Dr. Dean Ornish Says Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Chronic Heart Disease | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

– So you have done studies
on people who have actually– I know, over the years– who have reversed
chronic heart disease? We’ve found that even severe
heart disease can be reversed. Type 2 diabetes, high blood
pressure, high cholesterol. We did the first
randomized trial showing with Dr. Peter Carroll,
who is the Chair of Urology at UCSF; and the late Bill Fair
when he was the chair at Sloan Kettering, that even early-stage
prostate cancer may be slowed, stopped, and even reversed. If it’s true for
prostate cancer, there’s a good chance it’ll
be true for breast cancer. We can reverse aging and
change gene expression. And we’re now doing the
first randomized trial to see whether these same
lifestyle changes may be able to reverse the progression
of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. My mom died of Alzheimer’s,
it runs in our family. And there are no good drugs
either for treating it or for preventing it. And I think we’re at a place
with Alzheimer’s, very much like we were with heart
disease 40 years ago. It’s the same mechanisms
that cause it. Less intensive interventions may
slow the rate of progression. We think– we hope to show,
we don’t know of course yet, but we hope to show
that we’ve made– that a more intensive
intervention may actually reverse it.

6 thoughts on “Dr. Dean Ornish Says Lifestyle Changes Can Reverse Chronic Heart Disease | SuperSoul Sunday | OWN

  1. I’m going to check his book out. I believe everything we need is on earth. There are so many herbs and natural solutions. I’m on a journey of healing. I have Gastroparesis

  2. Am overjoyed that Dean and Anne Ornish are going to be on the show. Have been following Dr, Ornish's plant based, meditation lifestyle advise for years and its the best for mind, body, spirit, society and the earth!!

  3. Whole food plant-based eating has dramatically changed the lives of so many people! I am overjoyed that Dr. and Mrs. Ornish continue to dedicate their expertise and passion to such a worthy world-wide cause!!! I applaud them whole-heartedly!!

  4. Going in for bypass surgery soon. How do you reverse heart disease when you are 100% blocked in the right artery and 80% in the left? And on top of that, it is calcified. Too late for me!

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