Dream Waterfront Mansion in Miami Beach — Lifestyle Production Group

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15 thoughts on “Dream Waterfront Mansion in Miami Beach — Lifestyle Production Group

  1. I just love every production – so inspiring for my own real estate videos

  2. I love modern architecture, but unfortunately, so often it is badly designed and rather soulless. This is most definitely not the case. The layout looks good and the interior decoration makes it homely and inviting. I could happily live in a house like this.

  3. Not bad for $13.5M… The first thing I'd usually do here is be a champion for the original house that was put in a landfill to be replaced with some new cookie cutter McBox that's cold and identical to all the others. However, this time I won't. First, the original house was in a really nice location and to be fair, wasn't all that great itself. I do love my old houses but in this case, I'm ok with what was done. Second, for a modern shoebox house, this is the second best one I've seen. It's clean, well designed, yet so warm and cozy that almost anyone could see themselves living here. Kudos to the design team, what a well done project. Very impressive. To LPG, yes, the night shots are a nice touch. We realize it makes more work for you as you need to spend more time reshooting everything after dark, but most people live in their houses after dark and it really shows the viewer the entirely different atmosphere a properly illuminated home can take on after dark. Keep doing that for sure when conditions allow! Besides, Miami can squeak out a nice sunset every now and then! Also, thank you for the garage shots, which are rare. We like to see what kind of parking is available for the exotics! Great job, keep it up!

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