thin but it kind of works because she's got like she's like a supermodel yeah and she's got quite like sharp features and stuff so that kind of works I do quite like this killjoys person yeah she's pretty good but then under killing Eve girl honest I think she's a bit she's very attractive but I think she's a bit too scary and she's a she's a murderer right she's a she's an assassin right so I think I'm gonna go marry Dutch from killjoys unfortunately I'm gonna kill the girl from killing Eve yeah but she is fabulous nonetheless Dutch from killjoys mmm she's sexy yeah let's let's agree with that yeah not agree with that sorry for the bad answer them at the ravenite but uh unfortunately those on franchises that were particularly familiar with no but keep the check memory kills coming up yes they're really fun awesome okay what what is next superflee but once again it's the second question 2a and 2b or not 2b who is your most like character in from games I assume you mean from games not games from games as in frost to be what boss / mini boss battle did you enjoy fighting the most for me most like character is Morden solace from Mass Effect's I'm not very familiar mess up I'm sure you'll know who that is the best part was Metal Gear in mgs1 mm yeah MLG and just one was it that was a good fight all of the boss fights in mgs1 are good but easily and it's quite cliche everyone says it but my favorite in mg one has to be fine Psycho Mantis when he started reading my memory card I was just like I was a kid I pretended to be ill off school so I couldn't carry on playing ha ha honey it was like put your control or milk is kind of weird and matter anyway they say push the X button to do stuff they know it's a game but he's like put your controller on the floor and through the power of my mind I will move it I was like oh yeah all right dickhead I'll put it on the floor or do y'all shit he's vibrating it oh that's actually really clever game design that's awesome yeah love it so I thought that was really really cool fate most likes character occasions that could go there's so many I like so many for once I like deacon I like Joel yeah I like that too the instantly coming to my head I like I don't like it off and Morgan quite as much as John Johnston I can't decide I go up in John Austin's the OG bad boy man I fucking love him yeah those are my three favorites ut pick author and John are cool I like those gritty kind of problem man yeah you know you don't say any shit yeah I like those guys I always really liked Marcus from Gears of War because again he's just like a burly bloke but there's one bit in Gears one where he choked that's right the beginning your hump on the helicopter and there's another soldier there I think it's Anthony carmine it's like oh well your your V Marcus Fenix who fought in ass fo fields in the slightly legendary about Allah and he's like yeah it's me sir oh wow that's so cool and just kind of goes no not not not really and that for a month for a game series that's really it's about if you've got chainsaws on the end of guns that's as violent as you can possibly get yeah that little bit of subtlety really nice place maybe like that bit but another one I also always go back to is I love Dante from Devil May Cry because he's so just cool it's pizza its trench coats it's swords and guns he's just badass and it's so like effortless when other people have tried to recreate Dante in games it's comes off really cheesy and edgy like trying to be edgy he knows what he is the developers know what he is and play up and it it sees exactly what he should be and it's great don't think I have a favorite boss of all time they escaped me right now but there we go hope that answers your question mister superflee I think is it me next yeah next up Gabor s finally got around to watch the podcast and thank you I got the info I needed a smiley face so gals since you asked me for my other questions I'm back but I'm still keeping to one subject at a time just to keep myself afloat in my weight for the beta so does galaxy 2.0 have any form of store tracking functionality as in are there any new posts events or community instructions displayed within the library from any of the other store fronts or not even better question can we keep track of wish list is get wish list of games if yes are things like the current price within the storefronts displayed for them thinking not in its current iteration is the answer to all those questions it doesn't have have store tracking that I've seen you can't see the community from other you can news post events or community interactions I mean is the York your friends list them is that basically the extent of the community interactions isn't there's nothing like the features are on honest team and there's and there's no way to display this steam info because that's a steam store function right that's what a steam store does Co G doesn't deliver that information it just it's just a library for your games so it doesn't work like that currently at all can we keep track of wish list as games if there are things that comprise with other store fronts no III that you can't do that I don't see them implement and that either because those are features of another launcher that they would be kind of ripping off and and basically just echo in in their own launcher it wouldn't make sense for them to promote games on store wishlist games on a different store because they won't be making money off those sales should you go through them purchase them so we wouldn't make sense for that which is a bit of a drug if you want if you're interested and you like those functionalities in the steam store so I'm like I'm some I'm I'm guessing that you you will never implement that kind of thing so unfortunately not is the answer to your question mr. Gabor s and thank you for the question again this week all right on to our very last final question it's just one this week from from metal shock it was almost none yeah well I had to convince him yeah I was like well pow Henry he's gonna listen your questions you always throw me there's like y'all go on then if I after I was gonna put my feet up as I come on you got it you always throw me the techie questions that I don't know the answer to but I've got a slightly better answer to this one so now it's like test Henry test Henry see see what he knows I can tell you they operating the test I don't know anything aside like to see Henry squirm yeah Henry as the resident PlayStation Easter do you think that pressure-sensitive front-facing and bumper in brackets are one slash are two buttons should make a return for the next PlayStation controller having been dropped for the DualShock 4 now this is the one I kind of sort of mentioned earlier when talking about days gone as driving