100 thoughts on “Dress It Yourself: 6 Back to School & Work Outfit Ideas by ANNEORSHINE

  1. Loved all the outfits… just wished I was that thin unfortunately outfits like that are not for all body types… still very helpful tips…

  2. Try similar ideas/styles that are more suited for your body type 🙂 God made you beautiful. Just find out what wrks for you!

  3. I work in a more professional office, could you pretty pretty please make a video for that. These outfits are adorable but they just wouldn't fly

  4. Absolutely love all these looks!unfortunately in our country these clothes won't be enough for autumn.but anyway thanks for ideas!

  5. All of this outfit are amazing, and i thing that in every (Drees It Yourself) videos you try to say for us a massage that says {your are beautiful, you can wear what ever you want and match it with anything you want .. Just believe in your self} .. 🌹

  6. The last looks were reversed in my opinion, especially since the last work outfit had open shoes, at least by what I was told: it's not professional if we can see your feet.

  7. loved them all keep on doing these videos please.. I am a student and I work in an office where we wear casual outfits.. So this vid fit perfectly into my lifestyle!!!!

  8. loved it!! But just curious do u happen to have any ideas about a lawyer look? Im still in school but on occasions i have to appear in court but don't own any fancy suits… HELP!

  9. Yes! this was so helpful, i was looking for more interviewing style clothes but some of these work too! maybe you can do another video more towards interviewing inspired looks for different works and for maybe those that are teenagers?:D  

  10. Hey I'm 20 years old and a mother of two, going to school and work could you maybe do something that could fit the mother lifestyle and professional of school and work 🙂

  11. Hi everyone! I am working on a website of lookbooks! Please please please check it out and share with friends and family! https://keatonrow.com/rubytran

  12. You know that blank wall behind Ann she should put an painting of

    D I Y Or. Do It
    r t o Your
    e u self
    s r
    s s

  13. Wow, I love how a lot of these outfits can really work for anybody! Whether it's slightly chilly out or more on the warm side, you got both. 🙂 

  14. The brown flats you have in this video I found at my local thrift store for $4.00! Mossimo brand, I'm pretty sure that's the brand of stuff Target carries. 

  15. I love your mix and match kind of videos! And your fall and winter videos are great as well, because most fall fashion videos are way to cold to wear.
    Keep them coming!

  16. YouTube-rs like yourself, Shirley B Eniang, The Daily Connoisseur and Wendy's Lookbook have all  been incredibly helpful as I work on developing my capsule wardrobe. I have subscribed — thank you for sharing this with the YT community!

  17. I wonder if elementary schools will allow teachers to dress up in heeled boots with their semi business casual outfits.

  18. New subscriber here! I really appreciate this video. I am a full time student in my last semester and I also do research in a professional environment. Needless to say I am happy to have come across this video. Would you be able to do an updated version for 2015?

  19. this has to be one of the best videos for business casual i have seen. very cute yet realistic clothing. thumbs up.

  20. Me encantan todos tus outfit y los subtitulos en tus videos, porque asi aprendo mejor el ingles, gracias, muy linda, chao

  21. love how you put pieces together so effortlessly! please do more of these! I stand at my closet door puzzled and clueless most mornings 🙁

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