11 thoughts on “Digital Income System: Celebrating $1 Million in Sales!! 😮

  1. Congratulations on your success! Congratulations Kelvin and all other team members. Thank you Brandon for everything you do to help the team.

  2. I want to congratulate you on your achievements !!! You are a great motivation for me. Unfortunately I have not been able to be part of your team yet because nothing went as expected but that does not stop me and I will soon join your team. All the obstacles that have arisen for me not being able to start will be my testimony for others in the future when I start with you in your team of champions. Congratulations my brother …. By the way thanks for answering so quickly the email I sent you.

  3. Hi Brandon, congratulations on your success, did you just say that DIS has only been around 6 months? Also how did it start? And what kind of products does it sell? Or Is it the same DIS system being sold over and over? Is it true that if we join level 2 and above we automatically get bumped up to the next level? I'd like to know what is your strategy and how has it levereged you one million dollars in practically 6 months, THATS AWESOMELY INSANE! I think I like what I am hearing in your video and also tempted to try it, I have a feeling this might be the big business break that I had been looking for, for many years and finally found it, I would highly appreciate a response to my questions, thx 😊

  4. Hi Brandon, congrats. I would love to join you. I'm from Belgium can I join you and i don't understand the fund field should I pay to join? Thanks for your time

  5. Congratulations on hitting the Million Dollar sales mark Brandon👍 In less than 6 months! This is clearly a winning home-based opportunity. One of the best around right now. Let the haters hate 😁 I hear some of these so called.. "internet-marketing geniuses" talking about how difficult it is now.. to make a kick ass living from home VS years ago 🤣 How much better the quality of leads were back then lmao! One of our lead sources years ago..was the Yellow Pages 😃.These people clearly have an agenda- trying to pass themselves off as the ''all knowing – all seeing of everything online.'' And Iv'e taken a peek at their shit deals – their trying to backend would be prospects into. Not even close to what DIS offers the complete newbie. And with a little time with your biz.. and learning to brand yourself using social media platforms….Sky's The Limit!!!!! Full speed ahead bro : ) Take care..

  6. Hey Brandon! I just barely started in this business last week and I just want to know if you have any tips to get a lot traffic really quick?

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