De Barometer & RTL-Z – Dusk Network on Dutch National Television

[Jelle Pol – Dusk Network]:
We often see that for people with money, it is easier to invest
and accumulate more money, widening the wealth gap between
different layers of society. We believe that investment opportunities
should be available to all, tightening the gap and ensuring that all
interesting investing opportunities are not merely available to the wealthy people. Dusk Network is technology
for the financial sector, that uses blockchain to facilitate
the digitization of securities. You can visualize a blockchain
as a certain ledger, in which all kinds of
transactions are written. In addition, the blockchain can
enforce transactional restrictions, by example only allowing certain
people to participate. We use blockchain, as it is
very safe and secure, and easy to add functionalities, that would have traditionally been
performed by third parties. Our technology replaces them, which
makes the process less expensive and provides easier access to the
financial sector. If for instance, a small enterprise
wishes to issue stocks, they are currently unable as it
would cost too much. Incorporating blockchain would help
them to overcome this barrier. The same goes for notary deeds and
transfering stocks inbetween banks, basically all transactions that cost
money and time to complete. Now, transactions become more efficient,
lowering barriers on both sides of the market. As a sector, blockchain has
always been a place in which the commoners, or smaller enterprises,
have pioneered the stage. The fact that our solution is strengthening
this ideology of the sector, by opening up blockchain to the traditional world,
has given us a lot of positive support. [Visit Dusk.Network]

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  1. Мне не пришли монеты после роздачи, сайт я писал для отправки Blockchain

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