and yes I totally think pressure-sensitive buttons should be a thing because it's just more precision yeah and their game with days gone and driving games in general and y'all need to be able to control my speeds with my trigger because I don't just want to be yeah you know frozen still or at top speed that's no good that's the question though does it has it because if you can do that on days gone have they completely has it been dropped yes yes so you can still do it on the two triggers but you can't do it on the one in the ones the bumpers they're just regular buttons you click in it does a job no binary honor yeah but I suppose it depends on what kind of functionality the game would need them for yeah I mean it gives you more options but then again when you're shooting ursa shooting gamers yeah then I guess it doesn't make sense you know it's easier just to be happy yeah I do prefer the PlayStation 4 controller to the Xbox one controller symmetry of it what the triggers on the xbox controller that's that they're so much better and I can't even really say why they just see English yeah I feel like the the mechanics of the pooling of the trigger is better so I think they said they've got a bunch of hardware in there which means it like vibrates when you when you're out of ammo or something that's meant to feel different yeah I can't tell you why but it just does brilliant girl that's it I think for our questions and thank you everybody for the questions this week leave your questions for next week down in the discord channel on ask us something I still haven't renamed that channel so ask podcast questions but there you go that's where you leave your questions for next week if you wish to do so next we are going to read some YouTube comments from this week and these comments were taking that random once we liked once we thought were funny mainly one ones thing finds that triggered yeah so it is time for that time I week again for the triggered fanboy comments of the week I've actually got to to write so I was on the same videos on this Google are kind of dual news roundup where we're talking about the steam summer sale disaster and 70% of game is not interested in Google yeah stadia so this is the first right and you've got a vote for this you tell us like is it remember one number two was gonna get a farm boy triggered family coming to me because it's quite prestigious yeah right okay first the first competitor is Moreno and the Reinold KD who comments what is this channel they should embrace stadia but they're telling but they're telling it is shit this channel is shit reported not interested blocked it's a contender it's not often you find a a probe stadia purse brilliant they're rare breeds a cigarette won't triggered Yogi's channel blocked any one of them just click on our comments do on our videos man that's definitely a hate watcher like you've seen this channel is shit I don't like what you're saying this channel and your shit because I don't agree with your opinion epitome of a triggered yeah fanboy ace I love it I read the title and it didn't agree with my opinion so I clicked it anyway so I can let you know okay there's candidate number one for trick a fanboy comment of the week now ii triggered fanboy comment of the week and kondeh date is on exactly the same topic right a Kourtney sock sock sa UK seriously you're gonna bitch about stadia and then the state and then stay completely inaccurate details first there is no 720p 30fps option second the only paid option is the 4k 60fps with surround sound if you have a 1080p TV then stadia is free for 1080p 60fps if you have a shit internet connection like series 2010 speed shit Internet then you can still get 720p 60fps for free how can you even call yourselves gaming news when you can't even go to the freakin stadia website and pull up the correct information that was released weeks ago where the game is want this type this honor is still a turn cheaper than buying a console and a lot cheaper than spending over two thousand dollars for a 4k 60fps gaming PC I honestly don't understand your hatred for stadia not unless you're getting paid by Sony and Microsoft since competition is always good for the consumer where do we even start I think we have a winner Little Miss more concise though I like this guy's justifying all sorts of stuff here how can you even call yourself a gaming news channel if you're not going to research the crap info I'm pretty sure that we said we put up a screenshot of what you get with the paid package where you get like you get a chromecast ya get a bunch of stuff you get the controller and you get discounts it's not just the higher end performance that the part of the argument wasn't that how much it costs it's that you have to pay on top so if you're having a less high quality service you still have to same pay the same price so the 4k 60fps version if your pain was in like $8.99 some another and then paying for your games on top with 60 quid so say 68 quid and then someone who's got the shit service because they were Internet's not very good if they're still paying 68 quid yeah and that's not right that like I can't Google Google stadia fanboys in the making the service isn't even available right now or yet and yet they're attacking us calling us we're not how can you call yourselves in gaming news when you can't even go to Africa stadia website and the the other dude was like banning or like blocking us because he didn't like what we're saying about a service which isn't available yet i I just don't get that I've never gotten that mentality I've never gotten it right anyway one thing to know is I left out a lot of the punctuation and this like the three question marks after the first word seriously and then like all all the capital words I kind of emphasized by kind of raising my voice a little bit because I was I was it was requested that I don't stop to for the yeah a grammar for the exclamations and stuff so that I just read it for so hopefully I've done that justice and it sounds well there any like comments back like replies or did it get any likes no no one on Gabe's a shit about their terrible opinions about things oh I reply to the original one I just replied in back capitals trigger not interest love it like why is this channel they should embrace the idea but they're telling it a shit this channel is shit reported not interested blocked I fucking love that there is something to be said about it so – yes I'm so excited about that going there's no fluff it's just a low hatred yeah it's it's the it's the roller coaster it's like what what is this channel they should embrace stadia but they're saying is shit this channel is shit report not interested block I fucking love it I think what I liked about the second one is that when