Don't Buy Clear TV Key Review

today I'm going to review this clear TV key HGTV Digital indoor antenna can be hidden behind any TV I have an antenna that I use outside and I would like to see if this works I really hope it works I'm a little skeptical because it doesn't have to be near a window or outside and it just goes behind your TV but I'm gonna try I'm gonna give it the benefit of the doubt because I want it to work best selling your antenna okay lifetime warranty alright let's try it out now this says you just screw it in the back of the television and it doesn't have to be near a window or anything which I find hard to believe right now I don't know if you know but I'm using an antenna outside and I get 35 channels and I have it running directly into my dish DVR hopper unit but I'm going to put this right into my TV right now and follow the instructions of how they say it's going to work then I will try it in my dish DVR box I already cut the package I'm going to open it up that's nice if I really hope it works clear TV just gonna break it right away see that's it how can that work I'll try it comes with a little adapter to down here like a little elbow adapter make it hand tight little dusty back here you know now I get a nice elbow there I can go straight in with this btv key easy just hand tight okay I'd say taking a little bit more okay I have my TV on TV for the input now we're going to go to menu now everybody's television is different this is a sharp are quotes menu broadcasting setup let's try that channel setup air and cable we want to go air see that over there air our channel search start okay now remember the antenna I'm using outside is 35 channels let's see what happens here if it takes a while I'll come back okay and then after this I'm going to screw it right into my dish DVR box I like using the dish box with the antenna because the antenna channels come up on the guide as yellow I'll show you that when I'm done but I hope this works because I can use this in my garage or outside or another room and most of the time I find myself watching antenna channels free you know the HDTV and there's a lot of good shows on there really so when I'll be getting rid of the dish save some money right we're going to let the scan for a while and twelve channels so far and get anything I hope it works there's the antenna that I use outside see it's broke a little bit he blew down and right in the storm but it worked I get 35 channels with that I'll put a link to that one that's pretty inexpensive but I'd like that free TV key dork aren't you sure it's a lot more convenient than this well we went up to 69 channels and this is what happened at the end look at this in disappointing easy setup come on don't make me do this try it this way we'll try it this way man can you dump it down a little more a little bit more huh all right let's see what happens with this method we know we screwed the antenna the race spot you saw that it's the only place it'll go all right back after this after the scan and see if this one stops all 69 as well come on give me some channels was this a channel not found antenna not probably connected or set up as incorrect okay well that didn't work either what a waste of time so far okay I decided I'm having no luck with this so I'm going to unscrew it from the back of my television and I'm going to screw it into the dish network box if you have Dish Network and you have the hopper you can get this adapter let's call the OTA adapter it's all dusty I'm sorry and it plugs into the USB in the front and here I have the antenna that you saw outside on the roof on a pole and I get 35 channels with that right now I'm going to unhook that I'm going to plug in this free TV key now what I did there little bit right under there that little adapter now we're going to scan on DISH Network let's see if we get any channels now I'm going to turn on my Dish Network box with this free TV key plugged into it okay let's go to menu go down to settings go into Diagnostics over-the-air locals you see that over there see that now that's where I have the antenna outside on the pole attached with the OTA adapter you can get from dish now we're going to try this free TV key here see right now I have 36 channels to say I'm going to scan this is the ultimate test here for this I would say and then I have another TV I'll try after this then I'm taking it back if it doesn't work you see I had 36 channels right and this scans quick alright I like the channels – I like the local channels I get and I like decades challenge you ever see that it's a good Channel me TV antenna TV I like to like them old shows and plus we get Fox and CBS on there QVC HSN we get a bunch of channels on there that's why it's worth it if it works but if it don't work might as well buy the one like I had outside right alright so far found zero not a good test so far guess what found zero channels now let me get out of this so I don't lose the channels that I do have you want to abandon the changes yes alright now let me show you the guide see the yellow channels are the ones I get with the antenna outside I like that how it comes up on the guide on DISH Network so you get a lot of channel the yellow ones are from the antenna they go up to 69 say I like that but so far this free TV key is a failure to me I like very Mason – all right so one more test I have another television over here let me unhook this okay here's the final television I'm going to try this on you see it's attached here turn it around and then we're going to go through the menu on this television okay we found the part of the menu that says cable or air okay this is the ultimate and final test this TV is right by a window which it doesn't seem to have to be on the commercial that might have said cable channels earlier let's switch it to air I don't know why that happened going fast zero channels zero channels found okay that's not right oh okay failure would you believe I have one more TV that I'm going to try this is a new vizio I'm going to pick I have the antenna screwed in the back now we're going to scan for channels here or to a channel scan see it's set for antenna so for auto channel scan then we're try it again you can see that can I'll be back when this is finished 99 100 zero channels hmm not good well needless to say I'm a bit disappointed I packed it back up and swung back to the store if you're interested in in town television check out that one then I have on the pole outside that I showed you I did enough tests on us didn't I I did it right and I know how to do it doesn't work why not I'm in a good area you see I get channels with the other antenna okay this is a big thumbs down for me maybe it works for you I don't know thanks for stopping by

