CYPRIEN – Le style vestimentaire

To speak of clothes, there have been two periods in my life: one when my mother dressed me; you’d think that my mom chose my clothes this way: Ooooh ! What is this shit…? I’ll take it ! We can understand that I wanted to quickly get to the period when I chose my own clothes, eh, it was between the primary and secondary school. And then I got a little crazy ! Huh, I had a pretty amazing style since I had: trainers… jeans… a T-shirt… Here is … I love Coldplay and Quentin Tarantino’s movies ! The most normal kid in the world. In fact, I haven’t changed … that much. Truth is, I wish I had a style, something kind of original and stuff, but… actually, no. I’m afraid that if I try something, I’ll have this reaction: Hey, hi buddies ! How are you ? Well, hello Cypri… Oh hey…! What’s that ?! What is this…! I do not know where it… Phew ! Ridicul…! – I think it fell on me at one point.
– Aaaah phew! I hadn’t noticed it. But I’m quite admiring of the people who have their own style. And I had a friend in high school who became a Gothic. He… It… It wasn’t that bad…! The only weird thing is that he became a Gothic overnight. Who knows, maybe it can happen to everyone. You know, for example, that makes sense that Water-type beats Fire-type ! Wait a second. But the Bug-type, beating the Psychic-type, that’s nonsense! Wait. You know, it’s like the Dragon-type who beats the Dragon-type! It’s… There are no ideas anymore. They have no more ideas, yeah, that’s it… But really, the way you dress is quite important, it determines a bit who you are, which group you want to belong to. Yeah it does ! There are scenes that I have rarely seen, I mean… or that I have never seen…! Last night I was at an art opening as I told you, you know my parents own the apartment above the gallery exhibition. – Yo bro! Come here, come here!
– There was a debate, there was a debate of ideas. Hey bro, you got a cig ? To smoke, you got a cig ? Another daddy’s boy… Hey, you talking to me ? It’s me you talking to like that ? Personally, I find fashion really amazing… To make a thing become fashionable, you must give it a name …! You got an ugly thing, you give it a name, it becomes fashionable! Wait… Your pants are way too small! Oh no, my pants aren’t too small, their slim fits! Oh, that’s right, “Slim”! Well, if it is a slim, it’s alright ! Sorry, I thought your pants were too small but no, it’s a slim, so yes. Slim ! Wait… Your pants are way too big ! My pants aren’t too big, they’re baggies ! Ah …they’re bag…! Ah yes, my bad ! They’re baggies ! It’s okay then, if they’re baggies … Yeah. It’s like him, he’s also got baggies ! Oh no, my pants are just too big. Ooh, he wears oversized pants ! (laughs) Honestly, I like all styles, you know… from Gothic to hipsters, to… sporty, to normal people …. But there really are things I can’t support. I can NOT ! WARNING. Each time you flip the collar of a polo or shirt to act “cool” a kitten commits suicide. There’s that, and those who wear sunglasses at night…! These guys, I want to tell them: WHY ? Why are you wearing SUNGLASSES while there is NO SUN ? I… am blind. Oh… Oh yes ! And because I’m tired of being: I have created my own t-shirts! I draw all the visuals, and it is limited edition ! It’s… What’s the website again…? It’s… uh… Oh yes ! Pinch the middle of the shoulder, and the middle of the line parallel to the t-shirt. Fold the shoulder on the end, flip the shirt and put it flat, return it a second time, It’s done ! You are officially the master of the world.

100 thoughts on “CYPRIEN – Le style vestimentaire

  1. moi je porte des habit souvent sombre mais j'irai pas jusqu'à dire que je suis gothique meme si j'adore ce style^^
    qu'on soit gothique
    couleur clair
    basique ancien nouveau etc c votre choix!^^ et on le respect^^

  2. Jsuis une meuf et j'ai un style streetwear ..mais les gens de mon entourage adore😂🤦‍♀️

  3. Tu savait que tu apparaît dans le tome cretin style des lapins crétins🐰🎽
    Meme qu'on voi un lapin miss françe

  4. Cyprien: pourquoi tu porte des lunettes de soleil s'il n'y a pas de soleil !!!!!!
    Le mec:En fait je suis aveugle 😒
    À heeu. Mmnnn 😓

  5. Ptn cyprien enfant il ressemble de fou à un enfant chelou qu’il y avait dans ma classe en primaire j’avais jamais remarqué (cette info est inutile) 🤔😂

  6. Moi mon père a un problème il doit porter tout le temps des lunettes de soleil il ne peut pas ne pas avoir de lunettes de soleil même la nuit 😔😔😔

    (Si tu me vois sur toute les vidéos de Cyprien c’est normal ok?)

  8. le type insecte bat le type psy parce que les insectes ça fait peur à l'esprit le dragon bat le type dragon c'est parce que il faut suivre la mythologie

  9. Franchement c’est chiants 99% des commentaires disent qui regarde ça en 20??
    (J’ai mis 20?? Pour que les années prochaines il soit encore valable)
    Si vous voulez j’ai aussi une chaîne

  10. Chacun son style vestimentaire et si ta mère voulais t'habiller comme ça c'est parce que elle avait une raison

  11. Le mec quand il 《 normal man 》 j'ai crû qu'il parlait de norman
    Surtout quand il commençé à dire " norm" ça m'as fait pensé à norman

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