people try and tell me I'm wrong when they are wrong yeah it's like I'm actually terrified actually if you go and find the information and you'd know that if you're a decent gaming channel okay sorry where's your video explain the situation I know it doesn't exist because you're so much of a fanboy I promise to be there okay well I've got another one here and this one it's so before we end there's no no yeah just let us know down in the car yes which one I know which is my favorite but you let us know which is your fan trigger family comment of the week and who's gonna be victorious and maybe we will announce it in next week's show okay so I've got another one here and it's really negative but it's kind of it's an T digital and there's a lot of swearing so if you've got delicate ears try to keep its cotton wool bugs in them yeah this is on I think is the podcast last week yet the GOG galaxy conversation about what was about other stuff as well from division the day when Sonia marks off Nintendo will stop sporting physical format I'll move straight away to PC / GOG galaxy 2.0 fuck digital format on consoles fuck live services on consoles fuck Google stadia fuck epic game fail store fuck Xbox game past fuck PS now for welcome incentive online fuck all live services boycott DRM system let's give a massive support to GOG let's give massive love to GOG galaxy 2.0 I I have enough how what I have enough how video games in oh I've had enough of how the video games industry has become it looks like it's absolutely fucking terrible there's a lot of f-bombs so I understand where it's coming from I don't like digital and I'm with your foot for your passion I can understand understand like I probably wouldn't put on those terms yeah I think there's a lot to be said for your structure okay next question sorry not question this comment on the Google stadia topic again DJ Porter Google stadia it's a bit shit honestly in a honesty in advertising I could almost get behind that hopeful say that's a bit shit that's what we say on right Google Seder it's a bit shit yeah yeah just be honest with you you consumers let's not sure that take off though I don't know shit shit that's what we say we're we're not amazing we're pretty good yeah it's like setting the bar you know exactly if we do exceed ourselves then you'll be presently surprised set your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed okay so I've got another one here and I think it's from our Juice gg2 a piracy video where the devs are saying pirate our games rather than buy from g2h don't get any money from it yeah from our in that we also talked about the new which of photos for the TV series which is what this comments actually relating to from Johnny Dee quote in I think it was one of us said it doesn't matter what she looks like sorry to break it to you guys but with movies TV pretty much is all about looks like so apart from being a poorly structured sentence I think you've misunderstood a little thing called character and performance so characters are much more than just what they look like now I understand there is a criticism to be levied at the people making the witches series forecasting a non-white person in a white role because oftentimes if you cast a white person in a non-white role there's a whole lot of hullabaloo and they get very upset saying is whitewashing but then this an argument can be made that it's the opposite direction tonight but respect that however the way a character looks isn't anywhere near as important to me is how they act yeah because it is acting from it's a performance and you are there to convey emotion not just look a certain way if everyone was Hayek's they looked a certain way no one would ever get a job you're seeing it from your point of view he's I think he means from an industry point of view and I think what he's done is his big biggest problem is is exaggerated he sees he's given an a definite rather than a generic general yeah like he's he says this is what's important nothing else is important that's not right it's it me it might be most important for a lot of people but in a lot of cases it's sometimes not as important sometimes it is more important yeah I mean looks are important in this day and age you can't deny that oh yeah don't I don't think faizon's highly accurate it doesn't worry in eleven Mike seem he's liking that damn it Johnny D I mean he just made eleven account I kind of agree with what he's trying to say but I don't agree with how he said it because because I yeah I write it's a lot to do with how people look these days on TV because you know you know good good-looking people get more people watching they're not good that's just the way that's how he learned behavior in some people that's what people use they know unlike the there is criticism as I said – they will be facing because of this casting but you've just gotta wait and see because she could be an amazing performer yeah and really in capture what yennefer is as a character yeah more than just how she's met to be pale that me said that these did see some comments saying that while I was the name Gurley played Vespa in casino the Eva Green she's an excellent like fan cast for yennefer and i totally agree but but it's not the case we've got a sneak our way now this girl does it she could be amazing its next step slave 99 coleslaw is lovely your spears literally unsubscribe my one that's my next one so yeah if you weren't me didn't catch that one I said I don't like coleslaw and I went off on a mini ran for no real reason and I explained how I don't even have a logical reason for not liking course looks I like what's in it I just it upsets me when it's on the plate obsess yeah and really gives me and then there's some a lot of people didn't seem to agree but some people did agree now I can't immediately find one but I hope it stays there yeah there was one you know they were like three four comments apart one that was every doesn't like coleslaw you weirdo another one I totally agree with your position on coleslaw so there you go I will like what I like and I'll dislike what is this like yeah well you know I I can't blame me for him subscribing I mean he said the kind of content we create it's it's it's Pro coleslaw content and if I'm not everybody not behind that guy's you muscle and subscribe now ok next comment tattooed tattooed er the eoq Dr doke dear I don't know even notice tattoo Dr Dee oke I've just realised dude in the gray t-shirt which was me looks like Tom Holland ten years older in cheek of it ten years older we don't read that what's all Holland he's how old must I look your mom's cry old Tom Holland is in the actor who plays spider-man right right I'm a young guy and you are more than 10 oh yeah thinking of someone else well yeah I was