Diana: Her Fashion Story reopens

Having being very disappointed that we didn’t
end up making the wedding dress, I thought it was wonderful that we got what
was the next best thing – the going away outfit. When Diana was choosing the outfit in our
little studio she noticed a sketch on the wall and she said “Oh I like the mood of that”. And we did some designs for that and we did them with
slightly flared skirts but Princess Diana said
“Oh no, no – I want a straight pencil skirt” So she had this lovely idea that it was more
sophisticated to have a pencil skirt. I think there is a language of clothes and
Diana really got to understand that. You can make a real statement and show what
you’re feeling at the time and we had a certain handwriting and sometimes
it wasn’t the handwriting she was looking for she wanted something else, so she started to go to other designers. I’ve always believed that with clothes that
the most important thing is that when you see a woman in a dress, the reaction
should be “You look wonderful!” it’s not “What a wonderful dress!”, the first
thing is “You look wonderful!”. Following from the separation
from the Prince of Wales she decided she wanted to be known as a work
horse rather than a clothes horse
and so she deliberately started to dress down and so Catherine Walker helped created a capsule
wardrobe of very simple suits and schiff dresses that the Princess became known for in the
90s. The Princess of Wales’ work throughout the
sixteen years that we knew her changed from being very much an ambassador
for the UK to start with towards the end of her life she’d carved out
a respected position on the world stage through her humanitarian work and working
for various charities. She put the issue of land mines right at the
top of the international agenda. It had previously been a security issue and
she made it a humanitarian issue. In 1997 when Diana visited the minefield in
Wambo in Angola Halo didn’t, at that time, have it’s logo
on any of it’s body armour it didn’t quite understand the significance
of branding. Realising a lot of journalists would be coming,
Paul Heslop, the programme manager in Angola spent the evening before the visit cutting
up a pillowcase and stenciling on in felt-tip pen the Halo logo. Twenty years later, when we introduce ourselves
for the first time the first thing they say is “Oh yes, the Diana
picture” or “the Diana body armour”. She didn’t have dinners with ambassadors,
she didn’t meet the president’s wife she met people in clinics who had lost limbs. Our work, when we were asked, was to provide
designs that performed in different ways. We felt that we were giving her the tools
to do the job.

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  1. The outfit that Diana wore to her honeymoon was NOT pink, it was peach. The designers also made a long-sleeved version of the jacket and she wore the suit on other occasions. http://www.anothermag.com/fashion-beauty/10116/princess-diana-going-on-honeymoon-in-peach-coloured-silk

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