Digital Wellbeing: Focus your time with tech

[ Music playing ] It’s more like what don’t I use it for. Look up new menus, Look up facts on the spot. I like to take pictures. I’m pretty much addicted to podcasts. I’ll like, check YouTube a lot. Yeah YouTube. All up in the socials. I have it in my hand, literally all day [laughs] everyday. I find myself get pulled away, like during work days, I check my phone. You’re going to just watch one movie or, you know, one bit of a show, and next thing you know, you’ve finished an entire season. And then it was suddenly like five o’clock, and I was like, “Oh my god, the whole day has gone.” [ Background noise ] Technology touches every aspect of our lives now, and we associate the devices with certain ways we spend our time. But, it’s not really the technology that typically gets us out of whack. It’s what we do with our technology. Technology is so frictionless on how you move between the different sources, that one of the strategies we can do is just make it less accessible. Make that next source of information a *little* bit more difficult to reach, and that would drive you to remain in the source of your attention for a longer period of time. The goal is, you know, to try and make your phone into a place where when you touch it, it’s going to pull you in the direction you want to go, instead of pulling you off focus.

9 thoughts on “Digital Wellbeing: Focus your time with tech

  1. Mainly use mine as a camera, I've always carried cameras. (Nature, Wildlife and the Earth's beauty just AMAZE me every day!)
    But now, it's my main and only line of keeping up with Life! How sad that we depend on these so much but on the other hand, it's an awesome TOOL!
    Truth, Peace, Freedom & L♥ve2ALL™

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