thinking of something I looked at that and I stared at it for ages because I don't see it I don't think you look I was thinking Tom Hiddleston as I was thinking yeah you look more like Tom Hiddleston right 10 years old I think that's a bit harsh yeah that's why I reacted to that 10 years older than some heddles so I'm thinking what the fuck how old mister look some 10 years older then Tom oh this is interesting now to see how old I actually look Tom Holland he's she's my age and things 23 so I looked 33 years old I'll take that I'll take that if anything it's a I I take back my my initial outrage to that come even even risk responded saying 10 years older yeah get fucked yeah yeah I didn't say go further I was I wasn't I was just a bit annoyed I don't think you do fucking cheap abandoned older fucking cheeky of it but yeah I mean I mean yeah that's that's fair I guess that's fair thanks thanks babe and Tom Hiddleston yeah that's true have you got any more yeah I've got a couple I'm trying to search for the comment I found here we go so this is on my days gone video where are we a real game journalist would have only scored 100 points remember the games journalist III demos a days gone they were fuckin embarrassin any embarrassing anyway that was some pretty good gaming Henry see what I did there ah good pun he was saying I was good and Dan there we go maybe made me happy which is although just while we're having lunch I caught some gameplay for someone else playing and they found like a loophole to climb onto one of the roofs he got like eight hundred thousand points nice to come off when he ran out of ammo yeh completely cheesed it and the whole horde was there just throwing like militaria artists over and over again got like at 800 more cobblestone though yeah that was impressive ok I've got a question which is more of a conversation really and it will take delving into so this is on the GTA video where we referred to we refer to piracy as theft right so again we're going to get into terminology here the Maurya F is a guy who comment he says software piracy is not theft you don't become the thief not saying this right just that you should use the correct terminology now it depends on your definition right so say what it is it's like a string of seven comments after this there's one guy who who replied to him novum the reasonable gamer comments stealing by definition by dictionary definition requires the victim to lose something therefore biden if a definition piracy is not theft i mean that's the dictionary definition right i've just googled defined theft now the action or crime of stealing taking something that isn't yours yeah that's what i would think it was right this we're talking we're not talking about a physical thing here we're talking about intellectual property we're talking about a digital thing alright it's not physical like in the real world it can the same thing as walking into a into a clock shop duplicate in this o'clock and then walking out with there right it's someone's design artistically especially this almost design and if somebody's somebody's put a lot of time and effort in creating that original clock and if you ripped it off you made one exactly like it you would get done for four weeks of copyright exactly but because you've duplicated they're like cities you know it's in the future and you've got like a duplication machine you duplicated this clock and then walked out of it you own something that isn't yours not not in the the wood that's being put together for the clock or whatever it's you know if it's a grandfather clock whoever not the wood that's gone into that that that can be yours because you need it so but it's the intellectual property of the design and the and the you know aesthetic of the clock that's what's been stolen in the same way as when you duplicate a game onto your system you know it's not a physical thing it's not really you people aren't losing inventory you're not taking a game out of somebody's hand or outlets in his pocket out of somebody awesome as shelf like you would do walking into a shop it's it is taking something that is not yours and therefore by my definition that's fair yeah absolutely if you don't want to call it if you don't call it theft you call it what you like it's my bloody video you just want to justify stealing no I don't think this guy does I think this is you know he's saying here not saying it's right just that you should use the correct terminology I mean your terminology you know you'd if you define it where you want you look at whatever addiction you want we've just Google quick shit so it shouldn't really quick there our definition we use for the word theft if you're disputing it is taking something that isn't yours like the fact that somebody okay as fact that is the victim is lost something as if piracy obviously not the first definition about people and pirates at sea the unauthorized use or reproduction of another's work yeah and synonyms include stealing and theft oh would you look at that the same for guys so we have to fucking say in it it's steal it's taking something that's not yours if you don't like the word theft or stealing that's up to you just insert taking something that's not yours instead of that word during that video please and then if you're using using piracy or whatever to justify your empire stealing that was the act of piracy is illegal yeah and it comes from still illegal it's still wrong being pirates at sea there's a ship let's board it nickel there shit the same thing just in a digital world if you're gonna pirate a game then then you know if you like it pay for it go go and buy it right don't don't just you use it as a demo that's what some people you know I'm just a fine pirate but sir some people think that it's alright to just take your take people's thing I mean you know do what you like I mean I'm not here to be a dad but but if you're gonna have to support these companies yeah okay moving on I've got another one that's all I've got this week and it's again on my that's on my days gone one and it's really long so try and bear with me and this person seems to be very upset about the concept of free dlc almost as though he's a snob like early peasants get things for free because English is a bit broken in pot so bear with me from CB if a Witcher 3 DLC would cost 30 euro it is still worth it in fact it is so outstanding that the entire game along with its DLC is worth easily $200 if it's good pay or go fuck yourself just like I told our Greek our Greek gyros girl that I would that I would also pay 5 euro instead of 350 for the pitter she serves it is not the tastiest in the region but it's all but it's the largest portion it's really weird sentiment here I would go so far as to say I'm willing to pay 