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  1. PSS. By the way, if you move the Digital Antenna you (Must do a channel Rescan) there is no way of getting around this, you have (disrupted its Physical Location), Moving it will change the signal path. Digital reception is Very Sensitive and different from Analog. You must do a channel rescan.

  2. I hope by now you know what the truth is about your TV. I notice after watching your video, your channel search was not (Digital Signal Present) none of your TVs have (Digital Circuitry in the TV) that's why it did not pick up any channels you have (Old Flat Screen Televisions) with no Digital Converter) built into it, that's why they didn't work. That antenna cannot pick up (Analog Signals), which the TV station does not broadcast anymore, you didn't waste your money you just don't have the (Right Equipment) to bring in those (DIGITAL SIGNALS). When digital television came out they were in (Digital Boxes) that you had to buy additionally for your old TV. The newer ones, built later after flat screen TVs came out came with the (Built-in Digital Converter) some flat screen TVs back in the day, they did not have (Digital Converters), built in. Try it again. And you will get a different result. Which will be (Digital) Channels Only broadcast it in your local area. End Of Story……… PS. Analog Television Broadcasting had come to an end mandated by the FCC. Back in the day, I don't remember what year, they had them turn them off, but you have to now have a (Digital Converter) or a (Digital Television) set with the built-in converter for it to work locally.

  3. Folks, everyone's t.v. is different. While it works on my t.v. in the bedroom, it doesn't work on the t.v. in my aunts guest room. The t.v. is older but they do work.

  4. I don't have outdoor antenna because I live in an apartment and they don't allow them on the roof.
    I bought a $30 amplified antenna and I get 55 channels.
    I was going to try this antenna , but dont think I will now.
    Thanks 😀

  5. Bought one… JUNK !!!! THEN….. I got an Antenna for $16.99 by Elecwave. First, I said since it's cheap, I just use the Booster for something else, since it's cheap. OMG, to my surprised, it worked better than ANY Antenna I've tried. YES, I have tried ClearStream, Mohu Leaf, ONN, etc….. NOTE: Currently, I am testing inside and I got 43+ Channels, indoor, imagine when I bring it outside!

  6. I bought one and it works all u have to do is buy 3000 ft of cable wire attach the antenna to a rocket and send the rocket up ….shit i get all the channels i ever get HBO, STARZ. DISCOVERY CHANNEL…ETC…Try it

  7. I bought a clear channel key antenna.I was disappointed.I only get 12 channels.half public educational.the rest are old reruns.I don't get CBS,NBC,or fox.wasted my money.

  8. I bought 1 ' it took ages to Arrive from China. After all that Waiting I tried it on 3 tv's in my house to no Avail no channels detected, ifound it a Total Waste of money and expensive time. Please do not buy ANY PRODUCTS THAT LOOK TEMPTING.

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