DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME STOCK photographers – Visual Trends 2019

Ahoj! This is Zdenka. If you want your passive
income in stock to pop this year then you need to keep an eye on what’s trending this
year. Stop wasting time with taking general stock photos, it is already saturated. There
are millions of them. Let’s look at visual trends in stock photography and video for
2019. And for the new faces, my name is Zdenka Darula. I work as a stock photographer since
2007. If you enjoy tutorials, tech reviews, fun vlogs and creative camera challenges,
then you might consider hitting the subscribe button. I am currently planning few outdoor
stock photo and video sessions because the season has arrived, it’s beautiful outside
and very naturally for that part of the planning process is to finding what is tranding this
year to make sure I actually hit the sales. It just doesn’t make sense for me to photograph
something which is general it’s already there, I want to make sure the sales pop. Since I’ve
done all the research I thought this would be great idea to share it with you, mainly
for those who are wondering what to shoot for stock. So listen up carefully, here are
visual trends for 2019. And as a bonus this video is all about outdoors visual trends.
Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button though because the next video will be all about indoor
visual trends. But let’s move on to the first one. Outdoor visual trend is here, it is number 1. Nature. Nature photos and videos were always big in stock. It is currently trending because of
the concern for rising temperatures. Would I would do, I would actually incorporate it
in my stock shoots. I would take some photos of landscape but I would give it a story.
I would place a person just sort of happen to be there in a shot. So as I am taking photo
of landscape the person could be just standing there looking at the horizon, or sitting,
or laying down or dreaming, or resting or just walking by. But just happen to be there
in a shot. I also have seen a big rise in photos of women gardening. Taking care of
plants, seeding them, watering them, just being around new fresh plants. Topic number
2. Emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. Technology is increasing, no doubt there.
People are walking on the street, sitting, barely talking to one another. Everybody is
just scrolling, typing away, texting away, this digital world is creating lot of mental
problems. And people are starting to realize it and they are looking for a balance. Companies
noticed it and they are looking for photos and videos of showing natural elements and
natural feelings. Think of the photos and videos in the nature. Think of a person for
example sitting in the middle of the woods and doing yoga. Being right into it. The close
up should be on a person showing the true emotion the true feeling of them trying to
heal themselves with showing a beautiful nature in a background. Your photos should really
reflect emotional, physical and spiritual wellness. They should be full of emotion and
very clear message that the person is there to heal. Trend number 3. Storytelling and authenticity. This year will be all about capturing a day in life in a story. In a very real authentic
way, beautifully captured. What does it mean? I can see a family having a picnic together
in a park during beautiful sunset and the setting has to be very beautiful but the family
is not actually posing, they are really having a picnic, they are interacting together, they
are being extremely natural. It is up to the photographer to capture those real authentic
moments. Or there is a woman sitting in the market preparing her food for sale. The market
is very nicely lit and the photographer is capturing the real emotions, the real enjoyment
of a woman preparing her set up for sale. Mother and daughter walking together in a
park, having a great time together. Again, it is beautifully captured, the real emotion,
the real happiness together, the real relationship between Mom and daughter. Or child playing
in a field of flowers, or sitting somewhere in a park, enjoying the snack or favorite
food, the real emotion, the real authentic expression, stay away from posing your models.
Trend no.4. Cultural diversity. When it comes to casting for stock photography and video,
think of cultural diversity. There is a lot of talk these days about gender equality and
discrimination. They talk about it everywhere. So don’t just cast caucasian models. Make
sure you choose models with different backgrounds, different races, different colors or mixed
people. If you shoot group of models, make sure that you mix them up together so there
you have somebody who is caucasian, somebody who is black, somebody who is Asian. If you
find a person who happens to be mixed with different races together and is very interesting,
the facial features pop, you might have a very good seller. Trend no.5. Negative space.
This trend has always been around and I don’t think it will ever get old. In your set, once
in a while take photo of a subject which has lot of space around, leave the negative space
around. Why? Companies like those photos because they can add lot of text to the photo or they
might use the photo to show calm. In today’s world of technology and constant noise we
are getting. I can clearly see for example hand playing with water, or red balloon flying
in the sky or boots in the woods, the possibilities are endless here. Trend no.6. Healthy food
alternatives. If you enjoy food photography instead of fries, reach for healthy food alternatives.
It has been trending last few years and this year it is even more trending. Less alcohol,
less sugar, more greens, less deep frying, more air frying. When you gonna be choosing
food props for outdoor photography, make sure it is very fresh and green and colorful and
very healthy. For example, very nicely arranged plate. Very colorful plate in focus, in the
middle of the nature will send a very strong message. Trend no.7. No more plastic. Plastic
is a huge global problem. It is time to start showing the alternatives. Products made of
hemp and bamboo would be great to show and don’t forget the 3 Rs. Reduce, reuse and recycle.
So in your shoot you can show for example person recycling plastic bottle after they
drunk the water, or you can actually show another person eating using wooden sticks
or something like that in the middle of the nature. Trending topic no.8. Drone photography.
If you have a drone, send it up. Beautifully taken photos of landscapes from above are
trending this year. Especially if you are showing leading lanes. Looking at the calm
beaches with water kind of splashing or fields full of flowers is very trending. If you happen
to take a photo of a very interesting composition, you might be onto something. So send your
drone up. No. 9. Color trends. Vibrant colors will be massive this year. It has been always
popular, always huge part of stock. When you gonna be editing your photos and color grading
your footage, think of these colors which are trending right now. Color of the year
is living coral. Shutterstock is predicting UFO Green, Plastic pink and Proton purple.
Something to keep in mind for sure. This colors can certainly make it for you. All you have
to do now is apply those 9 hot trending topics to your stock photos and videos. At this point
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I always read all comments and I always respond. Thanks again and I’ll see you in the next
one… Cau… Ahoj… and I completely lost my thoughts and I have no idea what I am saying.
Where is the thought? Nothing. Trend no.4. Cultural, cal… car… cultural, cultural,
oh my god… I am going to twist my tongue. Cultural… cultural… cultural… cartular…
this is so hard. Cultural… not car tular… cultural… cultural. OK. That did it. Think
about cultural, think about cultural, not again. Think about damn cultural diversity.
I always have to get mad to say it right. oh, why? OK, one more time…

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