39 thoughts on “David Walliams Landmark Award – 2012 National Television Awards

  1. Sweet Jesus, I did not know that a happily married man, that act's like a totally gay man, was a World Class Athlete! DAMN!

  2. This is pretty amazing since he isn't an athlete and he really trained for this event that took eight days. That takes not only physical endurance, but mental fortitude. The support from all those people along the way was a real boost too. Well done by all and for such a good cause.

  3. I've knew David only as a very funny judge from bgt but know I just know him as a hero as a man I never believed was alive

  4. David can swim the channel and I can't even keep afloat in the water for 2 seconds XD Well done David, you have a wonderful heart

  5. It's sad David & Lara aren't together anymore, they seemed so lovely. it was so cute how before the kiss in the video, after David get out of the water, Lara starts smiling because she knows it's coming

  6. This must be the biggest surprise ever. I've seen him on Britain's Got Talent and though I love him, he seems to be such a wuss and a downright pussy. Who would have believed that he would actually attempt such a thing and bloody get through it. I take my hat off to this man. Bloody well done David doesn't seem a strong enough comment. Truly wonderful man.

  7. When my mum said "Did you hear David Walliams is going to swim the channel?" I said "Yeah, right." Then I realised that he was being SERIOUS!!! xD

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