hello friends probably every person who loves gaming thought at least once that it'll be cool to become a professional gamer what the job way you spend your time playing your favorite games sounds like a dream job in fact it turns out that cyber sports like any other profession is complex requires self-discipline endurance and considerable effort so let's be honest if you watch this video it's unlikely you desperately want to become a professional gamer buts if you want to impress your friends and relatives with your skills you need to learn from the best right that's why we've picked for you all sorts of tricks that professional gamers use let's get it on first of all let's talk about equipping the gaming space no of course we won't tell you that you should throw out your old computer and replace it with a new super productive one or that you should upgrade the hardware every couple of months there are more simple and affordable ways to improve the game equipment if you've been interested in gaming before you probably know all professional gamers advise to forget about the wireless mouse and keyboard according to them they have more response time than the wired ones a normal person will think that this is a trifle but for professional gamers these are very important in addition the pros recommend not to use the mouse with a bunch of buttons they look impressive of course but they're actually not that useful if anything they only distract you the ideal gaming mouse has two buttons and a wheel that's it you don't need anything else as for the keyboard the requirements here are not so straight most pro gamers prefer mechanical keyboards there are also fans of membrane models so first of all trust your own feelings use the keyboard that seems most comfortable to you ok so we're done with a mouse and keyboard do you think we can move on to other points no few people know that buying the right mouse is just half the case it's important to make sure that the wire doesn't cling to anything otherwise the mouse can fail at the most crucial moments to make the wire move freely gamers use a special holder it's approximate cost is $50 however if you don't want to spend money on such a device you can make it with your own hands use a binder clip for this another way to improve the quality of gaming in a more or less easy way is to adjust the monitor and the game itself fps is very important if you want to shoot accurately and react quickly to the actions of the opponent in case you didn't know it means frames per second on a computer or TV screen in a movie a second usually contains 25 to 30 frames or computer games are quite another matter the ideal indicator is 60 fps plus it provides a smooth optimal picture for the game it depends on a large number of factors for example on productivity professional gamers advise if you don't have a very powerful computer don't set the game settings to maximum why well because the higher the quality of graphics the heavier the computer is loaded which means the greater the probability that at the most critical moments the FPS will decrease this is likely to prevent you from shooting accurately dodging or hiding if you're thinking about changing the monitor or decided to dig into its settings pay attention to the Hertz this is this screen refresh rate the higher the rates the smoother the picture you'll get if you play a dynamic game when everything is constantly moving around you'll notice the difference between 60 Hertz and 120 or 144 Hertz change your monitor with a monitor with more Hertz and suddenly you're hit targets more often finally we can go from accessories to other equipments of the gamers place the chair if you play just half an hour to an hour a day you probably won't need a special chair however for long game lovers spending at least two to three plus hours on a computer a gamer chair is not a whim but a necessity indeed a large number of pros use dxracer or clutch chairs and that's why their ergonomic and therefore provide an optimal position of the body has it ever happened to you that after a long sitting at the computer your back or neck begins to hurt this is a perfectly normal reaction of our body but that's not okay if you need to play for a long time without losing concentration therefore the chairs are designed to reduce the load upon the spine and to prevent pain at first sitting in such an armchair may seem uncomfortable but this is only because the body is not accustomed to the right position almost all elements of the chair are adjustable the position of the pillows the heights and the rotation of the arm rests the height of the chair itself because of the unusual shape of the chair if you choose the wrong model you won't be comfortable at all therefore manufacturers produce chairs of different sizes so that every gamer can find the right one for him or herself do you want to play for hours and not get tired then you know what you should buy the next thing we advise you to pay attention to is the mousepad during the game the hands movement should be sharp and fast uneven or a surface not smooth enough under the mouse can create critical problems for important moments of the game that's why professional gamers prefer to use special mouse pads as a rule they have an even uniform surface and a rubber base which prevents slipping most often we see prosed huge pads covering almost half the table such dimensions are chosen for a reason firstly the keyboard on such a rug is convenient to move even with one hand for some gamers this is important secondly the most unpleasant thing that can happen to a gamer during the game is insufficient space for the mouse you need to turn around sharply examine the place you move your hand to one side but there's nowhere to move the has ended a professional rug simply will not let this happen and besides the mouse moves faster on a good pad and the sensor is more sensitive to the changing position of the hand the trick we're about to show you is rather controversial but we decided to tell you about it anyway who knows maybe it'll help you someday just remember that we're all different which means that the same thing can work for some people and not work for others some professional gamers claimed that they quickly shoot at opponents and always hit the target not only because they spent dozens of thousands of hours playing the game their secret is practicing on simulators for reaction and accuracy they're all different the most popular ones are 'soul and aim hero but in fact there are a lot of similar games all of them work on the same principle you just need to quickly click on the icons the higher the level in the game the faster you have to act sometimes gamers use these simulators before the game to tune in and so to speak warm up but you know there are pros you don't do anything like that and generally believe that reaction simulators are stupid you need to train only in your game so think for yourself ok try to play and if you improve a skill of gaming great if you don't then leave it and don't waste your time you can try and do another method which is used not by all but by quite a large number of professional gamers the fact is that in first-person shooters is very important to keep all space around you under control for this you should have an excellent overview but it is simply impossible to achieve it if you only move your wrist yes the camera changes its position but this is not enough there are still blind spots on the sides and to see what's there you need to make excess hand movements in order not to face a similar problem some pros move their arms from the elbow by the way this playing style requires a large pad under your mouse this is not the only problem often players have nowhere to rest their elbow so not only is the pad too small but the whole table there is a way out of the situation and here it is you need to sit down at the table corner why's this position of the body provides enough space to rest the elbow and for the movements of a hand the main thing is to turn the keyboard and the monitor to finally we've prepared tricks from real hardcore gamers do you want to improve your gaming skills at any cost and nothing will stop you well in this case the following advice is for you the first one is useful in case you're slightly overheated well that happens sometimes you're sitting playing for a whole day you're tired and it seems that you've starts to think with difficulty not professional gamers in this case just quit playing and Gotha gets an air however rest is an inadmissible luxury for professional gamers some to refresh themselves sprinkle cold water on the face and some came up with a more interesting way Jordan Gilbert better known as nothing uses the time before the game for cooling he puts a bag of ice on his head yes yes you didn't miss here quite an extreme way as it seems to us but the cold helps to cheer up and bring down the degree of heat because during the game it can sometimes be very very hot and one more tip after cooling your head don't forget to warm up your hands after this icy fingers are unlikely to fall on the right keys and quickly click on the mouse buttons well on the last trick for today which you can use in the game to resort to it you don't even have to prepare an advance the game is on you're focused and in no case can be distracted you can't even look away from the screen you are in full combat readiness however your mouse is not it's kind of stuck doesn't respond to movement in any other situation you could solve the problem very simply take a napkin and wipe the sensor well in this particular situation simply lick the sensor that's what Jasper wexel did during a csgo game we are sure that this method really works and will help to get rid of the dust that are stuck in the sensor but please only use this life hack in the most desperate situations okay you know microbes in germs and all that stuff amazing gadgets upcoming technologies incredible inventions and other cool stuff related to high tech on Tech Zone subscribe you won't progress it the link is on the screen and in the description thanks for watching please like and share the video in social networks and we'll be right back to you as fast as we can