500 euro for a game that can deliver me what valve and what what wild vanilla delivered I meant World War crafted yeah yeah well world Warcraft Anila delivered back then and no wow classic won't even be 10% of that but hey there's no there is no fucking game that's been even remotely close to that probably probably focus you are all fuckin subhuman who the fuck knows I can't go further than guessing the current gen gamers generation is a bunch of non-gaming fuck heads otherwise I always have something to play and wouldn't be here and enlighten you guys about where you truly stand I would be playing a good game right since when do we exhilarate what is for free I give a fuck about free I give give some poor Plus something for free it has sent me something pauper right all you think I would give some daydreaming trash can anything of worth this is exactly this is exactly how you are perceived by the gaming industry and fuck they are right games like Witcher uncharted and Friends they are nothing but welfare you are just not fucking worth it it's a lot to unpack there yeah I think this guy's got an issue with valuing things that you can get for free yeah and I think he attributes the value of a DLC to how much you pay for it and it doesn't consider the fact that this additional content could be packaged in the original game and it'd be the same price and therefore it's worth more it's it's more valuable say this additional content for misty Afridi I'll say we've just had it four days gone was in the original game he would have liked that more because he's paid for it yeah versus liking it now because it's it's for peasants right yeah I think the only peasants get free stuff yeah and okay he's a proponent of paying what the things worth he's talking about paint five hundred dollars for Walden walk-off vanilla because he's had probably hundreds and hundreds that when I was playing it get that if you want to do that by all means go and do that but I think what is what he's doing here is been very very snobby in terms of as in terms of he thinks that you know everyone's got five hundred pounds to pay for a game now everyone's got like five dollars to pay for a pizza yeah no I mean calling everyone fuckin subhuman like the bit that really gets me is he shoots himself in the foot with the the argument about the current game regeneration is a bunch a bunch of non-gaming fuckheads okay so you're trying to say that most gamers these days don't actually play games they just say they do to be cool or whatever well then he immediately goes on to say otherwise I always have something to play and wouldn't be here to enlighten you so you're not playing a game you're saying there are no games to play left will you have nothing to play which means you know you're a non gamer so I think you're a non gaming fuck it it's all about terminology is like eat all that most of the people who play games these days are not gamers no play a game best we talked about we didn't talk about terminology here right what does it and this is why it's such a snob what does it mean to be a gamer then like what barrio like why you why you barrier enough these people from being gamers like what does the gamer mean to you because you're such a snob that they're not entitled to be gamers because they don't meet your high like expectation like what a gamer should do and how the game we should think and how a gamer should act stop being such a fucking snob golf your fucking high horse and accept that you're probably not a gamer if you don't play as much games as are the people if you want to pay five hundred dollars or not if you value games when as for how much they're sold for it doesn't make you any more or less of a then everyone else fuck off stop being such a snobby fucking entitled prick I paid for the game but you got it for free but I'm better than you because I paid yeah like I paid for days gone by hands got it for free so these idiot wasted his money you know the fucking idiot wasting his money 500 bucks on on one game if you want to do that that's not sure we split doesn't make you a fucking real gamer or better than me I think this type of sense mean this type of outlook undervalues what a lot of gay developers are doing like I really appreciate what Sony band have done yeah and in providing this extra content after that all the hours that I've gone in they don't have to do this they could work on the next project they don't have to put manpower on this they're not gonna get extra money from it maybe they might see a few extra residual sales from you know people who weren't interested before it's like oh this add the features that looks cool I'll play that game I might buy the game but best I just I just I would rather appreciate the value that people are offering for your money well then just this it because because it's not taking enough of your notes out of your wallet I'm such a fucking idiot just dumb fucks have you got any more so I've got one last one I'm out I picked I picked a positive one because I knew that one was gonna be quite unpleasant so this is on our steam summer sale disaster video from earlier in the week from a very difficult to pronounce thing what the hell some zombies a get to sir some music it's you get to sir Rick reg ear okay thank you for the nuggets and the video as a whole I'm excited for the surge to really enjoy the first one have a great day guys have a great day wholesome nice yeah we we read mostly a hundred percent in the comments right there almost all the clients so if we read out a lot of negative ones and you think you know I left a positive one we we've read all the comments we just don't we just don't read out some of the positive ones but we do really appreciate every single comment as to our engagement as to promoting our videos and the algorithm the last verse there's stuff so don't think that we don't appreciate you guys just because we don't read them out I think it's funner to read out the triggered ones and the and the stupid ones because we can just send the piss out them essentially in general thank you everybody for supporting content leaving the likes on the videos and commenting and subscribing and hitting the belt and also stuff because it really helps us out and everyone over and patreon if you want to support the channel I'll say again patreon.com forward slash pretty good gaming if you've got a dollar or two to throw to us every single month we really appreciate it because without those donations we could not continue to produce and having said that that will do it for this podcast thanks for listening and watching and or watching wherever you listening or wherever you're watching and a behalf of het mr. Henry Cooper and I we will see you again neck no we won't you will see us again next time

