3 thoughts on “Digital Dive: Cuts to federal food assistance program

  1. I agree. If they don’t have kids, and aren’t elderly, they need to work like the rest of us. Do you know how many people sell their food stamps for cash? Seen it many times.

  2. Some people get a whooping 15.00 a month.. this is hardly steak and lobster. My brother and sister-in-law, both battling cancer and now deceased could only get 15.00 a month.. the system is WARPED. EBT goes to purchasing food, which helps out the farmers and small town grocery stores. The ones making the money are the SOCIAL SERVICE EMPLOYEES

  3. There are some people in every system that abuses it, yes. There are even more people (mainly kids in low income white, black and brown areas) that actually need the food stamps to survive. If you get paid $8 and have a kid or 2….how are you to survive without food stamps? Poverty breeds crime. This will not end well for anyone. 😔

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