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[Speaking Polish] Don’t record this – no one should know about that…! Hi guys, I am Rufus from 11 bit studios… …we are in Cracow, attending Digital Dragons 2017. We’re having a lot of fun and playing a lot of great indie games. Let’s take a look! [music playing] Digital Dragons is the place to be for game developers in Poland… …all, from professionals to indie developers are here… …and are sharing the knowledge and experience among each other. [more music] So, basically we are here at Digital Dragons in Cracow… …aand the weather used to be better…but now it’s pretty good… During the day we are being professional…meetings *wink*… everything is on point. But the second the sun goes down – that’s where the real business happens. And that’s where we come in with few beers – such as this one! ๐Ÿ™‚ And just enjoy the show! [music continues] [more music! Party time!] Digital Dragons – what can I say? Great party, great people, great talks… oh… …and I’ve met Max Payne! So… amazing! Digital Dragons are great! They are giving a lot of feedback, a lot of possibilities, a lot of nice people to meet. Hi, this was my first time here… …and it was awesome! Awesome, amazing, lovely, wonderful time at Digital Dragons this year. [music] Party was great yesterday, it was really-really great! Soon, at Digital Dragons, we’re gonna have finals of Students Talent Showcase… …which we are actually sponsoring – which is cool. There are 15 games… …and I must tell you I am really, really surprised by the quality of student games… …’cause you could thing “Right, student projects=not so super quality”… …BUT! Actually – those are really interesting games! My favourite one is… qb! ๐Ÿ˜‰ [music] 11 bit studios… you’re the best!

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