27 thoughts on “EA NOT The Bad Guy! | Is Steam Stunting The Gaming industry? & More | Gaming Podcast #24 of 2019

  1. Challenge for video game music for Gaz: through the Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero 3. On Expert. Haha, gotcha!
    On WoW, if they had retailed that at $200 ON LAUNCH would he have bought it? No. Because that's ridiculous. Which is why nothing is launched at $200 base price. He wouldn't know he'd love it in ten years at the Point of sale so you can't then retrospectively take the high ground on a particular experience that happened to work in your personal favour and then 'educate' everyone like you're a gaming guru we should all bow to? That's fkn ridiculous. Imagine if Anthem launched at $200 he bought it, played it for 6 hours and hated it? H'ed be moaning about it then, free updates or not! Price and value are not the same thing and the definition of both will vary person to person dependent on even more factors personal in their life to them. People put too much value in their own importance and their opinion to the point they can't separate that from their emotions or have a "outside looking in" perspective. Fuck it, UNSUBSCRIBED!

  2. Pretty Good Gaming

    I want to shed some light on why I am defending Steam over Epic Games Store. I am only Pro Consumer. That is why I will never ever buy nVidia and Intel hardware again, because they play dirty to keep AMD down (thank god they beat Intel now and are atleast competetive vs nVidia again on price-to-performance and made 6 cores 12 threads the standard for PC gaming) and keep milking their customers for minimal progression in performance for more and more money over the years.

    Epic does something similar, with getting exclusives. They take themselves out of competition and thus are bad for the consumer, because they have no choice but to buy at their store. And even though it seems harsh, but I only care about my wallet. I do not give a single fuck about the publisher of a game. The only thing that would bring me to boycott games by certain developers is if they treat their employees like shit (I look at you Rockstar, Activision, CDPR and many more). Because if I keep buying their games regardless I warrant, that treating your developers like shit keeps selling their games.

