Digital Survival Guide: Interviews

Yes, it is very easy to use and to understand the information that the manual has, because it has concepts that are in an easy way that we can understand, and it doesn’t have difficult words. I think it is really easy to understand. As you can see, it has an index that you can use as a guide and you also numbered the pages, which is really cool. It has colors that highlight what’s more important. So if I’m searching for a key concept I can just look for it and it’s easy to understand. And it has drawings. Yes, it has everything and it is easy to understand. Just that the font is really small, but in general it is really complete. Yes, it includes actions for you to be a better citizen. For example in the password one, if you want to put something like “My cat something…” , you can transform it in a better way. It explains why you need a good password and things like that. Yes, it has tips on how to do it and it also has examples So if you didn’t understand the tip you can refer to the example Yes, it has good tips on preventing the bad and doing the good, like doing a safe password and avoiding plagiarism. So the part of what to do and what not is complete. I don’t think I would modify it because it is really easy to understand, like the concepts it has and the images are very descriptive, and also they have relationship with the things that the manual says. About modifying, I would only make the font a bit bigger. But everything else is really good for me. There’s two topics out there that I would add a thing or two, but it is complete and really creative. It is important to do so because every time we do something online, we create a digital image and that can really harm our lives if not used properly and most of the time we take what we see on social media too seriously, forgetting that they’re just things that are on our phones and mainly it is important so we can stay safe with us and with our environment.

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