Dax Shepard & Sarah Hyland Play ‘Let Them Eat Cake’

I’m with Sarah Hyland here. We are both dressed
to the nines. We look like this in honor
of her new movie, The Wedding Year. Now we’re going to play a game
called “Let Them Eat Cake.” [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh, look how cute. [CLAPPING] OK. So first, we need two
people to come down here and play with us. Where are Hilary Stein
and Cecilia Raymundo? [CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Yeah! Hello! Hi! Oh god. Here’s what you have to do. You two are going to
go behind that wall. Uh-huh. And you’re going to stick your
faces through those holes. Sarah and I are going to be
throwing slices of wedding cake at you, because apparently
this has become a Japanese game show. [LAUGHTER] Now, whoever gets the most cake
on our partners’ faces wins. And we will play
until time runs out. Are you guys ready? Yes! OK. You’re welcome, and we’re sorry. [LAUGHTER] Yes. Please take your positions. Good. Then you guys come on over here. We come over here. OK. Better? Come all the way in there. I’m so sorry in advance. I’m a terrible throw, so. Have either of you had
facial reconstruction surgery that we need to know about? [LAUGHTER] OK, good. Guys, without further ado,
on your mark– are you ready? Yeah. On your mark, get set, be evil! [MUSIC PLAYING] Oh! Aw! So close! Ugh! Oh [BLEEP]. [SCREAMING] Ah! Oh my god! I’m so bad at this. You got it. You got it. [SCREAMING] I’m really bad at this, guys. [SCREAMING] Oh my god. I feel so bad. Oh my god. Oh my god. I’m so sorry. [LAUGHTER] Oh! Oh! Oh! Do the big ones. Do the big ones. [SCREAMING] [BELL RINGING] Oh. Ah! OK. I have good news for you. You’re both such good
sports that we’re going to send you home
with 65 inch TCL Roku TVs. [CHEERING] Oh my god. OK. The Wedding Year opens
in theaters tomorrow. We will be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared
or saying embarrassing things, like ball peen hammer, and
also some videos of Ellen and other celebrities if
you’re into that sort of thing. [SCREAMING] Oh, [BLEEP]! God [BLEEP].

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