  1. you don't need to drop $500+ on a chair if you only play 2-3 fucking hours. do more research on your videos before putting them out just for the money

  2. this video was so good and all the 10iq bot gamers with 60hz monitors talk like he has no clue about gaming. Typical idiots, no brain. This video is made for people that want to become amazing at a game and not for the 95% of the retards in the gaming community. Thats why its getting so much hate because of stupid braindead humans that have no clue but think they do.

  3. not only do you not know anything about competitive gaming, you also clearly don't know anything about video editing. At 2:55 you show the difference between 30 and 60FPS, in order to actually achieve this, the final video has to be rendered in 60FPS. This video is rendered in 30FPS, so they look exactly the same XD

  4. "The ideal gaming mouse has 2 buttons and a wheel"

    you clearly haven't played games before. e.g. in CS jump throws and radio communication is often bound to mouse buttons 4 and 5

  5. mice and keyboard are preference. Heavy, light, wide, narrow, lengthy, short, wire or wired are all viable as long as you find it comfortable. Same with keyboards.

    Monitors (144 hz is helpful for competitive)

    Gaming Chairs (overpriced gimmick)

    Pros will actually tell you to play with what makes you comfortable. Practice the game and that's all. It's like how pros change their aspect ratio to weird settings cuz they find it easier for them.

  6. If you guys want a comfortable chair that you can sit in for how ever long you want. Try to look for a recliner. Those are so comfortable and usually they are really soft and padded

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