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Hello lovely people! First thing. I’m going to have to give an apology My nails are just awful! I painted them especially for this video But the heat in Malaysia is so bad It actually melts off *laughs* My nail varnish has melted off my fingers What. What is that What is that So, for anyone who doesn’t know, I’m Jessica And my wife and I are currently on a two month tour of Malaysia. Tada~ Which is why I’m in a very hot place and I’m really not used to it. Because, back home in England it’s snowing. We are currently in Penang which is a li- uh.. its a small island to the north … west ? of peninsula Malaysia You can follow our travels and see where we’ve been I in fact have a playlist of all the Malaysia videos which you can find by going down to the description below This Dresslily review has probably been my most requested And I completely understand that! I was pretty interested myself. Because i think 90% of my facebook adverts are just for this company The other 10% , i think, are uh.. baby clothes because i have a new nephew oh! So I thought that I would take the plunge and I ordered from them 8 dresses With kind of mixed results I have a whole series of brand reviews for different sort of vintage brands and different shops Which again you can see by going to the link in the description or clicking the card above But i do understand completely that dressing vintage can be very, very expensive *cash register ching* I in fact wear nothing else but retro and vintage clothes so i do get it I do get the search for that wonderful shop where all the dresses are completely beautiful and super cheap Normally in a brand review I will take a look at the shop and i’ll break it down to the look, the sizing and wearability, the pricing and then the ease of shipping But Dresslily is not like that. No, no, no. They are not just one shop they are many shops all in the same – the same name – but all different names Its very confusing. Oh actually its a bit like Amazon, see saying it like that makes it better – easier to understand right They put that a lot on the website um because it-it has a say on the sizing Y’know, every shop is different and they all have different sizing charts So make sure that you go to every single sizing chart and check for the dresses And I did that and in some of the shops I was a small and in some of them I was a large But I just went by my measurements and I ordered them Not a great idea. That was not clever of me I was silly, I just should have ordered the small in all of the shops Because *laughs* yeah I’m a small in all of the shops Anyway, onto the dresses, I’m going to take you through each one of the eight I’m going to give you the good points, the bad points Whether I recommend them and then the final verdict at the end I should begin by saying that in terms of dress size, so you have reference all the way through I’m a UK size 8, I know that corresponds to a US size 4 And I chose all of these based on my measurements not the dress sizes Dress number one *fabric rustles* Here’s what it looked like on the website And here’s what it looks like on me As you can see it is a little large It actually seems about two sizes too large But I think that was my mistake because I ordered the medium When I should have just ordered the small It’s a beautiful colour, however, and the material is 100% cotton So it feels really good quality. And I’ve actually – I ha – I wore this. Still a bit big But I’m running out of clothes to wear So I wore it and people were very complimentary of it I like the pleats here at the front I think that’s a lovely way of getting a circle skirt So in terms of the good points of this dress; The colour – absolutely stunning And its not – It’s quite a bright colour, I’m not sure I would have bought this if I’d seen it in a shop But now I have it I’m quite pleased to have something in that colour The fabric is really great. I really like it I’m pleased that it’s 100% cotton Yeah, I really like the pleats, and the sleeves. The sleeves are quite cute they sit very nicely Bad points; It’s too big. That was pretty obvious One other bad point would probably be that I feel the cut is a little high On the front of the dress, for the neckline. That’s just me That’s a preference, Some people like it that way I happen to have a large chest so *whispered* gotta work with what I’m given And here is the dress with a petticoat and belt You can see it makes quite a difference, it’s very adorable and i enjoy it very much Again; lots of compliments on it.. and that’s pretty much what you want with a dress really Dress number 2! as you can see from the picture on the website i though it was going to be a deeper burgundy colour it’s not. It’s a very, very bright red And it makes me look like a mint humbug according to claudia But you know what? I don’t mind that Here’s what it looks like on without a petticoat and I’m rather enjoying it actually It’s very light to wear which is good in a hot country You can just sort of swing it around, have a good time.. Like I am doing And here it is with a petticoat on. I think its a great fun kind of dress really This was one of my favourites So the good points about the dress are; it’s very light you can really swing around with it and get going rather nice *fabric rustling* there’s a lot of fabric as well which is good Didn’t stinge on the fabric I very much enjoy the detailing here that’s very nice It also has one of those um sticky plastic-y things along the inside so that it sticks to your skin and does not fall off *whispers* which is very helpful lets be honest Two negatives; number one, not everyone wants to look like a mint humbug But number two would be that the fabric is quite warm Because it is a synthetic fabric so it can get quite hot Now this dress I would say did fit me Even though it’s a medium and as you saw the one previously was a medium ‘Follow sizing charts better than I do’ I think is the moral of this story Dress number three Now this one is a-a large and it didn’t really fit me But here it is on the website And here it is on me Claudia says the fact that it doesn’t fit makes it look like a dinner lady dress I really like this dress however, I think it’s wonderful I really wish it-it was in my size A lovely flattering collarline It’s got pockets at the front, its very 1950s housewife Which let’s be honest is my aesthetic Plus points; I think the cut is very flattering The check is lovely, I’m very pleased its 100% cotton Bad points Oh it has a side zip rather than a back zip I always think that if you’ve got your nice hair and makeup done And then you put your dress on, it’s much easier to have a back zip And you can just step in, bring it over and zip up the back Then you’ve got a side zip *unintelligible* And yeah it-it didn’t look great in that – in that size that was a mistake But here it is with a petticoat and a belt And you can see how lovely it actually is Dress number 4 Here it is on the website I think we can all agree that is an adorable pattern The colours together are splendid What a lovely cut with those pleats Oh. I ordered the size medium And it doesn’t – it didn’t fit No, there was no. No no was not the world’s most flattering And then I put a petticoat underneath it Though maybe that would do something But unfortunately there was no saving the fact that this dress was – was too large for me I – its got a beautiful pattern tho, that’s very nice Also downsides is um. Is the fabric. It’s very hot *laughs* I am in Malaysia and it is a double layer of synthetic fabric Plus points; um it’s – it’s a lovely colour very nice design Negatives; oh my God it’s the world’s hottest dress Buy it if you live in a very cold country Dress number five! Now this is a dress you will of course recognise if you have seen our Penang vlog Because I wear it in the temple and when we’re going on a big tour of Penang And I absolutely love it And so now it-it’s awash It’s a really easy dress to wear Even though this is synthetic material again It’s not so tightly woven If that makes sense, you can still breathe through it quite well It’s a gorgeous cut, It’s got that kind of Marilyn Monroe feel about it You can wear it with or without a petticoat i found Because even without its still very flattering I’d say of them all, this without a petticoat along with the blue one I am currently wearing Uh were the most flattering if you didnt put a petticoat underneath The others you very much needed to put a petticoat under To get the look that you’re going for The colour is a very bright red, its not something I’d neccesarily Again, not something I’d neccesarily buy But now I have it I’m really pleased Because it’s a very fun colour, it’s a very fun cut and it’s great to wear So yeah, I think those were all the plus points there that I just went through Don’t really need to do that Negatives; uh yeah synthetic fabric It’s not as tight in the waist as it could be You need a dress that makes you really feel yourself as you walk along the street Sixth Dress! *fabric rustles* I really, really like the cut of this dress I really like the colour of this dress I think that it’s lovely It just, unfortunately, was ordered in a size large Why do I do this Of all the dresses I ordered This was probably the one I was most looking forward to wearing I thought it would be fantastic and look really lovely But then I put a petticoat and a belt on and I feel like that rather saved the look So I think we were ok I wore it out because again I have no dresses, I have run out. The next hotel will have a laundry service so The cut of this dress is truely very flattering It’s lovely, and I wish I had this dress in the small It’s again 100% cotton Which a lot of the more covering dresses seem to be, it’s quite interesting The halternecks not so much It’s printed onto the fabric, again it’s lovely. It has two decorative buttons Negatives; too big for me I mean I can’t – I don’t know how the cut will be when it’s in your size Because the shoulders felt a little tight here But again that could just be the large and the fact that I had to hold it down with a belt Onto the penultimate dress! And it looked like this on the website I have feelings about this dress I had high hopes for it, thought it was going to look really good Really like that it’s 100% cotton, like the colours It just didn’t really pan out Which again could be because I stupidly ordered a size… What is it. Oh it is a size large Don’t do that Again of you’re thinking of ordering from this site please follow my example By not following my example The elastic at the back is only along the top I would have preffered a fully elasticated back Or else just a more tightly fitting dress I feel like with a halterneck you don’t really need an elasticated back Because you do have the halter and it will hold itself up I’ve been looking at this shape, this kind of cut for quite a while I like the overlay with having the skirt underneath and then a skirt on top I thought it would look very nice If you add a petticoat and a belt to it though, it is rather fun! Look at that! That’s a fun party dress That’s a good dress, I enjoyed that dress Moving on to our final dress! Number 8, which I am wearing so I.. This dress is a really lovely – really lovely halterneck I’ve been wearing this dress a lot, again as you probably saw from the penang video It has adorable pockets You can wear it with or without a petticoat either way is lovely It’s got very nice piping detailing at the front some buttons Although the material is synthetic, it again like the red dress It’s a much looser weave So it is quite breathable And with a petticoat it is even better! look at that swing! I’d also like to take a moment to point out that a lot of the dresses are inspired by dresses that you can find elsewhere obviously there’s a thing about inspiration and taking the idea of something A lot of vintage clothes are based on things from way back when Whether that be dress patterns or pictures that we’ve seen I’ve tried to keep my selection of dresses to those that are just original to Dresslily And you can make your own mind up where you fall on that divide In conclusion My favourites are this blue halterneck dress The red halterneck dress And even though neither of them fit me These two dresses! They’re delightful I would reccomend you buy those 4 I thought those were rather nice When I imagined the dresses and what they would be like I wasn’t very sure But actually some of them are really nice, some of them are ones that I would definitely wear again These two I think I will be getting in my actual size Also in conclusion; don’t be foolish Do what your heart tells you to when it comes to a sizing chart I hope you have enjoyed this video And that you’ve found it helpful in some way If you’ve ordered from Dresslily before then let me know down in the comments Tell me what your experience was and what the dress was like Whether you like it and would reccomend it to other people A solid few of these dresses were very nice If you’re new here then hello! Come in. Take a look around Watch some videos, I hope there’s something that you like And I hope that you’ll subscribe You can also follow me on Instagram where I post lots more vintage dress loveliness You can also follow my couples page with my wife for travel stuff If you have any other brands you would like me to do a review of please let me know down below as well And I’ll have a look at those and maybe they’ll be next in my review series See you soon! *kiss sound* ~retro music~

