100 thoughts on “Doin’ It Donkey Style: Andrew Yang

  1. Look Colbert, do you want "Send her back" or "Microsoft Office" one of these two is better than the other

  2. Colbert… what happened? You used to be awesome on The Report, now you guys are just out of touch. Too much T bashing to pull your head out and see how the country is changing.

    Though he may or may not make it through the primaries, Yang is the only candidate who has his eye on the root problems of the country. He knows he may not make it. But he is doing a real service by now educating the public on those problems and the solutions we might be required to implement if we want to keep a high-functioning, 1st-world society. Yang is also the only candidate who Fox News interviewers are actually listening to and are interested in (until they decided to go bulldog).

    Trump is a symptom of a sickness but not the root. Get with the program, get back on your feet, and focus on a narrative that sheds light on these problems. That would do us a service, not the dick jokes.

  3. Yang is the most serious candidate running, he has over 100 policies, has dozens of hours of in-depth long-form discussion about them online, and is the only one to seriously address automation.

  4. isnt this why colbert is on comedy central? if you try joking about something everyone takes serious, the new target of the jokes is yourself. way to lose fans and look stupid. god damn man.

  5. Colbert don't make us lose heart. We've believed in you for decades but framing Yang's position this poorly is below you. You don't have to join the Yang Gang, just stop straw manning him. POWERPOINT! POWERPOINT!

  6. I used to respect Colbert when he hid his true thoughts and personality behind an ironic and detached character. Turns out he was a stooge the whole time….SAD!


  8. Talk about another idiot who can't get views without mentioning Andrew Yang on his show. Let's see who's laughing once he becomes President. 😒


  9. Bullshit. Yang is GREAT. Very disappointed by a segment from a man I highly respect. I hope you have him on the show.

  10. Obviously, someone hasn’t done the MATH…
    Stephen, when you have to work two jobs to cover the rent and put food on the table, you would understand what a 1,000 a month would mean to me and people like me.

  11. Stephen.. You really dissapoint me as of recent. I know you hate Trump but splurging misinformation about Andrew and his rally numbers makes you as crooked as Trump. Hypocritic much?
    P.S. Get your "only hopes" penal area out of your mouth.

  12. Terrible man. Yang is the only non minion in the group. I’m sure you’ll get paid to endorse some other re masked re purposed politician

  13. You are extremely disappointing Mr. Colbert. I hope you realize how disingenuous your representation of Andrew Yang is.

  14. Well we know Andrew will forgive you for those silly jokes. Coz his heart is gold. Jokes aside, whoever wrote the lines are really bad. Not entertaining at all. It’s like cyber bullying with misinformation- totally tasteless.

  15. Andrew Yang is the only candidate addressing the problem of automation. Hence UBI. Why didn’t you mention that one instead of his other policies.

  16. I thought SC was a true democrat. I guess he doesn't know what demicracy really means Power to the people! and ehat is more powerful than the freedom dividend?

  17. imagine being born when yang is president. keep your foreskin, parents more likely to stay together bc if free counseling and probably high as shit, and they got money to stop at mcdonald’s on the way home instead of the ol, “we got food at home.”

  18. Awful. Just awful. If Yang doesn't win the Democratic party, Trump will win! you can bet your Donkey Ass on that Colbert.

  19. this just hurts to see. I respect you Colbert. But making fun of a genuine candidate who cares for the people at this level is atrocious. Also your information is just biased. Opposing circumcision isn't what he's for. He simply stated in his opinion that he didn't want to circumcise his own children, not that he was for abolishing it and he stated that in numerous interviews. he believes its up to the parent to decide but that he himself just didn't want to do it to his own children. Nothing more nothing less.

  20. Huh…..Looks like the Yang campaign is a great test to see who can make witty jokes out of smart thoughtful ideas instead of just stupid nonsensical ones. Try harder Stephen and team.

  21. I think he was just being his usual self. He's a comedian guys, come on even though he got some of his facts wrong.

  22. Yang is wrong about the problem with the economy. Jobs are gone because they went to CHINA. Automation is just a part of it. Yang makes automation as the ONLY reason that the jobs are gone. He is wrong.

  23. This is very discouraging. I used to like Stephen but now he just seems to be pushing a corporate agenda. Hey Stephen, how's your pal Les doing?

  24. Stephen, are you sure you want to go down this way? it's cheap and it's already eating away the reputation u accumulated at the expense of trump.

  25. Wow! Stephen I was a huge fun of you but this was bad and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to bash someone who genunily concerned about the future of this country. That is what the right calls you guys 'out of touch elites'

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