    Which brings me to my third and most important point: I am more or less taken hostage by Steam. I have over 800 games on Steam, which means, that spending money on Epic in my head is like starting to walk the road of destroying my video game library in the future. I do not want to do anything to bring Steam closer to shutting down servers in the future, because they then are no longer the big player on the market. That would mean, that all the money spent on those games was forever lost in case Steam is shut down. Basically rendering all my time spent at my job working for the money I spent on those games wasted. Time I will never get back doing something I only do to survive and try to better the time I spend with things I do like. And I am not willing to rebuild this library on a new platform while shrugging it off. I know that sounds neurotic, but those are the reasons why I will never buy a single game on Epic Games Store. I will take the free games though, but nothing more.

  3. well am so happy you would`nt miss steam if it went ,u prick you going to pay me for the games i got on their your full of shit and i would`nt miss you if you fucked off & you getting payed of epic or gog,if you think i am going to install another 10 steam type stores on my hard drive why would you want steam to go & come on go at me ,
    no one going to miss your yt channel if it went

  4. Can you imagine Boeing making the 'we're so big' speech, right after the 737 crashes? Guess what EA? Boeing, as inept as a small number of employees were, was not collectively stupid enough to make such a brilliantly idiotic statement.

  5. Instead of believing all that crap about saving the industry from Epic, why don't you actually look at their actions? Who are the ones bullying their way around? It's not Valve, and it's never really been Valve. They dominated the industry and while they're certainly not perfect they never became a tyrant. I don't believe apart from their own games that they ever forced people to buy there. Can you imagine an EA or Activision in Steams position and what they would have been like? Epic are the only store that insist you buy certain third-party games only from them. They are the only ones to rob people of games that they kick-started or pre-ordered. Their actions show their morals.

    Another thing you didn't mention is that Epic has shareholders and Steam don't. Companies with shareholders will almost always be more greedy than those privately owned, the very reason for their existence is profit. A company owned by a small few can have a vision and can hold back dividends to invest without any trouble, whereas a publicly owned company has to give ever bigger returns to their shareholders or suffer the consequences.

    Competition is good, of course it is, but this isn't competition, this is aggressively buying market share. There is a massive difference and a lot of people don't seem to understand that difference. Competition would be making the games available everywhere and allowing the developers to charge less on Epic and them making the same profit – everyone wins. This is the equivalent of only having one internet supplier in your area. By the way I have not seen the prices drop with the new profit share, apart from during the Epic sale debacle, so the advantage for the consumers you were discussing has not and I suspect will not materialise. This is about the developers and mostly for Epic – it's not for us.

    In my opinion GOG is the best store by a mile, I have no fanboy tendencies towards Valve (it's sad that I have to say that), but I was just annoyed that you're ignoring the evidence of the whole last year and readily believing what you're being told by a shareholder owned company. You chose not to believe EA because of their history, quite rightly, in the first segment and then went on to swallow what Epic said, despite theirs.

  6. Alright Henry, I’ll stay subscribed. But if I hear any more anti-coleslaw propaganda, I’m gone. Keep up the good work, love the streams 👌

  7. I think you guys are the only youtube channel that talk objectively about Epic store and Steam, even the comment sections are full of Steam worshipers, is scary, nice podcast

  8. I'm hardly pro Stadia and I'm always wanting to hear any concerns with new technology before adopting it, but there's very little in the way of even giving the unknown aspects a benefit of the doubt. It seems so negative that it's difficult to find any neutral news, without venturing into seemingly sponsored stuff. I'm a little bummed at not being able to learn more to sate my curiosity, that's somewhere between complete dismissal and promotional material.

  9. 41:30 Don't forget about GOG curating all these very old games, securing the publishing rights, rewriting code, backwards engeneering the code (if the source code is lost), making them work on modern PCs, rereleasing them and maintaining them (patches with every Windows update, of necessary), publishing the handbooks in all available languages – that's a lot of work for games, they sell for 2 Euros/Dollars/Pounds. My guess is, that GOG looses money in the long run with maintaining the old games and that they have to crossfinance this with the split of the sales of newer games. But in this case the 70/30 split is okay – because they put a lot of work and passion in it . and they preserve video game history.
    I love GOG and it's my first address for purchasing games digitally. I don't like Steam, but some games are not available on GOG, so i buy them on Steam – at least I trust Valve and Steam to act responsible with my personal data (as much as you can trust big corpos). Steam's 70/30 split is ridiculous. I bet they could offer a 90/10 rate and still make money – just not as much as currently. They have the server-costs and maintanance, customer support, I get this, but 70/30?! Seriously!
    I will never buy a game on Epic store as long as they don't prove to be trustworthy – and I will render them untrustworthy at least as long as Tencent or any other Chinese company or company with Chinese involvement is connected to Epic and as long as they don't improve their stance on data protection and some convenience functions. In fact, I'm very interested in The Outer Worlds, but I will wait, until it's not Epic-exclusive anymore.
    1:04:40 I can totally get you Gaz – the Stardew Valley OST is super nice (I esp. love autumn and winter seasonal music), but what I can really recommend are The Witcher soundtracks, esp. from the first game – best OST I've experienced, ever.

