Over these next two days, I’ll really give you some ideas, give you some strategies and also give you some of the things that are working in today’s market. But the way we create the value is by finding and helping people.
And I promise you this: if all you do is just find somebody who you can help, you’ll make money from doing that. Right? That’s one of the things I want you to do. It’s been such an amazing seminar, I can’t believe it! If you are not here, you’ve missed a lot. The energy, the people, the teaching. Even if you
just listen for 10 minutes, it will change your whole life.
One person if they decide to just be authentic, just be themselves, they can make a
massive impact in the world, in their community. You just need to have the courage to be this authentic person. Business normally has a cycle. So cycle is normally five to ten years. Cycle. So that means your business always has to keep
evolving. We’ve learned so much over the last two days that implementing it
is going to be a lot of fun for the both of us.
It’s so nice that we came here as a team. For me is the second time, for Melina it’s
the first time. The content is so powerful.
It is always pleasure to be here, to be surrounded by like-minded people, and you
can always find new content, learn new things and get your career on a new
level. You have to carve an industry within your business that does not exist.
You need to get very very clear on your ideal client profile and target audience
for two reasons. One is that you let all the toxic draining bad people go and you
start attracting the right people and seeing the right people. You earn more
because you have better clients. You have more free time. You’re more happy with
your time. And you can laser target them on social media. One thing that I would
like to take home with me today is the fact that I’ve got the
opportunity to meet a lot of like-minded people and passionate people. This is definitely an event that can get you closer to your goals

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