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  14. Clothes should be easy to have altered there and hopefully cheaply! See if your in-laws know of an alterations lady. A good seamstress will be able to use the extra fabric of the blue polka dot dress and give you more room in the shoulders. The extra fabric from the others you might be able to make headbands out of. What's important is the room for your bust. The rest can be taken in. You'll like the warmer fabrics when it's chilly in Britain! We had a lovely horizontal freezing rain yesterday. 🙁 love your vids!

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  27. I'm afraid I will never use Dresslily again. I placed an order, was assured everything was in stock. Waited two weeks and my order wasn't even processed. Was then vaguely told that due to some kind of spring festival (this was January…) there was a delay in restocking. Restocking, huh? Restocking those items you assured me were in stock in the first place?

    After then waiting a further TWO MONTHS, I was informed that they couldn't restock the two items and couldn't complete my order. Genuinely the worst service I've ever had through any online clothing business. The only good thing I can say is that I got a refund.

  28. brilliant video, i just wish you had stated the price of each dress as you went along, it would be very helpful! <3

  29. My online shopping experience is mostly from ModCloth, but my strategy is to look at the sizing chart, then look at the reviews to see if other people think the size chart is accurate, see if someone with a similar body type to me has left a review (I’m short with a smaller bust and huge freaking hips so it’s sometimes hard to tell how stuff will look on me), then ask my mom what she thinks (she’s better at guessing whether things will fit or not), and then order. Not sure if dresslily has reviews but they have been the best way for me to decide on other sites

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    Jessica, you mentioned the cost and time spent hunting for vintage. You should contact some of these companies. You would be the perfect woman to showcase the clothes on social media! 👍🏼and THEY could PAY you! Seriously!!

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  50. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Dresslily on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/dresslily-review/ Thanks, Elias.

  51. I bought two Dresslily dresses, and I kind of semi-regret it… Actually one is exactly the same as your checkered blue-and-white one, I loved it in the review. Both dresses look like the picture and look pretty, generally. I heeded your advice and bought my size (S) regardless of the size charts, and it worked out fine. The blue dress is still a size too big for me (I have 87 cm chest, which is, indeed, more XS than S), but it's good with a belt and good enough without. However! The regret comes from the fact that they totally lied about the fabric. Both dresses say 95% cotton, 5% elastane, and this was super important for me, as I live in Israel, which is a very hot country. But by their feel and behavior, I can say for sure as a textile crafter (and as a person with experience living in a hot climate) that they're 100% polyester. I wish they didn't lie about the fabric. Of course, your review was actually honest about this website (you also mentioned that it had lots of synthetic fabrics). I think it's totally my fault for biting the bait of super-cheapness (I paid $40 for 2 dresses, which is less than one dress from a proper brand). I'm going to wear them, because they're cute, but I won't buy no-name retro dresses anymore. I'd rather stick to small European brands (I'm a fan of British Retro!). And my consciousness will be cleaner for it.

  52. Have you heard of Rock my Vintage? I think they do beautiful dresses and have good styles. They may not be all your style but worth a look, they are not the cheapest so you have to really think about what your buying but they haven't let me down yet in quality and fit.

  53. Hiii Jessica. I am currently trying to choose a mobility car on the Motability Scheme. Do you have any advice on picking a suitable car or any car based disability aids?

  54. I ordered a dress from DressLily recently (my first purchase from there) and it hasn't arrived yet but these vids I've watched from youtube ease my mind after getting worried on review sites. Thanks!

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