  10. That part about everyone in the industry getting highlighted for bad shit isn't true though.

    For example, everyone praises CD Project Red for being 'The developer we don't deserve', yet the technical problems of their games were never called out. The Witcher 3 on PS4 has to this day unfixed major bugs and glitches, Gwent The Witcher Card game downright crashes 3 times in ten minutes, has giant white squares in the middle of menu's and has LOOTBOXES. Even Thronebreaker, their latest game, has major lag (in a single player game -_-) and crashed within 43 minutes of playing it. But nobody ever called them out for delivering unfinished broken games.

    Another example, a lot of people give EA shit for making unfinished, micro-transactions filled games, yet when Ubisoft releases Assassins Creed Odyssey people even defend them! Even though every Ubisoft game now releases with Lootboxes and even Game Boosters because they throttle the progression in their game!!


  11. thief dictionary must be using an old definition, in our age of digital world thief exists, what are hackers etc. what is stealing information. that one is just dumb to argue

  12. Metro Exodus breaking franchise records is honestly no surprise at all, the redux games really got metro on many peoples radars and created a lot of fans as they are really solid definitive versions of the games. The epic store was not the cause of the success, people downloaded the launcher because they wanted their fucking metro.

  13. I dont defend the 70/30 split, but I think it's not a simple as either side makes it out to be. No one has any idea how much it costs Steam to run it's store front. In retail, physical games can be bought whole say for $30-$50 depending on the size of the order, and the publisher, which means the publisher is making %50-%83 (which probably averages out to 30%) off of physical sales. Is Steam's price unfair? Only Steam knows. We can try to extrapolate what we will from the news and from these companies, but we dont have the numbers to know what is fair. Half of what Epic says is for marketing so you cant take their claims at face value.

    You pay for access. This is the case across all businesses. The larger the market a company can get your product to, the more you pay that company. It's true for retail, digital sales, selling your house, deals with investors and business partners and so on. it's why Game-stop got the best deal for wholesale games, because publishers pay, in the form of selling whole sale stuff to them cheaper, for the access to the market that Game Stop offered. Is paying for access right, or fair? I dont know. I dont know what it costs for a company to build that market or to maintain it.

    Epic is not currently operating at profit, so who knows if their business model works. Maybe 30% is the least a company can charge and make profit. If Sony, Microsoft, GOG, Retail and so on have pretty much settled there, that is a pretty strong argument for 30% being what a company needs to make a profit.

  14. Initially, I didn’t think that the first TFC (Triggered Fanboy Comment) could be beaten. However, I must cast my vote for the second one, as that sad schmuck put a lot more time and energy into making a fool of themselves. Effort deserves recognition.

  15. Regarding EPIC: "Competition" does NOT equal "Exclusivity" . Exclusivity is completely anti-consumer! Also since when are consumers supposed to police "fair" profit margins (name any other product we do that for?). But let's assume that Developers/Publishers (likely Publishers) are "choosing" to be only on EPIC for better profit margins, then just state "we are distributing through EPIC ONLY for better margins" and it puts the pressure on Steam not EPIC. The usual goal of consumers is to get the best quality for the cheapest price IMO.

  16. How about Epic starts offering regional pricing like Steam does then we talk, until that happens Epic can suk it and they can go bankrupt as far as I care. Steam makes game affordable for us gamers at lowet income region while no other storefront, not even GOG, bothered to do so. Steam single-handedly drives down the piracy rate in all these region because they made it pointless to pirate a a game. If Steam do go away, say hello to 90% piracy rate again at my region. It is going to be a clear loss and bad to the whole industry just because of that and Epic is steering the industry into that direction, so go ahead and shill for Epic.

    Also start offering cloud save, mod workshop, forum and most important, a freaking shopping cart.

  17. In the name of the whole WoW community, I'd like to apologize for this knobhead. He probably did not enjoy the last few expansions and has to somehow justify his spending habits with some false sense of value for money.

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