Dress up a Sheet Cake: Christmas Poinsettia Cake

Hello. Welcome to American Baker in Germany. I’m Michelle and today we are continuing
our series on how to dress up a sheet cake. And this time it is Christmas themed with
poinsettias. Let’s get started. I colored some buttercream red, green and
yellow using gel food coloring. I’m using two different leaf tips and a
small round piping tip today. I put red buttercream in a piping bag with
the smaller leaf tip, green with the larger leaf tip and yellow with the small round tip. I begin with a frosted sheet cake. You can frost it yourself, you can leave it
in the pan and only frost the top, or you can buy it frosted. Using the green buttercream with a leaf tip,
I piped clusters of leaves fanning from a central point, beginning with the corners. Then I piped one in the middle of the short
side, and three along the longer side. The pattern I used was similar to an eight-pointed
star, but this is only half of it. Next, I piped some red leaves directly on
top of the green piped leaves. But these come out in the gaps between the
green leaves. I love it. I think it looks just like a poinsettia. Then I basically did the exact same thing
on the top of the cake. I piped eight pointed stars with the green
buttercream using a leaf tip, Then piped red leaves in the gaps of the green leaves. I piped a few extra leaves on the center poinsettia
for good measure. Finally, using the yellow buttercream with
a round tip, I piped a bunch of dots in the middle of each poinsettia. There’s no exact number. I basically just covered the ends of the piped
leaves. Just keep them clustered together and it will
look natural. I did the exact same thing on the side of
the cake. I love how this cake turned out. It’s so very festive and fun. Merry Christmas! For more cakes and tutorials, including more
Christmas cakes, visit our website at AmericanBakerinGermany.com. We’re also on Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the notification
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